My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 110.2: Dispute

Gu Xia quickly responded and explained to Jing Yue, “It's someone who hunts monsters with me.”

Jing Yue had heard that the cultivators of Yao Detention Mountain basically operated in groups and nodded slightly. “Invite her in as well.”

Thus, there was another man and a woman in the room, both of them disciples of Frostcloud Sect, but they didn't know that this stone house was Jing Yue’s residence. When they saw him at this moment, they were shocked and greeted him.

“Qianyue?” Jing Yue realized that he recognized the woman among them, none other than Fairy Qianyue who brought him back to Frostcloud Sect back then.

Qianyue said with a sweet smile, “Laozu, are you here this time too?”

“That’s right.” Jing Yue looked at Qianyue and saw that the other party had just broken through to the upper Foundation Establishment and was quite pleased, but he didn’t recognize the man next to her.

The man noticed Jing Yue's gaze and took the initiative to say, “Laozu, this disciple is Fang Jiaxuan.”

Jing Yue, “Oh, I've heard of you. Yan Qi-zhenren's disciple, right?”

Fang Jiaxuan did not expect that the patriarch had actually heard of him, and was immediately excited. “Yes, that’s right!”

Gu Xia and Qianyue were both a little surprised. Gu Xia was more familiar with Jing Yue and asked in passing, “Laozu actually knew Jiaxuan?”

Jing Yue smiled without comment.


How could he not? Brothers Long Ritian and Long Ridi were also disciples of Yan Qi-zhenren. Fang Jiaxuan was their direct Shixiong and they didn’t brag about him any less.

But of course he wouldn't go into detail, so he changed the subject and said, “Is your team only three people?”

As far as he knew it was usually a team of five or six people, which was relatively safer.

Once the words were out of his mouth, several people were silent, and their emotions were obviously down.

Jing Yue was puzzled when Gu Xia said, “There were another two, but not long ago, we encountered a mystic fox in the Misty Forest, already a Yao general. It’s cunning in nature and good at shape-shifting. The other two have already…”

A Yao general was almost the same as a golden core cultivator. If all of them were at Foundation Establishment, it would be perilous indeed.

Gu Xia smiled bitterly, “I want to stay because I also hope to improve my cultivation faster, and strive to achieve the golden core within 30 years, so as to avenge them.”

Qianyue and Fang Jiaxuan nodded in unison.

Jing Yue, “Let’s take revenge then.”

Gu Xia, “Huh?”

Jing Yue, “Don’t you want to kill the mystic fox? Let’s go together. We are said to be here to be on guard, but isn’t it to slay monsters?”

They didn't expect Jing Yue to be so straightforward, killing at a whim. After a long pause, they said in unison, “We obey Laozu!”

Thus, it was less than two hours after Jing Yue arrived at Yao Detention Mountain before he took Gu Xia and others to the Misty Forest.

The human camp was at the foot of Yao Detention Mountain while Misty Forest was at the top. Halfway through was a valley, and in the valley was the north bazaar.

If the cultivators found spiritual herbs and medicine on Yao Detention Mountain or hunted carcasses of monsters, one option was to return to the camp in exchange for merit points. After returning to the sect, the merit points could also be used to exchange for corresponding resources. The other option was to bring them to the market for sale.

Jing Yue wanted to look for the mystic fox so he didn’t go in to walk around. He saw several cultivators who set up stalls at the valley entrance greeting Gu Xia, obviously well acquainted. But these people didn't seem to have met him before, so he asked, “Aren’t these the disciples of Frostcloud Sect?”

“That’s right.”  Gu Xia nodded. “Other sects and factions can be found here too. Cultivators can come and go to any area when they have nothing to do, as long as they ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the territory they are guarding.”

Jing Yue nodded in realization when he saw several people approaching from afar. Looking at the peculiar appearance, they were likely demonic cultivators of Lurking Ghost Sect.

