Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1122: Good night, sick big brother (Part 47)

Then Mu Lan Feng killed Du Jiu Sheng.

Then the time bomb exploded.

Then the sulfuric acid on the third floor would come out and leave no evidence.

This was Lu Ou’s plan for this abandoned factory.  Everyone would die because he didn’t want Mu Lan Feng to live.

A person who couldn’t even protect his little sister didn’t have the right to live.

However, the one this plan was set for was Du Jiu Sheng.  If it was Luo Qing Chen instead of Du Jiu Sheng, she could see through this plan.

After all, she was also a person with very high intelligence.

“He…..He wants to kill me?”  Mu Lan Feng’s eyes opened wide as he said in disbelief, “How…..How is that possible?”

There was still fifty seconds left on the time bomb, which meant that as long as Luo Qing Chen came forward to press on it, Mu Lan Feng had the chance to live.

It was a pity that she didn’t plan on doing this.

She didn’t care whether it was in the past or if it was now, no matter which world it was, she never went against her heart and never went against her views.

But she also had her principles.

She would pay someone who was good to her ten times back.

For people who were bad to her, coldly watching on the side was already the limit.

“If you want to blame someone……”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him and said, “You can only blame yourself for not understanding intelligent people.”

Lu Ou plotting against Mu Lan Feng was something impossible for Mu Lan Feng to see, but to Luo Qing Chen, she could see it just by carefully thinking.

“You think that you can escape?”  Mu Lan Feng raised the gun in his hand to point at her, “I’ll bury you with me!”

Since he had already fallen for this plot, since he must die!  Then why would he let the person who killed his little sister live?  He would have her buried with him!

Definitely!  They would die together!

“It’s a pity.”  Her lips curled into a faint arc, “I don’t dare praise your marksmanship.”

She turned and with a perfect ninety degree angle, she jumped out the window.

“Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.”  There were the sounds of a gun being fired.

She fell to the ground and minimized her own injuries as much as possible.

She dashed to the luxury car as quickly as possible and stepped on the accelerator to run off.

Three seconds later, there was an explosion behind her.  The air was foggy, there was a poison that spread across the air.

Whether it was Du Jie, Du Ling Er, or Mu Lan Feng, they were all turned to ashes.

Without knowing why, her eyes suddenly turned red.  Her heart was filled with guilt because she couldn’t save his father.

Or it could be said that Lu Ou never gave him that chance.

Lu Ou did everything meticulously and ruthlessly.

In other words, Du Jiu Sheng must be facing danger at the church right now.

That was the place she was supposed to go, but he took that danger for her.

Her heart beat fast and there was a bad feeling that swallowed all her thoughts.

“Sorry, Du Jiu Sheng.”  She quickly rushed towards the church on the other side as she muttered, “I couldn’t save him, but I definitely won’t let you die.”

Wait for me, wait for me.

If you really die, please let me be with you.

This time, don’t leave me alone in this world!

This was a cry that came from the bottom of her heart, asking him to hear it!

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