Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 110: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (15) Part 1

Ah Jin waited for a day in Pingyang City, and San Qi finally came.

San Qi was lying on the table with disheveled feathers and its belly facing the sky. Its stomach was rising and falling rapidly as it breathed heavily.

"If it weren't for my inability to die, the one lying here now would be a dead bird."

Ah Jin poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of San Qi.

"Have some tea for a break."

San Qi propped up its wings, resting its head on the rim of the cup. The bird's beak reached into the cup to drink the water, and in just one sip, it screamed, "Hot, hot, hot!"

"Sorry, I just boiled the hot water."

San Qi looked at her with angry round eyes, "You did that on purpose! I flew all the way here to find you. You … You are treating me like this ..."

It felt more aggrieved with each word.

Ah Jin suppressed the smile in the corner of her eyes.

"I thought you didn't have the five senses."

"The company wanted to give us the best experience possible, so all of the physical bodies are equipped with all five senses. If this physical body is destroyed, I can only exist in your consciousness. Otherwise, I have to spend energy to buy a new one, and so far, I can't afford it."

San Qi spoke, and its mind couldn't help but think of the latest physical body model in the mall. Its eyes showed longing. It wanted that limited edition so badly.

Ah Jin understood what it meant and said comfortingly, "Follow me and do a good job. Someday you will achieve your wish."

San Qi felt it was more important to save its own little life before buying the limited edition physical body.

Sticking with the boss, its little life would not be secured at any time.

Ah Jin lifted it up and put it on her shoulder.

"Let's set off."


Qingshan City.

Lu Zhiyu's group rushed into the city before dark.

The temperature had already started to drop, and the whistling cold wind rolled into everyone's body with an icy breath.

The group found an inn.

"Xiao Er, prepare three guestrooms and a pot of hot tea."

"Okay! Please sit down first. I’ll be right back."

The third junior brother took off his cloak and put it on the table.

"The temperature is getting colder and colder. It’s going to be winter in a while."

"I think so. I don't know where did eldest senior sister go. We've been looking for seven or eight days, but we haven't received any news from her."

The fourth junior brother expressed his concern.

"Eldest senior sister must have had an accident. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken so long to come back. What can we do."

With these words, Gu Qingmei's eyes turned red, and she shed tears.

The third junior brother scolded her, "Don't talk nonsense! Eldest senior sister will be fine!"

Gu Qingmei was startled by his sudden scolding.

"I'm just guessing. I'm also worried about her. Why are you so angry?"

"Then how come you don't hope that eldest senior sister is well? Every day you worry that something will happen to her. I think you're just uncomfortable and want something to happen to her!"

The third junior brother's expression was cold and angry.

He was really fed up with his junior sister's crying and whining on their ears every day that something had happened to her.

Gu Qingmei also got annoyed when she saw his poor treatment.

"I'm just telling the truth. It has been so many days since a person disappeared, so maybe something happened. I don't want anything to happen to her either. What's wrong with me preparing for the worst!"

"Boom!" The third junior brother slapped the table and stood up.

"You don't have to talk nonsense!"

"That's enough!"

The second senior brother scolded the two of them angrily with a sullen face.

With his sword in his arms, the third junior brother sat down on the other side of the table, turning away from her.

Gu Qingmei looked aggrievedly at Lu Zhiyu.

"Senior brother Lu, I really didn't mean it. You have to believe me, I ..."

"Ting ling!"

Gu Qingmei's words were interrupted by a crisp bell.

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