Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1108: Good night, sick big brother (Part 33)

“How about it, you never expected it, right!”  Mu Xi Nian pointed the gun at her, “My big brother cares more about me than your big brother does about you.”

The red flashing light was on the other side.  There was a distance of three hundred fifty yards, with the other side holding a M14 or a M16 pistol.

At this distance, it shouldn’t be a professional sniper.  They were using an eight times scope or they wouldn’t be able to see in here.

“A sniper of three hundred and fifty yards, it’s hard to say if they can even hit me.”  She gave a cold snort as her eyes turned cold.

She never thought that Mu Lan Feng would arrange a sniper to deal with her.

It seemed like he really took care of his little sister.

“Ha, ha, ha.”  Mu Xi Nian gave a shrug, “And here I thought that you were smart, you can’t understand the meaning in my words.”

She slowly raised her right hand and wiped the blood dripping from her face, “You think Du Jiu Sheng really cares about you?  Everyone in the circle knows that you killed his little sister, don’t you know that?”

It had to be said, Mu Xi Nian’s words were the only words that could influence her emotions.

“Whether I murdered Du Ling Er or not, it’s not for you to judge!”  She slowly leaned over and directly took her by the throat, “You should be worried about if the person in the tower on the other side can hit me or not.”

“Luo Qing Chen, you really are something!”  She gave a fearless smile, “My big brother will protect me when I’m in danger, but you think your big brother will come for you?”

Luo Qing Chen knew that Du Jiu Sheng was her weakness.  When he was mentioned, her heart would always tremble.

“To deal with you, he doesn’t need to come!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Mu Xi Nian’s laughter became more wild.  She raised her middle finger and said, “You really are pitiful, he doesn’t love you at all.  There’s no love of a big brother, there’s no love between men and women.  He is just treating you well to pave the way for his revenge, you fool!”

“Peng!”  When Mu Xi Nian’s voice fell, the sniper on the other side shot in her direction.

The bullet passed by her ear with ten centimeters to spare.

Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and raised Mu Xi Nian up with her right hand.  Her left hand pulled Dai Xiao Pang as she went to a blind spot step by step.

Without a gun to fight back, in order to protect Dai Xiao Pang, she had to use Mu Xi Nian as a shield.

As expected, the other side wasn’t shooting…...

She had to wait, wait for the ambulance, wait for…..Du Jiu Sheng to come.

But would he really come?

At that moment, she really had been influenced by Mu Xi Nian.

It was unknown whether Du Jiu Sheng would come for her or not!

That youth was good to her, taking care of everything, but was it really just for revenge like Mu Xi Nian said?

The Pandora’s Box in her heart was rattled as the seeds of dissent had been sown already.

Weren’t they just acting in the beginning?  Now he had the chance to use someone else’s hand to kill her.

Wasn’t that what he really wanted…...

She couldn’t tell the truth at this moment.  But even so, she only had love and never hate for that youth.

“Mu Xi Nian, I really pity you.”  When she sorted out her thoughts, her eyes relaxed, “After all, you don’t even have the right to have him treat you well.”

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