Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1144: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 11)

Time went back twelve hours ago…...

“Sect master, the disciple of sixth master uncle has vanished in the Land of Forgotten Rivers, they might already be dead.”

“What is the situation?”  Dong Zhi Xin narrowed his eyes and calculated with his right hand, “Demons.”

“Yes, the heavens have changed recently.”  The little disciple replied, “The marriage contract between the demons and the witch race has changed, but it doesn’t seem related to the Land of Forgotten Rivers……”

“It isn’t related.”  Dong Zhi Xin narrowed his cold eyes and slightly knit his brows, “It’s another demon race person.”

“Sixth uncle master is planning on heading out to the Land of Forgotten Rivers to save his disciple.”

“Un……”  He softly replied, “Sixth junior brother has been busy with the new matters for the Disturbed Love Sect, so he doesn’t have time.  I’ll go instead.”

“Ah?”  The little disciple was stunned as he looked at Dong Zhi Xin in disbelief, “Sect master, you…..you want to go?”

The little disciple was stunned, he never thought that Dong Zhi Xin would go for his sixth uncle master.

Because since Dong Zhi Xin had taken over as the sect master, he had never left the Disturbed Love Sect…...

“Un.”  He softly replied.  With a wisp of blue smoke, he disappeared from the Ash Blue Hall.

As a god, although he didn’t have the same divination abilities as the witch race, he could calculate some things.

For example, an important person would appear, so he…..would want to go.


With the dark moon and strong winds, Luo Yao Yue felt a bit uncomfortable but she had to admit that this person was Dong Zhi Xin.

Not mentioning the Nine Star Sword, just the spiritual energy he released was not something that normal people could resist.

She finally had a chance to become a Red Demon…..how could she give it up?

The Land of Forgotten Rivers was covered in a demon race barrier.  Whether it was god or witch, as long as this barrier wasn’t broken, the power of their skills would be reduced by half.

If she and Bu Ying were to deal with Dong Zhi Xin and a trash cultivator, it wasn’t like they had no chance.

“Yue’er, we should withdraw……”  Bu Ying narrowed his eyes as his entire body began trembling.

After all, he was very clear on what kind of person Dong Zhi Xin was…...He definitely wasn’t someone the two of them could deal with…...

“Why?”  Luo Yao Yue pursed her lips in an unwilling manner, “Demons and gods were already equal and the power of gods are reduced by half here, why should we leave!”

She would soon have ninety nine dead and would use the demon altar to become a Gold Demon.  Now that she was almost there, how could she give up?

As long as she became a Gold Demon, she could replace Luo Qing Chen in the Demon Shadow Palace, she would become the strongest younger generation of the demon race.

Other than her father, she would be the only Gold Demon.

Just a single step, how could she give it up!

“It seems like you don’t want to go?”  Dong Zhi Xin narrowed his cold eyes.  The Nine Star Sword exploded with blue light and created illusions of stars, as his spiritual energy directly lit up the dark sky.

There was just “pa, pa” sounds as the surrounding barrier collapsed, only leaving a few Dark Night Barriers that were over ten miles away.

“Xiu.”  A powerful spiritual energy flew out at Luo Yao Yue.  She gritted her teeth and was covered in blood as a blade formed from the blood of her mouth appeared.

“Peng!”  There was a loud collision sound and Dong Zhi Xin returned to the center of the Nine Star Sword Formation.

Luo Yao Yue spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Her eyes revealed a look of disbelief.  There was actually a person who could destroy her Dark Night Barrier in a few seconds in this world.

Moreover, he had seriously injured her without any effort…...

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