Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 111: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (16) Part 1

Now that they found their eldest senior sister, they went back to their homes.

Lu Zhiyu did not mention the matter of returning to the Hengshui Sect, and his brothers also tacitly agreed to do nothing.

Ah Jin traveled all the way back to the Tianshan Sect, touring the mountains and playing in the water, saying, "Take it easy and feel the sword intent."

Ah Jin stood in front of a waterfall, where the water flowed straight down, crashing on the stone wall and splashing out white mists. The dark green water was so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

She looked at the fatty fish from the deep water and was a little hungry.

San Qi stood at her shoulder and reminded, "Boss, the persona! Noble and cold!"

Ah Jin averted her eyes indifferently. She didn't really want to eat anyway.

The others looked at nature's magic work, and surprisingly, their moods relaxed a lot.

She danced swordplay set at the lake, practiced her inner strength, and felt that her martial arts had improved slightly.

As expected of their eldest senior sister, her insights and vision were more than the average person’s.

San Qi, "You guys overthink. She just simply wants to play."

The new site of the Demon Sect.

A disciple knocked on the door of the sect master's room.

"Reporting to the sect master, a member of the sect found our secret code in Qingshan City."

A low male voice came out of the room.

"What did the secret code say."

The disciple bent down respectfully.

"Yao Jin has appeared and has gone to the northeast. She should be in the direction of the Tianshan Sect."


Hearing the word "Yao Jin,” the man's voice was filled with ruthlessness and anger.


The disciple withdrew and went to work according to the order.

Unaware that they were being watched, the group continued to practice their sword dance at the waterfall.

The sound of water from the waterfall drowned out the Demon Sect's footsteps.

Hidden weapons arrived before the figures appeared.

The poisoned plum blossom darts were shot straight at several people's vital points.

The fourth junior brother heard the sound of the concealed weapon. He turned around and dodged, and a plum dart was nailed to the tree behind him. The second dart was close behind him. It was too close for him to react and dodge!

He could even see the dark glint on the plum blossom dart. It was over!


Suddenly there was a sword in front of him. Its blade was so sharp that the plum blossom dart bounced back when it hit it.


The fourth junior heard a cry of pain from the enemy in the shadows, followed by a dull sound of falling to the ground.

He looked at Ah Jin as he felt his heart pounding.

"Eldest senior sister!"

"Have you woken up yet?"


Seeing that he was fine, Ah Jin went to kill again with her sword.

The fourth junior brother looked around and saw that no one was shot by the concealed weapons, so he put his heart down and fought with the incoming Demon Sect.

The enemies surrounding Ah Jin were still the most numerous, but the woman in front of them gave them the most pressure.

Her eyes were calm, as if they were not a living person but a dead thing.

Dead things, indeed.

Ah Jin's sword did not have flashy moves, no complicated strokes, but only the imposing qi, forcing people to death.

A cold sword light flashed, killing in one blow.

Instead of saying they were dead things, it would be better to say they have never entered Ah Jin's eyes.

All the people of the Demon Sect couldn't see her sword, so they just attacked instead of defending. Concealed weapons, sword qi, and blades were intertwined.

She swatted away the incoming concealed weapons with her backhand, sending them back and hitting the Demon Sect disciples.

The disciples who rushed forward waved their swords in their hands, but Ah Jin just dodged and found an opening for a single backhanded sword stroke.

In a few breaths, the bodies were lying on the ground.

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