Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1128: Good night, sick big brother (Part 53)

“Du Jiu Sheng.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him and honestly said word for word, “I love you, very, very much.”

“Xiao Qing……”  His fingers trembled and it was like he could see the despair in her eyes.

This was his first time hearing her say this.  At this moment of life and death, he was feeling excited, strangely excited.

“What I said…...What I said is the truth…..Wu, Du Jiu Sheng, I’m begging you, wu, don’t leave me!”  Without knowing why, her heart was filled with fear at that moment.

This feeling was familiar, it was like she had felt this fear before in the past.

Fear…...Helplessness…...It hit her bit by bit, swallowing all her reasoning.

She hoped that this moment would pass quickly, it was fine if they died, it just had to pass quickly.

“I won’t let you die.”  He looked at her with eyes that had a sparkle flickering in them.

Each word was avoiding her words.

Actually, he had made a decision in his mind and had an answer.

But he never thought that the other side would be able to see his thoughts like she could read his mind.

Every word made him unable to speak more.

“I don’t want it!”  She bit her lip and threw herself into his arms as she called out with all her might.  Her hands tightly held him, just like how he used to hold her.

“Peng!”  A bullet pierced through the wall, the confessional was about to collapse.

“Du Jiu Sheng, I have already investigated the secrets of the Du Family……”  Lu Ou’s angry voice came from outside with a tone of absolute victory, “You used ice to kill my Xi Nian, which means that you are just like Du Jie, you can no longer use your special ability!  Ha, ha, ha, wait to die!”

Du Jiu Sheng lifted her up and placed her in a safe place.  He took out a blade from his jacket’s pocket and he narrowed his eyes as his ice cold voice spread across the entire white church.

“Just who told you that killing people means that I can’t use my abilities?”

He tightly held the little blade with his right hand and warm blood fell down drop by drop.

“You…..What are you doing?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled as her heart beat fast in pain from watching Du Jiu Sheng.

She wanted to cover his wound with her hand, but she found that he was slowly covering her eyes with his left hand.

There was a cool and doting voice that entered her ears, “I want…..to kiss you!”

His slightly cool lips kissed her, there wasn’t any turning, there wasn’t any domineering.

He just put a soft kiss on her mouth, feeling the final bit of warmth…...

The surrounding temperature dropped after that and the drops of blood from his right hand formed blood coloured icicles that flew out in the direction of every mercenary.

Each wounded spot wasn’t the heart, but rather various different organs.

When the icicles pierced their bodies, there would be an echo that rebounded the damage to him!

After the people of the Du Family used their powers to kill people, they would receive an equal amount of damage after using their powers again.

That meant that wherever Du Jiu Sheng’s icicles pierced the enemies, he would receive the same wound on his body.

His lips touched hers as the blood in his right hand kept condensing.  After the eighteenth icicle made of blood pierced the last mercenary’s body, he couldn’t take the rebound anymore and fell down.

When his left hand left her eyes…...

When she opened her eyes again……

Du Jiu Sheng had fallen in her arms covered in blood with eighteen holes in his body as blood kept flowing…...

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