Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1136: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 3)

Time passed and in just a year, Ye Zhi Han couldn’t help meeting Xia Mo Xing.

Even if the previous host didn’t see it, she knew about this matter from the fragmented gossip.

She was a cold and arrogant persona, naturally she couldn’t take two girls serving one husband, so she decided to confront Xia Mo Xing.

Xia Mo Xing kneeled down in front of her and promised that nothing had happened with Ye Zhi Han.

She hoped that the previous host wouldn’t chase her out of the witch clan…...

Of course, Xia Mo Xing didn’t do this because she was afraid of the previous host, but rather because her second tribulation was coming.

She had to have the protection of the demon race’s treasure, she even needed her ‘good sister’ to protect her to pass this tribulation.

Otherwise she might turn to ashes.

That day, Ye Zhi Han was strangely nervous, even preparing the ‘Light Opening Curse’ to help Xia Mo Xing block the tribulation.

When  the previous host saw this, she knew that Ye Zhi Han had truly fallen in love with Xia Mo Xing.

She confirmed what many people of the demon race said, Ye Zhi Han had only married her to become the king of the witch race.

The previous host shook her head and finally decided to help Xia Mo Xing pass her tribulation.

After all, he was still the one she loved before.  Xia Mo Xing didn’t do anything to hurt her, she didn’t care about a trivial tribulation.

In the end, when Xia Mo Xing couldn’t take it anymore, the previous host helped her block it.

Perhaps it was because her heart was restless or because it was a terrifying heavenly tribulation, she was seriously injured.

Xia Mo Xing had apologized to her and was very nice to her.

Three meals a day with various delicacies, even fetching the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus for her…...

But because the previous host was injured by the heavenly tribulation, she couldn’t get better.

It was not because the previous host as a Red Demon was weak, but because Xia Mo Xing had put a special poison in her food.

It was a poison specially made for demons, it was colourless and tasteless, known as: Stop Seal.

Once it was taken for a long time, a demon’s primordial spirit would gradually scatter and finally disappear once it couldn’t stop the poison.

The Stop Seal was a treasure of the witch race, only the chief of the witch race could access.

This meant that the one who poisoned her wasn’t just Xia Mo Xing, there was also Ye Zhi Han.

Or it should be said that the two worked together to try and kill her.

Un, they had succeeded.

In the end, the previous host was poisoned by their despicable means.  Her heart was filled with unwillingness, so the host Luo Qing Chen had appeared.

After she sorted her memories, Luo Qing Chen learned something from the system that the previous host didn’t know.

It was that——

The person the supporting male lead always loved wasn’t Ye Zhi Han, but rather the male lead Dong Zhi Xin.

She did all this to break the marriage between the witch race and the demon race, making the two races become mortal enemies.

At that point, the god race would take advantage of this, but the male lead was an ascetic and cold male god.

The head of the sect, the final god of the god realm.

He didn’t live in the heavenly court, rather he lived in the sect, not caring about anything.

[Host, have you sorted through everything?]

Luo Qing Chen’s chest felt bad, but she said, “Pretty much, so what day is it today?”

[Host, tomorrow is Xia Mo Xing and Ye Zhi Han’s wedding day.]

She had something to say that wasn’t appropriate…...

[Don’t say it if it’s improper.]

Whenever the system brought her to a world, it really was…...

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