Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 11- Mother and Son, Seeing Blood

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“Aiyo, someone is going to die. You useless thing! Your wife was almost beaten to death and you still haven't hurried to get revenge for me. Aiyo, it hurts so much. Ling Jingxuan you slut. Trying to beat me to death…. Aiyo…..”

Da Wa’s mother, who was once again beaten up, was crying and making a scene on the ground. In an instant, she started scolding her own husband, then went on to also scolding Ling Jingxuan. In the next second she was also making an unreasonable scene, screaming pain. Don’t even mention Ling Wangshi and them, even her own husband impatiently creased his brows. Seeing such shamelessness, who has ever seen anything this f*cking outrageous?


Two buns, one left, one right, held onto Ling Jingxuan’s legs. Their voices were choked with emotion and tears swelled in their eyes. Ling Jingxuan’s anger instantly disappeared. His heart aching, he stooped down to hold them. “Good boys, don’t be afraid, Daddy will protect you guys.”

His eyes slit, blades were shooting out of his eyes, looking like they were wanting to kill. D*mn it, it really was ineffective. He actually guessed it, that woman really brought her husband to their door. And in front of his eyes almost made a move against his little bun again. This time, if he didn’t brutally beat the fear into her, Ling Jingxuan, his three letters would have to be rewritten!


Ling Wangshi foolishly looked at the three huddled together. She didn’t see incorrectly right? Her son was really not foolish anymore?

Having heard what was said, Ling Jingxuan’s body jolted. Slowly he turned his head around. He only saw Ling Wangshi’s tearful pair of eyes when the corner of his mouth trembled, his face emotionally stared at her. She was only around 30 years old but because she was a laborer year round. Adding on these past few years of worries, she looked as if she was around 40. But her original appearance was good. When she was young she ought to have been very pretty. You could still vaguely see a bit of it. But the most important part was, she was a mother who was fiercely protective of her children.

“Mother, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu would probably have been bullied by others. These past few years must have been exhausting for you. I’m no longer muddleheaded. In the future, I will definitely bring up the two children to live well.”

Pulling on the children, Ling Jingxuan stood up and he earnestly said this towards her. It didn't matter if she was protecting the original owner or him. In the end, the one to benefit was him. If she continued to treat them this way, like she did in the past, he would also treat her as his real mother.

“Wu… you idiot. Why are you saying thank you to your mother? Jingxuan, my Jingxuan, you’ve finally come around… wu wu…”

The bold Ling Wangshi could no longer bear it. She was holding him with a face full of mucus and tears while weeping. Her son was no longer foolish, no longer foolish…

“Mother, don’t cry anymore.Your son is fine now, shouldn’t you be happy?”

Ling Jingxuan helplessly supported her forehead. He genuinely didn't know how to comfort her la.

“Grandma.. Seeing you cry makes me want to cry, Grandma…”

Little Bun let go of Ling Jingxuan and tugged on her clothes. He raised his head and his lips deflated miserably as he looked at her. Big Bun also didn't want to be left out, he tugged on the other side of her clothes. “Grandma, don’t cry anymore. Daddy isn’t stupid anymore. From now, on our life will get better and better. I also want to get you silver earrings. In the past, I saw other people wearing it. It’s shiny and very pretty.”

This was a cheap trick from Big Bun. It didn't matter if he was right or not, he’d let him draw a bunch of large pancakes first(1). Ling Jingxuan was seriously skeptical. When the time came, would he really be willing to part with the money?

“Ai, Grandma won't cry anymore. Grandma still wants to enjoy your good fortune ne.”

Ling Wangshi pushed away her son to wipe at her tears. Crouching down, she gratefully hugged her two obedient grandsons. A family of three generations were harmonious and happy. In comparison, the family of three on the other side were deceptive. Da Wa’s father let his wife cry in vexation. He roughly dragged her up. Ignoring her swollen pig headed cheek, he smacked her across the lips.  Hit her until she saw stars. She didn't dare to utter a word.

“Ling Jingxuan, you've hit my wife into this state. If you don’t give me an explanation today, I will drag you out to see Li Zheng. We will let Li Zheng make a decision.”

Having settled his own wife, Da Wa’s dad stepped forward. His finger pointed at Ling Jingxuan and with a glance, one could see that the wretched devious face was full of anger and schemes. His shifty eyes would once in a while sweep over the big wooden bucket on Ling Jingxuan’s side. The inside should be full of fish ne.

