Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1133: Crossing my nine lives, protecting you forever (Part 2)

I thought that I was a person who would never panic, but when she went to save Dai Xiao Pang along, my mind was only filled with her.

Every moment, it took up all of my thoughts.

This was a feeling like my soul was being taken, constantly tearing me in half.

Actually, I should have believed that my father could deal with Mu Lan Feng, I shouldn’t have gone to save him.

I should have gone with her to find Dai Xiao Pang, perhaps she wouldn’t have been injured…...

Because it hurt me when she bled, I didn’t want it to happen, not even a little…...

The traffic jam on the highway and the horns all around made me know that I couldn’t wait any longer.

This was the “dumbest” thing that I had done in my life, running on the highway.

Ignoring everything, just hoping to reach her a bit faster.

It was a good thing that I could save her, it was a good thing that she wasn’t heavily injured.

And because I used my ability to kill someone, I couldn’t use it anymore.

Or it wasn’t that I couldn’t use it, rather if I were to use my ability to harm another person, I would suffer a rebound.

I hoped that day wouldn’t come because I…..really wasn’t willing to leave her.

If you asked me, did you regret losing your powers and becoming a normal person for her?

My response would be: What are powers?  Even if I gave my life for her, I was ready at any time.

This was my obsession, deeper than anyone else’s.

To me, her life was the meaning of my life, so I would always be protecting her.

But I never would have thought that blocking off a Mu Lan Feng, I couldn’t stop a Lu Ou who suddenly appeared.

He really was the most powerful opponent in my life, I suddenly felt happy that I had powers.

If I didn’t, I might not have been able to save her from Lu Ou.

It was a good thing, it was a good thing…...

But I still hurt her heart in the end.  I watched her tears fall drop by drop like pearls and I didn’t have the strength to wipe them away, I could only pull her into my arms.

I suddenly felt that I was useless, I couldn’t even hug her when I was dying…...

I really liked hugging her, really liked kissing her, really liked firmly keeping her by my side.

If she didn’t like it, I could apologize!

Then hug, kiss, and trap her more!

Apologize again after that since she was always my princess.

Actually, I knew my ending.  It was like in my dream, only one of us would live.

And my obsession was crazy enough to hope that she lived.

As long as she wasn’t hurt, it didn’t matter what happened……

But when I saw her in pain, begging me again and again, I found that I really was a cruel person.

I had let go, leaving her alone in this world.

She said that we met in a previous life!  I felt really good because the person I fell in love with this life was also her.

She said that I had died saving her in a previous life!  I also felt very good because I didn’t let her get hurt.

I don’t know if we’ll meet again in the future, if the cycle of reincarnation would take care of me and let me see her more.

Actually, I didn’t have much to pray for.  I just hoped that when we met next time, the person she loved would still be me.

As for me?

I would love her 100%, there was no doubt!

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 20/100]

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