Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1115: Good night, sick big brother (Part 40)

At eight in the morning, after Lu Ou went through his normal routine in the neurosurgery department, he came to Dai Xiao Pang’s room.

He was holding two full cups of fresh soy milk and two large buns.

One was bean paste and one was sesame.

“Doctor Lu Ou, you’re here!”  Dai Xiao Pang lowered her head as a shy blush appeared on her face.

Lu Ou kept coming to see her over the past few sayings, bringing her breakfast and other food.

The patients in the same ward were jealous of her, saying all day that doctor Lu Our was handsome or good.

Without knowing when it started, the buds in her heart gradually sprouted and her world was filled with pink bubbles.

Suddenly she seemed to know what the feeling Luo Qing Chen described before was like.

Once you fall in love, whether it was in life or death, anything was fine as long as it was him.

“Un, are you better?”  Luo Ou had a gentle as water look in his eyes.

At that moment, if it wasn’t for the people around, Dai Xiao Pang wanted to push down this man in the white coat.

After all, that serious and focused look had a charm that no girl could resist.

“Quite good!  Baji, baji……”  She looked at the food in his hand and said, “You have something delicious!”

“Look at you……”  Lu Ou gave her a pampering smile while helping her take her temperature, “Wait before eating, it’s all yours.”

Luo Qing Chen stood at the door, seeing this scene.

She suddenly felt a strange familiar feeling, it was a strange feeling.  It was like using the look of an outsider to look at Du Jiu Sheng from before.”

“Qing Chen, you’re here!”  Dai Xiao Pang waved her hand at her as soon as she saw her.

Lu Ou gave a natural nod and his expression didn’t change at all.  He just said with a smile, “I’ll go on my route first, I won’t be back for a bit.”

“Ah…..”  Dai Xiao Pang pursed her lips with a bit of sadness.

What to do, she suddenly hoped that Luo Qing Chen didn’t come.

Why did she come?  If she wasn’t here, could she keep looking at the person she liked…...

“Un……”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, “It seems like I’m here as a light bulb?”

“Miss Luo is mistaken.  I saw that Xiao Pang was bored alone, so I came to see her.”  Lu Ou revealed a faint smile, “I’ll be more careful in the future.”

These words were the stimulus for the drug.  He had been injecting the new AC neuron sensitive drug studied in America three times a day, he was now experimenting on humans.

He could get revenge for Mu Xi Nian if he succeeded and…..he would have the highest achievement in the medical world, reaching a new milestone.

“Xiao Qing, what nonsense is this!”  Dai Xiao Pang heard this and looked at Luo Qing Chen with a bit of anger, “You don’t come and see Xiao Pang and you blame the doctor for caring about me.”

After saying this, she put her head in the blanket and didn’t say a thing.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and slightly knit her brows.  There was a strange sense of danger and when she was about to pat the blanket to comfort her, her phone rang.

The caller was: Du Jiu Sheng.

“Where are you?”  His voice was a bit rushed, like he felt a strange sense of danger that kept approaching.

“At the hospital.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips.  She could hear the anxious tone in the voice of Du Jiu Sheng who had always been calm.

“I’ll be there in three minutes.”  This anxious voice came from the other side before he said, “Come downstairs.”

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