Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1142: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 9)

The Disturbed Love Cliff was far from the witch race.  Luo Qing Chen changed into a cherry blossom coloured begonia embroidered robe and walked into the Land of Forgotten Rivers.

This place was very close to the lower realm.

She stopped on a floating cloud.  There was a strong demonic power in front, it should be someone from the Demon Shadow Palace in the lower realm.

But in her memories, although the Demon Shadow Palace were demons, they didn’t kill innocent people.

Even if they did murder people, it was normally the gods they killed.  Their pride made them disdain killing people who couldn’t resist at all.

But to make such a powerful demon energy barrier, other than the head and mistress of the Demon Shadow Palace, there were only two others.

Her little sister Luo Yao Yue and her childhood friend Feng Wu Ji.

When the previous host was going to marry Ye Zhi Han, Feng Wu Ji charged to the Blue Sea Realm to steal the bride.  In the end, his primordial spirit was scattered and he was heavily injured.

It was a good thing that the palace head personally healed his injuries since he felt sorry for him and he slowly recovered his demonic power.

But…...Not long had passed, so it shouldn’t have recovered to this point.

So the person who set this barrier in the lower realm should be her little sister, Luo Yao Yue.

Speaking of this little sister…..It was a bit hard to talk about.

They were sisters of the same blood, but their fates were completely different.  The previous host was the golden daughter of the demon race and was heavily favoured.

But although Luo Yao Yue was born from the palace head and mistress, she was treated completely differently.

This made the gap between the two sisters become bigger.  Then Luo Yao Yue liked Feng Wu Ji and Feng Wu Ji liked the previous host.

This was a love triangle that made Luo Yao Yue gradually hate the previous host, becoming like fire and water…...

She slightly knit her brows, planning to meet her so-called little sister.  After all, when she was in the Demon Shadow Palace, she relied on the love of the previous host, but she also plotted against her.

The previous host could forgive this little sister, but she couldn’t…...

She waved her right hand and the black feathers turned into pink cherry blossoms, as her nation collapsing face became normal looking.

This was the Face Changing Pill the system gave her.  Not only could it change her face, it could also change the colour of her spiritual energy.

But to be honest, this face was a bit too normal!

When she had no expression, it felt like she had face paralysis…...

She was complaining about her face while landing on the Land of Forgotten Rivers.

She didn’t know what it originally looked like, but now it looked no different from the profound flames of the Demon Shadow Palace.

With black smoke and dark demon energy all around, the air was filled with the smell of blood.

Since the Drunken Dreams Sword was too noticeable, she didn’t take it out.  Her current equipment was——

The Exquisite Ring on her hand!

“Miss Yao Yue, someone is here.  It seems like she’s of the righteous path and has a bit of cultivation…..”  A black clothed man pushed back his red hair as his lips curled into a demonic smile.

Luo Yao Yue closed her eyes and pursed her red lips, “You’re saying that I could reach the Red Demon Realm if I swallow her cultivation!”

No one in the Demon Shadow Palace cared about her all these years.  She worked hard to break through, but she couldn’t compare to her big sister staying in the Profound Fire Land all those years.

From the beginning, she had been stuck as a Purple Demon.  Now that Luo Qing Chen had married into the witch clan, she had to take her place.

That way, she would be qualified to stand by Feng Wu Ji’s side…...

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