Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1132: Crossing my nine lives, protecting you forever (Part 1)

Kissing you in the morning and I’m satisfied with dying at night.  ——Du Jiu Sheng

These words were what I wanted her to hear clearly, if she could still hear this.

At first she and I couldn’t fight side by side, but this kind of thing doesn’t just not happen if you’re not willing.

Thirty thousand years ago, she was the seventh daughter of the king of hell.  When she was born, all the flowers on the Chaos Continent bloomed for her, especially the flowers of the other side.

The good and evil factions had been balanced, but there was something that tilted that balance.

When the flowers of the other side bloomed, everyone would die.  She was born very strong, but even the strongest people couldn’t get past love…..

She was like this and I was the same.  Reincarnating through a hundred lives, I’ll be with you.

Only nine of those lives didn’t just include soul fragments.

—— “The first record · The flowers of the other side bloom”

I was her big brother in this world, it was different from being the commander last time, we grew up in the same family.

When I first met her, it was December 3rd.

The weather was sunny without a single cloud.

I knew that she was the person who killed my little sister in the rumours, but I was strangely attracted to her.

Because she was like the person in my dream.  I softly took her cool hand and wanted to know what she was thinking.

But then I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t read her mind.

I panicked…...

Revenge had already been thrown out of my mind at that moment and the story between us confirmed my thoughts bit by bit.

When I took her to the villa, Leng Yan Si had a different look when he saw her.

I didn’t like that expression, but today was my little sister’s seventh day after death.

As a big brother, I had to go see her.

Therefore, I left her at the villa.

Actually, I regretted it very much.

When I heard that Leng Yan Si drove out with her, my heart tangled.

When I met this girl for the first time, I actually had this feeling, it really was a bit incredible.

If you asked me, when did I fall in love with her?

It should be that night in the rain.  She was wearing a black and white dress and she didn’t panic even after falling off a cliff which made my heart tremble.

When she had a fever later, I guarded her.  I would always see her slightly knit her brows while sleeping, making people’s hearts hurt.

I made the decision then to investigate Du Ling Er’s death again.  I just wanted one answer, what that answer was wasn’t important.

Because when some people walked into your life, they would take away all your love, it really was terrifying.

And she had done this to me…...

I was almost addicted to the role as a big brother.  I liked how she called me big brother, I liked how she stuck to me, I liked how she would sometimes act arrogant.

But even if I wanted to hold her in my palms, I couldn’t control my possessiveness and almost hurt her.

Because of one phrase: The person she liked was more elegant than me.

Without knowing why, when I heard this, my entire mind burnt like it was on fire and I lost all my reasoning.

It was a good thing that she forgave me…...

It was a good thing that she didn’t hate me…...

It was a good thing that she also liked me…...

But I never thought that Mu Xi Nian would find her and would be so unscrupulous.

I hardly had any impressions of this girl, I just knew that she was the young miss of the Mu Group, I didn’t know anything else.

But this girl had changed the ending for all of us.

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