Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1113: Good night, sick big brother (Part 38)

There was a faint cherry blossom shower gel scent in the air.  There was a blush on her white face and her clear eyes were as clean as a pool of water.

No matter who was standing there, they wouldn’t be able to control the desire in their hearts.

Not to mention someone who was more obsessive than normal people…...like Du Jiu Sheng!

“Shouldn’t young miss Luo Qing Chen explain…...who this mister Xu Ze is?”  He narrowed his eyes with his hands in his pocket, moving towards her in a powerful manner.

Luo Qing Chen with her high EQ naturally knew that her current situation was very ‘dangerous’.

Those dark bottomless eyes, it was as if they were about to swallow her, surrounding her bit by bit.

She moved back while her mind quickly turned.  She bit her lip and said, “Xu….Ze…..Eh!  Can you tell me a bit more?”

To be honest, her high IQ brain was used to remember important things, it wasn’t used to remember these irrelevant things, alright?

“Hint?”  Du Jiu Sheng narrowed and softly said, “It seems like there isn’t just one person chasing our family’s little sister Xiao Qing!”

“I know!  That Xu Ze!  He’s the florist who sent flowers to our house last time, I…...I’m familiar……”  When facing someone intelligent and not knowing how to answer, giving a fake answer was much more dangerous instead of not giving an answer at all.

There was just a “dong” sound as he pushed Luo Qing Chen against the wall.  His lips curled into a beautiful arc, “So it turns out my second love rival is a florist.  Why is our family’s little sister so popular!”

“No…..Listen to me explain…...Wu……”

Those cherry lips that were making up stories were sealed.  With a domineering personality, it overwhelmed her world bit by bit.

The worst thing was that she couldn’t resist at all.

When she was about to suffocate, she used a bit of force to bite his lip.

There was a bit of blood that touched her tongue and Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  She was panting as she pursed her lips, “Sor…..Sorry…...Wu.”

The taste of blood with the cherry blossom scent that came from her, it made him fall deep within.  He was completely obsessed with her and couldn’t pull himself out at all.

The feeling of jealousy was vented through his mouth.  He wasn’t willing to let anyone approach her or talk to her, those hungry eyes looking at her, he hated them confessing to her.

These small things were enough to make him care wildly and be filled with jealousy.

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen who still hadn’t caught her breath and was suppressed by his kiss again.

While Du Jiu Sheng kissed her, he took her by the waist.  What was amazing was that the moment he picked her up, he didn’t stop kissing her.

He kept taking every bit of oxygen from her, only letting her breathe if she replied to him.

This abnormal behaviour was probably only something Du Jiu Sheng could do.

He threw her onto the lace covered bed and his deep eyes sparkled as he looked at her, “Are you still not planning on telling the truth!”

She bit her lips in aggrievement and gave a soft snort, “It’s someone who isn’t important, I don’t remember their name!”

Whether it was their classmate Xu Ze or the florist Xu Ze, they weren’t important to her, so she wouldn’t remember their name.

Du Jiu Sheng heard this and took her in a warm embrace.  He gave a helpless smile as he said, “Really…...A little sister that people can’t extricate themselves from and that needs to be controlled.”

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