My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 111.2: Brief Reunion

Although Qin Yanzhi didn't understand what it said, after spending more than 20 years with blue phoenix, he roughly guessed the meaning and just ignored it.

After a while, the two of them sat in the room. Although Jing Yue was quite uncomfortable, he couldn't escape, right? He just got a fright the last time. Now that fifty years had passed, he had digested this matter and believed that he did nothing wrong, so why should he avoid it?

But the strange feeling remained, especially since he suspected that Qin Yanzhi might be the reincarnation of Yi Wang.

It was difficult for normal people to accept being confessed to by the disciple, let alone Jing Yue, who had no experience in relationships.

But Qin Yanzhi was very natural. He casually asked, “I heard that you have accepted a disciple with Chaos spiritual root?”

Qin Yanzhi and Jing Yue went to the Void Sword Tomb together, so of course he knew about the Chaos Technique. Thus, he was not surprised to hear about the news back then.

Jing Yue nodded gently and did not make a sound.

Qin Yanzhi saw that Jing Yue's cultivation had improved greatly and added, “You have made rapid progress over the years.”

Jing Yue, “Qin-zhenjun is not too bad either.”

Qin Yanzhi, “You don't have to be so polite. With our relationship, just call me Yanzhi.”

Jing Yue, “It’s better to be more polite.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled. “Up to you.”

Jing Yue didn't want to continue the dangerous topic, and asked him, “Are you leading the Sword Inscription Sect this time?”

Since Qin Yanzhi was here, it meant that the people from Sword Inscription Sect had already arrived.

“Yes,” Qin Yanzhi said flatly. “I knew you were coming so I deliberately claimed the mission from the sect.”

Jing Yue, “…” Was there no way to avoid this topic?

Qin Yanzhi, “I also know that you’re eager to avoid this topic, but for some things, it’s better to clear the air as soon as possible.”

Jing Yue took a deep breath, “You’re right, then I'll say it straight. If what Qin-zhenjun said back then is true, I’m grateful, but I’m dedicated to cultivation and have no other thoughts. Towards you, I have no other feelings.”

Blue phoenix, who was still angry at Qin Yanzhi for flirting with Jing-jing, was suddenly happy and couldn't help but interject, “Jing-jing, tell him that he’s a good person.”

Jing Yue: ???

Of course, he didn't listen to blue phoenix but quietly looked at Qin Yanzhi.

Qin Yanzhi was not a bit disappointed, and said in a relaxed tone, “I can already guess before you said anything. The reason I told you that day was not to force you to respond to me, and I don't have that ability either. I just want you to know clearly and unambiguously what I think of you.”

“I like you.”

He had been with Jing Yue for many years, so of course he knew what kind of nature the other party had.

Jing Yue was a transparent person and had far more experience than ordinary people. He even suspected the other party's true origin, but for ‘love and relationship’, Jing Yue was far more ignorant than ordinary people.

If he didn’t express his feeling bluntly, Jing Yue would never understand, and everything he did after that would be regarded as brotherly affection by the other party.

As for being rejected, he was not in a hurry. He had enough patience for everything he cherished.

Jing Yue was startled. He didn't expect Qin Yanzhi to reply this way—so frank, so calm, and so solemn. The sense of rejection in his heart faded slightly.

If he thought about it carefully, Qin Yanzhi had always been very direct. In the past, he told him to cultivate directly, and now he spoke of liking him directly.

Jing Yue was silent for a long while. Before he knew how to respond, another knock came from outside the door.

“A-jing, are you in?”

For someone to address him like this, his identity was pretty obvious.

Before Jing Yue could get up, Qin Yanzhi waved his sleeves. The stone door opened with a bang and hit something with another bang.

Hearing a painful cry, the door was slowly pushed open. One person covered his nose and said aggrievedly, “A-jing, you… Qin-zhenjun!”

Wei Zhentu didn't expect Qin Yanzhi to be there. He was stunned before he cupped his hands. “Greetings, Qin-zhenjun.”