They were demonic cultivators indeed, and the first sentence out of the mouth asked for a bashing. “Oh, isn’t this Fairy Qianyue of Frostcloud Sect? The skin is getting more beautiful and tender. What a pity for you to stay in Frostcloud Sect. Our sect leader likes someone like you the most. How about coming to serve our sect leader?”

Several other people laughed.

Qianyue's eyebrows rose and she scolded, “Shameless!”

Fang Jiaxuan and Gu Xia also glared.

Jing Yue immediately wondered. According to the temper of Frostcloud Sect disciples, they could hardly tolerate this. These demonic cultivators had mediocre cultivation bases and were so insulting, so why didn’t Gu Xia and the others take action?

The person who provoked them added, “Shameless, this is such a good word. Fairy Qianyue, do you want to be shameless with me? I can be more shameless, haha... Ouch!”

A gust of cold wind blew and several demonic cultivators stumbled to the ground. The person who spoke even had his mouth torn open right to his earlobe, split apart by a sharp weapon.

Others exclaimed in shock, “How dare you attack us?! Do you want to forsake the covenant and provoke civil unrest among the human race?”

Once Jing Yue heard this, he immediately understood the reason why Gu Xia and the others held back their anger.

It turned out that although several major sects guarded the Yao Detention Mountain together, the righteous Dao didn’t trust Lurking Ghost Sect and vice versa. So back then, both parties jointly set a covenant—as long as they were on Yao Detention Mountain, the human race must watch out for and help each other and never attack each other. If any disciple violated the covenant, they would be severely punished by the sect.

Therefore, these demonic cultivators who usually cowered in the background were much bolder on Yao Detention Mountain. Although they dared not hurt others, verbal humiliation was a common affair. After all, no matter what they did, the righteous cultivators would not make a move due to the covenant constraints.

Of course, the demonic cultivators were not stupid and would pick their victims. People like Gu Xia and gang had average cultivation bases so they didn’t take them seriously.

Originally, these demonic cultivators had become accustomed to the righteous cultivators’ all talk and no action, so they were very arrogant. They didn’t expect that someone would dare to attack them today!

Gu Xia and others said anxiously, “Laozu, calm down!”

Jing Yue, “I’m very calm. I just took care of a few demonic cultivators with dirty mouths. Why are you so nervous?”

Only then did several demonic cultivators notice Jing Yue. They thought the other party looked familiar but didn't recognize him. However, they noticed that this person's cultivation level was very high, at least Golden Core and above. They couldn't beat him in a fight, so they said harshly, “You have guts! Wait here. We must find Elder Ling Tian to demand an explanation.”

“Hurry up then, Elder Ling Tian is leaving today.”

Seeing Jing Yue's nonchalant attitude, they were even more surprised, suspecting that the other party had a supporter, so they looked at each other and decided to run first. They would come back to take revenge after making clear inquiries.

After they left, Gu Xia said hesitantly, “Laozu, just now…”

He didn’t continue because Jing Yue’s expression was very ugly. He had seen many sides of Jing Yue but never when he was angry. There was also a bit of disappointment in his anger, which made him look a bit more imposing, reminding Gu Xia of the other party’s true identity with the highest status in Frostcloud Sect, second only to Yi Ye-laozu of that generation.

Qianyue and Fang Jiaxuan didn't have Gu Xia's understanding of Jing Yue, but they perceived the solemn atmosphere, and they dared not speak for a while.

Jing Yue, “Are you just going to let them scold you?”

Seeing the stunned look on their faces, he stared at Gu Xia and Fang Jiaxuan. “Qian Yue was insulted, and you two just watched? Where is your hot-bloodedness?”

Gu Xia wanted to explain. He felt that he was not wrong, he was just following the rules, but when confronted with Jing Yue's questioning, he could not say anything.

Jing Yue frowned. “Frostcloud Sect has repeatedly taught its disciples to be strong and upright. No matter what happens, as long as you are in the right, the sect is your most solid backing.”