“There’s no need, whatever Li Zheng says, he is still my grandfather. Can’t be helped that there are some people who can't accept it. It’s better if we make a trip to the county seat ba. I heard that County Magistrate Hu is honest and incorruptible. He would fairly solve the dispute between us. Your son along with a group of people beat me until I lost consciousness for a few days. Your wife also hit my Xiao Wen’s face, making it look like a bun. I want to ask County Magistrate Hu, what kind of explanation you should give me!”

Turning around, Ling Jingxuan coldly swept his gaze over him and sneered at him. Humph, want him to give an explanation? He’s also not afraid of breaking off his tongue. Even if he dropped it today, he was not willing to take things lying down!

“You...clearly it was you, this slut, who hit my wife like this. You actually dare to try and bite back at us. Don’t think that just because you’ll go look for the county magistrate I'll be afraid of you.”

Da Wa’s father was angry. Ling Jingxuan glared at him and retorted,

“Humph, first of all, your wife suffered this beating while at my house. This d*mn woman, if she didn’t need anything, then why did she run over here to an unmarried man with two children? You can claim that we’re in an affair, but I am still a Tong Sheng. Why would I look at this shrew? A few days ago, your son hit me. I’m pretty sure there were quite a few witnesses ne. These past few days your wife came over everyday to hoot. I believe there are many people who have also seen this ba? Your son hitting me in the past, your wife shouting afterward, also the injury on my son’s cheek as proof, it can't be that you want me to just sit there and let her hit me to death? When was self defense considered a crime?”

With a cold snort, Ling Jingxuan pressed forward step by step. Each word and phrase were sharply asked. Da Wa’s dad was pressured to retreat again and again. Flying into a rage out of humiliation, he clenched his fist. “Hitting someone is hitting someone, don’t tell me that hitting someone needs justification?”

Country folks didn’t really read books. Although last year he went to the market to find work as a waiter’s assistant, but to exchange words with Ling Jingxuan, it was obvious he didn't have enough maturity.

“The law in Da Qing State that murdering in self defense is not guilty! Today, don’t even mention how I only hit her twice, even if I kill her, the county magistrate will not be able to do anything to me.”

“You you you…”

No one knew if the law he said was true or not. Da Wa’s dad pointed at him for a long time but could not find a reason for coming. Ling Jingxuan once again stepped forward. When he was close enough so that only the two of them could hear, he said, “What about me? Don’t tell me you really want to watch me kill that woman and that little bastard?”

“You... I’ll kill you…”

At the end of his patience, Da Wa’s dad sent a fist flying. With a trick in mind, Ling Jingxuan’s eyes briefly glinted. He moved sideways to avoid his fist. He captured his arm at the right time to use his own momentum to throw him. Da Wa’s dad barely steadied his own body, and turned around to charge at him again. The desire to kill suddenly crept into his eyes. No one knew when a sharp branch as big as a toe appeared in Ling Jingxuan’s hand, but he didn't wait for him to rush in front of him. His slim and frail body suddenly leaped, the sharp end of the branch aimed at Da Wa’s dad’s arm, and he ruthlessly stabbed in.


Da Wa’s father let out a blood curdling screech like a pig getting slaughtered. Covering his bleeding arm with one hand he dropped to his knees. A half Chi(2) long branch was stabbed deeply into his arm.

“Ah Wa’s dad… ”


Upon seeing this, with dishevelled hair, mother and son crawled over to his body. Seeing his arm bleeding, mother and son almost fainted. One needed to know that in this era, the man was the backbone of the house. If the backbone was gone, the orphan son and widowed mother would have a hard time living on.

“You won’t die! This is the last time. If you guys dare to come to try and cheat us again, I, your father(3), won't mind sending your entire family to the underworld.”

Arrogantly looking at them, Ling Jingxuan ruthlessly spoke. Just now, for an instant, he really did want his life. But in the moment of life or death, he thought of the two little buns. In this era where everyone was vulgar, they could only study. If the two buns wanted to excel, they would have to study and pass the scholar exams. Not to mention the reputation of scholars was very important. He didn’t care about the past, but at least from now on, he won’t let others say behind their backs that they had a murderer for a father. Even if he really wanted to kill someone, he wouldn't do it in broad daylight. He had ways to quietly kill someone.

A family of three were deepy terrified and trembling. They didn’t even dare to make eye contact. This time, they were really intimidated.

“Get lost!”

With a stern voice shouting after them, the terrified trio began to run off to escape like they were being chased by a malicious spirit. After going through this event, that family was too terrified to ever come find fault with them again. At least for a short time, they definitely would not dare!

  1. Draw large pancakes: basically means to feed off of illusions or to dream to comfort yourself.
  2. Chi: A chinese foot, about a third of a meter
  3. Your father: said out of anger or arrogance

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