Qin Yanzhi actually recognized Wei Zhentu and said lightly, “Scattered Star Villa and Lurking Ghost Sect are supposed to guard the west, thousands of miles away from the north. Jing-laozu just arrived and Wei-daoyou is already here, so fast.”

Wei Zhentu was keenly aware of the irony in the other party's words and was puzzled. When did he offend Qin Yanzhi?

But he was a prideful talent after all. Although not as good as Qin Yanzhi, he was also not afraid of him, so his words also carried a hint of mocking. “Sword Inscription Sect guards the south and is farther away from Frostcloud Sect. Isn’t Qin-zhenjun faster than me?”

As onlookers, Jing Yue and blue phoenix’s gaze wandered between them. There seemed to be the smell of gunpowder in the air.

One person and one phoenix whispered in the divine consciousness.

“Jing-jing, do you think there’s a feud between Hooligan and Leafblower?”

… Leafblower…

(TN: Refer to Chapter 105.1)

Jing Yue resisted the desire to laugh and secretly replied, “I think so.”

Blue phoenix flapped its wings. “Ji-ji wants them to fight so I can eat melons with Jing-jing!”

Many years later, the blue phoenix recalled its naïve self at this moment and felt ashamed and embarrassed.

To think that it had read so many little yellow articles, to think that it was determined to compete with Qin Yanzhi for favor, to think that it had been wary about Wei Zhentu… How could it neglect the most important part? It was too stupid! Unworthy to be someone’s Ji-ji!

But at this time, it was looking at Qin Yanzhi expectantly, only to hear the other party say indifferently, “I have important matters. What about you?”

… Important matters?

Jing Yue gave Qin Yanzhi a complicated look, but to think of it, what they said really seemed to be important?

“I…” Of course, Wei Zhentu had nothing to say. He just heard people say that Jing Yue had arrived, so he couldn't help but come to look for him. Now that Qin Yanzhi stood in his way, he could only bite the bullet and say, “I have important things too.”

He saw Jing Yue’s solemn expression. “Is there a problem with Lurking Ghost Sect?” He had been tense since he heard about the Yao’s frequent activity in the Misty Forest.

Wei Zhentu, “… No.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Heh.”

Wei Zhentu, “…”

Jing Yue didn't know that Hooligan and Leafblower had experienced yet another silent confrontation and frowned. “Why are you looking for me then?”

After a long time, Wei Zhentu said quietly, “I'm here to ask A-jing if you want to join me as a team to hunt monsters.”

Jing Yue was puzzled. “Aren't you guarding the west?”

Qin Yanzhi smiled subtly again.

That smile made Wei Zhentu so uneasy that he really couldn’t remain here. He really didn't expect that Qin-zhenjun, whom countless cultivators admired, was such a person! He couldn't say many things directly to Jing Yue, much less in front of Qin Yanzhi, so he could only say resentfully, “My thinking is too simple. In that case, I'll come by another day.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Bye.”

Wei Zhentu glanced at Jing Yue but the other party had no intentions of asking him to stay, so he turned his back in silence, looking forlorn.

After he left completely, Qin Yanzhi stood up. “Yao hunting is a big deal. I still need to go back to the camp to make arrangements, so I won't bother you today.”

Jing Yue suddenly perked up. “Bye!”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

When he opened the stone door, he suddenly glanced sideways.

The golden light of the setting sun outlined his silhouette, half blending into the warm golden red, and half-hidden by shadows.

“You don't need to worry too much about what I said just now. We still have a long time before us.”

Jing Yue, “…”

A smile appeared on the corner of Qin Yanzhi's lips before he turned and left without looking back.

Watching the other party’s departing back, Jing Yue secretly sighed, unable to distinguish his emotions for a while.



“Jing-jing, don’t be troubled. Ji-ji will be worried.”

A surge of warmth filled Jing Yue’s heart when he heard blue phoenix say, “Also, Ji-ji thinks that the phrase ‘we have a long time before us’ is also strange. Is the Hooligan taking advantage of you?”

