Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 11

(Rachel's POV)

"H-Hello, nice to meet you! I... I am Samuel Emonnier, the fifth son of Baron Emonnier. M-My hobby is researching seasoning... Ah, I specialize in bringing out the hidden flavor of a dish! Other than that is, um..."

"Why are you introducing yourself like you're in your first date? No need to be so nervous."

A man with brown hair and brown eyes huddled up between Louis and Cyril. He was stiff, clearly nervous.

Cyril placed his hand on Samuel's shoulder to reassure him.

Then Louis said, "He has been working as a chef in the royal palace for eight years. He could make a lot of interesting and unusual dishes. Most of his cooking is simple, but they are delicious."

Being a chef in the royal palace didn't mean that Samuel would have the opportunity to meet the prince. That means, his skill should be pretty amazing.

By the way, although Baron Emonnier's territory wasn't large, his land had abundant greenery like forests and fields thanks to the long daylight hours. Yet the Baron's residence was far away from the royal capital. So as the fifth son, Samuel would have to learn a vocation.

Judging from his timid attitude, he probably didn't have connections with high-ranking people.

However, his family had a solid status. As long as he had the skills, he would be the perfect person to cook for the royal palace.

Anyway, Samuel had a stern figure together with a fierce look. His eyes were sharp, slanted upwards. If anything, Rachel might believe it if they introduced him as a knight.

But then, his appearance didn't match his behavior at all.

"Samuel, nice to meet you."

"Y-yes! I will do my best!"

"Please talk with the chef for the details. Sarah, tell Paul to bring him around the mansion."

Paul was the head butler of the Marquis family. He was in charge of all the servants living in this mansion.

"Yes. Then please follow me."

"Ah, yes! Please take care of me."

Samuel kept shrinking his big body until the end, leaving the room with Sarah while giving them a small bow.

"Your Highness, I never thought that you would bring a cook here."

"Is it that unexpected? That's because I want to see your surprised face."


"Haha, but his skill is top-notch. No one in this country would be able to create creative dishes like him."

"Are you sure you want to lend me such a capable person?"

"Yeah, food is fundamental. If you can't eat, it'll be easier for you to be sick. He should be the right person to find what Rachel could eat."

"Thank you for your concern."

Certainly, Rachel didn't have any appetite.

The chefs in the Marquis' residence had also devised ways to reduce the seasoning so Rachel could easily eat it.

But she just couldn't eat a lot.

She could barely eat vegetable soups and fruits, and she could hardly swallow bread and meat. Not to say, she would start to have a stomach ache after eating them.

"But if you still can't eat well, I will think of another way."

(Cyril's POV)

Louis and Cyril returned from the Marcells' residence to the royal palace, silently working on the tasks accumulated in the office.

Cyril raised his eyes from the documents as if he suddenly recalled something. Then he called Louis who was taking a rest.

"Are you okay with this?"

"With what?"

"That chef. Isn't he one of your observation subject?"

"'Observation subject'? Really, just what do you think I am? Well, it's true that I'm interested in his unique way of thinking. The ingredients he used are also consistent. It makes me feel like his cookings are regional cuisine.

However, I really want to see Rachel's different expressions recently. She looks like she really wants to complain to me today. I like it."

"You're really..."

"And Rachel's surprised face and frowning face are interesting. But I don't want to see her getting weaker and weaker every day."


"Hmm, I wonder why. It's interesting to see her various sides, but I just don't like seeing her feeling unwell. But then, no one likes to see other people suffering, right?" Hearing that, Cyril sighed, astonished. Louis' face became puzzled. "What happened, Cyril? If you're tired, how about taking a break?"

"No, I'm fine. It's my fault for asking you that."


"Anyway, please do your job. You haven't finished today's share."

Louis looked like he was unconvinced, but he reluctantly began to write the documents.

Cyril stared at the man he served with his usual expressionless face.

──That girl changed her character after she became sickly. How much will she change His Highness, I wonder?

Although Louis' ability surpassed the adults', he was ignorant to the changes in his feelings. For now, he began to see her character now that he was interested in the cause of her change.

But in his entire life, he prioritized the goal more than anything else. For that, he had eliminated all of his dependency to other people, ending his childish side while he was still a teenager.

Born as a prince, he was already special since he was born. At the same time, he had lived with people measuring his ability rather than seeing his real self.

Accompanied by that, it would be difficult for Louis, who judged how he treated others by whether he had an interest in them or not, to understand his own feelings.

Cyril hoped it would be a good change.

But if it was a bad change...

Hmm, I have to watch this to the end.

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