“I know you are concerned about the covenant between the two parties, but is a verbal attack not an attack? They started the provocation first, so why don’t you fight back? Even if you don’t make a move, at least scold them back. What’s the use of saying a few meaningless words? Why are you holding back for?”

The three disciples became more and more embarrassed and hung their heads low.

Jing Yue, “I stand by my words. As long as you are in the right, you have a backing. I don’t believe that Ling Tian will punish you if you really make a move. Ling Tian has a violent temper himself, the most protective. If he can't protect you, he’s not worthy to be the elder of my Frostcloud Sect!”

As if to applaud his words, blue phoenix flapped its wings.

Although Gu Xia and the others were scolded, they felt happy and uplifted, especially when they noticed the envy of the other sect disciples at the valley entrance, they felt their anger dissipated, so they replied loudly, “Laozu, we know our mistake!”

After they left, some people at the valley entrance said, “Is that person just now Jing-laozu of Frostcloud Sect?”

“So imposing, who else could it be?”

“Tsk, as the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect, even Elder Ling Tian dared not touch him. Lurking Ghost Sect also has to be polite in front of him, so of course he dares to be arrogant. He can say all he wants without consequences.”

“But it’s a fact that he’s the patriarch. In other words, if he asserted that Frostcloud Sect will protect them, it must be done. In this case, Lurking Ghost Sect was the first to mess with them. If they really caused trouble and Frostcloud Sect stood their ground, what can Lurking Ghost Sect do? Breach the covenant over such a small matter? Would Lurking Ghost Sect dare to?”

“Yeah, they are a big clan after all, so why should they suffer insults from demonic cultivators? They always act so domineeringly outside, but they were like cowardly tortoises here. It's pitiful to think about it.”

Many people also thought that when they encountered any mouthy Lurking Ghost Sect disciples in the future, they would give them a good beating first.

Cultivators sent here on guard duty were all from big sects of the righteous Dao, so there was really no need to be afraid of anyone. It was just that Yao Detention Mountain had always been this way, and no one felt anything wrong with it. In fact, the predecessors said that the Lurking Ghost Sect used to be quite well-behaved in the earlier years. Come to think of it, demonic cultivators were so rampant now because they were spoiled by their inaction.

On the other hand, Jing Yue and others had entered the Misty Forest.

This forest looked normal at first glance—thick trees, scattered boulders covered with vines and moss, and land with a damp and rotting smell, but it was also permeated with Yao energy.

Yao energy did no harm to cultivators, just as spiritual energy did no harm to Yao, but there was no benefit either. In other words, once in the Misty Forest, the cultivators were unable to cultivate.

Jing Yue, “The mystic fox you spoke about, is it active in a fixed area? It’s not easy to find one particular Yao in such a big place.”

Gu Xia, “We have observed that this Yao is indeed only active in the Red Ridge. The beasts in the misty forest have their own territory and generally won’t leave readily, or else the beasts will also have disputes.”

Jing Yue, “Very well, we head directly to Red Ridge then.”

Gu Xia was already familiar with the road to Red Ridge, but when they got close, they felt an eerie atmosphere.

The mountain was full of red grass and trees as if stained in blood and a stench seemed to linger in the air. When the wind blew, the rustling sounded like a whisper among the mountains.

Not like it! Jing Yue's eyes tensed; he really heard someone talking.

“I hate this! I hate this so much! I adore you with all my heart, why are you doing this to me?”

“Mother! You gave birth to me, why don't you care about me? Why do you give me to others and let them eat me?”

“B*tch! You destroyed my family. I won’t let you off even if I’m a ghost!”

“The stinky Daoist priest took my inner core. I’ll turn into a resentful spirit and enter your heart demon, and destroy your spirit and soul!”

The voices were a mix of male and female, young and old, all of them full of vengeance.

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