Jing Yue didn't react for a long time. When he finally analyzed the connotation of blue phoenix’s words, he immediately wanted to pluck its feathers!

In the next few days, Qin Yanzhi didn’t turn up again, but news of him was everywhere in the camp.

The cultivators were more or less expectant of this legendary first genius of the cultivation world, and the disciples of Frostcloud Sect were no exception.

Jing Yue, on the other hand, took Gu Xia, Zheng Bai, and others to hunt monsters on the mountain from time to time, and the daily catch they brought back became another legend in the camp.

On this day, they came to a black wood forest in the depths of Yao Detention Mountain. The forest was filled with yao mist, like a miasma. If cultivators didn’t consume any pills, they would easily be eroded by the mist.

There was also a lake in the middle of the black wood forest. The water was blue and clear but contaminated by Yao poison. Even the beasts in the forest rarely consumed it. If a cultivator accidentally drank the lake water, the spiritual energy would inevitably retrograde, and probably die on the spot.

This lake is called the Yao Lake by the cultivators. The reason why Jing Yue came was that he wanted to see what was wrong with this lake. But before they got near the lake, they saw a big monster.

It was a giant elephant ten feet tall. Jing Yue gave it a cursory glance and determined that the other party was a Yao General, about to enter the rank of a Yao Marshal.

Gu Xia and the others were happy. Since they followed Jing Yue, they had been dominating the battlefield over the past few days. No one thought that Jing Yue would be unable to kill this giant elephant. Moreover, the giant elephant was full of treasures, especially the pair of tusks that was used as an auxiliary material for refining weapons, it could raise a spiritual-level weapon to precious-level, simply the dream of many cultivators!

Even if they couldn’t get the tusks, just some leftovers were enough to exchange a large number of merit points!

In blue phoenix’s words, they were here to pick up experience points in broad daylight and were responsible for ‘clean up’.

The reality was indeed as easy as imagined. Under Jing Yue’s command, they quickly forced the giant elephant to a corner. The elephant made the last desperate attempt and the mountains shook suddenly. The black wood collapsed and the earth under the feet also turned into a swamp as it tried to drag several people under the mire to be buried together. If other cultivators were caught off guard, they might have fallen into the trap, but it met Jing Yue, who was calm and composed, and the mud quickly turned into ice. Gu Xia and others seized the opportunity to give the giant elephant a heavy blow.

The giant elephant bellowed and fell to the ground with a bang.

Just when several people were about to gather the treasure excitedly, several more people suddenly appeared in the black wood forest—demonic cultivators!

There were five of them, four of them Golden Core and one Amethyst Abode.

Doubts welled in Jing Yue's heart. Since he took care of the few demonic cultivators, no one from Lurking Ghost Sect came to the north. Furthermore, the cultivators of Yao Detention Mountain never entered a zone that was not guarded by their own party.

But at this moment, five demonic cultivators appeared in the northern war zone, all of them with extraordinary cultivation levels, and Jing Yue had to be on guard.

“So it’s Jing-laozu, our apologies.” The Amethyst Abode demonic cultivator took the lead. Of course, he was not as ignorant as those low-level demonic cultivators. He recognized Jing Yue at a glance but his tone was a little uncanny.

Jing Yue didn't say a word. He saw greed and something more complicated in the eyes of these people.

“Why don’t the Laozu say anything? Aren’t you very arrogant the other day?”

Several other Golden Core cultivators also said, “Are you scared?”

“The child patriarch who bullies the weak and fears the strong, hahaha…”

Jing Yue turned a deaf ear, but Zheng Bai and others said angrily, “Bullsh*t! Could it be that you still have the guts to rob our treasure?”

Amethyst Abode demonic cultivator, “Haha, quite smart.”

Zheng Bai said in shock, “You dare to breach the covenant?”

“See if I dare?” The Amethyst Abode demonic cultivator attacked as he spoke. Hundreds of blood-colored skulls appeared all over his body, screaming and they rushed at Jing Yue and the others!

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