Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1135: Righteous sect’s demon path monster girl (Part 2)

The memories kept flowing into her mind or because she was crying too long, she actually felt a bit dizzy this time…...

This was a cultivation world, in other worlds, it was a world of immortals.

The Harmony Continent was split into four races.

Gods, demons, witches, and humans.

The previous host was a demon and the daughter of the Demon Shadow Palace’s head, to be pampered since she was young as the first daughter.  But because of her strict training, she spent her life in the Land of Profound Flames before the age of sixteen.

She had a strange personality, cold and arrogant.

In the memories of the previous host, she had no impression of the male lead, but she did have a deep impression of the supporting male lead Ye Zhi Han.

Because Ye Zhi Han was the fourth son of the chief of the witch clan.  He was very handsome and powerful.

The witch race was neutral, being in between demons and gods, but the witch clan of this world favoured the demons.

The previous host and Ye Zhi Han’s story started three years ago. When the previous host was training a high level demon art, she entered the heart of the Land of Profound Flames.

But she didn’t know that the flames alarmed a divine beast and they were both injured in the battle.  The previous host fell from the Land of Profound Flames and was saved by Ye Zhi Han.

The witch race were good at divination and Ye Zhi Han was the most powerful when it came to divination.

He already calculated the arrival of the previous host and had been waiting for her.

Thanks to Ye Zhi Han’s careful care, the previous host’s wounds gradually healed and she slowly fell in love with Ye Zhi Han.

When the previous host returned to the Shadow Demon Palace of the upper realm, the elders in the palace urged her to get married.

The Demon Shadow Palace and the witch race had a good relationship, so naturally the previous host’s husband would be chosen from there.  A row of portraits were placed in front of her and her finger stopped at Ye Zhi Han’s portrait.  She said in a cold voice, “I’m not willing to get married, but if I have to choose, I’ll marry him.”

Luo Zhu Xin in the Demon Shadow Palace was very surprised.  As far as his daughter’s power was concerned, there was no need to choose a son who only had decent aptitude, decent status, and only looked a bit good.

But Luo Qing Chen had passed the tribulation of the Red Demon and in the Demon Shadow Palace, eyes were the main thing.

White, green, blue, purple, red, and gold.

The previous host was a very powerful existence.  The people in the Demon Shadow Palace didn’t want to go against her, so they agreed to this marriage.

The marriage of the witch clan’s chief’s fourth son to the proud daughter of the demon race shook the three realms.  The heavenly court decided to interfere with this matter as soon as they heard about this.

The supporting female lead Xia Mo Xing was a small immortal of the heavenly court, she fell to the lower realm for her disaster and became a singer.

The two met in the middle of the night and fell in love at first sight.  Ye Zhi Han used the power of the witch race to divine that she was an immortal from the heavenly court.

As a powerless person of the witch race, his goal was to marry the previous host of the demon race.

But what would happen if he found true love halfway?

He wanted love and power, what did he have to do to get both?

In the end…...He decided to take a risk and did something very radical.

Because the Demon Shadow Palace was far from the witch race, they had to pass the Blue Sea Realm first.

At that time, Xia Mo Xing broke her soul and she laid in the Blue Sea Realm while being injured.

“Qing’er, this little fairy is about to die on our wedding day.  She looks so pitiful, how about we bring her back with us!”


In the end, Ye Zhi Han became the witch king by marrying the golden daughter of the demon race, Luo Qing Chen.

Xia Mo Xing who was brought back by the supporting male lead became the previous host’s ‘good sister’.

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