Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1101: Good night, sick big brother (Part 26)

She slept very well that night and when she woke up, Du Jiu Sheng was gone.

The sun came through the window and she could see the pink doll she was holding.

It was a doll that was as big as her with clear eyes, long lashes, slightly curled hair, and a princess lace dress.

“So, this is a birthday present?”  Her eyes trembled as she whispered to herself.

Since it was the weekend, the alarm didn’t sound.  Looking at the clock on the wall, she found that it was almost noon.

She quickly washed up and came out wearing a moon white bathrobe.

When she was prepared to open her closet, there was a knock on her door.

“Big brother?”  Her voice was normal, it wasn’t as soft as before.

This ‘act’ had already come to an end.

Who had won or lost?  It didn’t seem clear…...

“Un, is it convenient?”


“Da, da.”

When she was thinking of how to answer, Du Jiu Sheng already came in, dressed very formally.  Luo Qing Chen tilted her head and her face couldn’t help turning red.

He really was…...a dazzling kind of handsome.

“Are you thinking about what to wear?”  His eyes went over her upper half and seeing her exquisite figure, he said with a faint smile, “This small, but your figure…..”

“Hey, hey, hey, enough!”  She felt the blush on her cheeks spread to the tip of her ears.

It was so fast that it couldn’t be controlled.

Since last night, it was like Du Jiu Sheng took off his mask and no longer acted so fake.

Rather there was a very sultry tone…..Like he was teasing his girl.

“I never thought that our family’s little sister Xiao Qing would be this shy!”  Du Jiu Sheng slowly came forward and stood by her side, as he looked over her luxurious wardrobe.

“Big brother is helping me choose clothes?”  Luo Qing Chen thought that since he was dressed this grand, there should be a place to go today.

“It really is a loli!”  He muttered to himself as he took out a blue and pink winter dress from the closet.

He turned and pulled it over her starting at the head.

It was done with one smooth action, no pausing at all.

Luo Qing Chen was like the doll beside her, letting her ‘master’ dress her.

“I can wear it myself…..”  She said while touching her ear in embarrassment.

“Un……”  Du Jiu Sheng replied before going past her shoulder and pulling the zipper up from behind.

“You…..really move quickly!”  She muttered.

“Un……”  Du Jiu Sheng replied.  His right hand naturally picked up a hair dryer while pressing her down with the left hand.

She sat down on the bed.

Suddenly there was a feeling of being pampered that warmed the heart.

“What shampoo did you use?”

“OGX!”  Luo Qing Chen could smell a strong cherry blossom scent.

“Un, un.”  This time his sounds were stretched out before he said, “Change it next time!”

“Why, you don’t like cherry blossoms?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows, looking a bit confused.

After all, cherry blossoms had a light and good scent, it should be something welcome by all.

“Unless you want to go to bed instead of going out after I finish blowing your hair, you won’t need to change…..”  His lips curled into a beautiful arc that swept away the girl in front of him.

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