Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1114: Good night, sick big brother (Part 39)

That night’s sleep was very peaceful.  He had her in his embrace, gently holding her back and humming a restless lullaby as he watched her fall asleep.

When she fell asleep, he put the doll in her embrace and turned off the light.  When he closed the door, he silently said: Mu mu ah.

As for that Xu Ze…...He definitely wouldn’t appear at school tomorrow.

He dared to confess to Du Jiu Sheng’s girl, was he tired of living?

At the same time, in the Mu Family Manor.

Today was the seventh day after Mu Xi Nian’s death.  Her coffin was still in the hall, surrounded in white candles.

Mu Lan Feng had been with her for seven days and other than needed to fill his stomach to keep his strength, he had never left here for a moment.

He had thought a lot over these seven days.  He went over his plans again and again before going over them again and again, finally coming up with the perfect plan.

There was a man wearing a white coat that slowly walked into the mourning hall.

He lit an incense and bowed three times.  He narrowed his eyes and revealed a cold look.

“How is the matter I asked you for?”  Mu Lan Feng’s hoarse voice slowly sounded.  He tightly gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with rage.

“Relax, everything went smoothly.”  Lu Ou pushed up his glasses as he revealed a very cold smile, “I will not let the person who killed Xi Nian off that easily, not a single one will live……”

No one knew that Lu Ou…...the genius doctor who graduated in America was actually Mu Xi Nian’s childhood friend.

They had grown up together and Mu Xi Nian always stuck to him when they were younger, wanting him to teach her about anatomy and medicine.

He was only eighteen years old then, but his genius was already shining and the domestic professors could no longer teach him.

He decided to go to America and he achieved his goal of becoming the youngest neurosurgeon once he came back.

He had unmatched accomplishments in the field of neurosurgery…...

In less than three months since he came back, his childhood lover had been killed by someone and they didn’t feel any guilt at all, only caring about that little fatty!

Why!  Why!  Why!

Mu Xi Nian was the goddess in his heart.  Although he had been cruelly rejected when he confessed to her after coming back, it didn’t mean that anyone could hurt her.

Not to mention a fatty that could only eat and drool over him…...

Why did this person just die, why couldn’t this person disappear instead of his childhood friend…...

And there were the two instigators, they really were loving!

They went everywhere together.  He wanted to slash them with his scalpel, letting them taste the taste of losing their most important person.

But he had to endure even if his heart was restless!

There was no drug in this world that could control a person’s behaviour, but to control a ‘patient who was in love with him’ with half drugs and half brainwashing was very easy.

“Now it all depends on your performance, you can have anything you want!”  Mu Lan Feng narrowed his bloodshot eyes and said in a fierce voice, “As long as they die, I can give you anything!”

“Big brother Lan Feng, I want to kill them more than you!”  Lu Ou took a deep breath before giving a cold laugh, “But right now we must be patient, both of them are highly intelligent people.  Our plan needs to come along step by step, that way the results are more exciting.”

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