Seven Days Escape Game

Chapter 11 - Lunar Day (10)

Translator: Jayre

In the afternoon, the players all gathered in the classroom as usual, and Teacher XiaoYu walked in with her sleek high heels.

The classroom fell silent in an instant.

“Good morning students. Did everyone rest well last night?” Teacher Xiaoyu’s gaze swept across the class and although no one replied, she did not care. After a short pause, she said, “It’s a pity the male teacher did not show up. May everyone persevere. Now, can everyone head to the auditorium and continue with the unfinished work yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to give ChunZi a perfect farewell ceremony.”

‘Teacher, can we not clean the auditorium?”

ShuiXing leant against the back of the chair, chewing a piece of bubblegum as she asked.

Teacher XiaoYu smiled. “Now, can everyone head to the auditorium and continue with the unfinished work yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to give ChunZi a perfect farewell ceremony.”

“How boring.” ShuiXing combed her hand through her hair and she stood up, addressing the rest. “You guys go, I want to walk around the campus.”

“Now, can everyone head to the auditorium and continue with the unfinished work yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to give ChunZi a perfect farewell ceremony.”

Behind her, Teacher XiaoYu repeated the task.

“That’s not good.” Qin JingJing squeezed the tissue in her hands and in a low voice, reminded, “If you don’t listen to the teacher, won’t you be……”

ShuiXing frowned, impatient. “It’s just a waste of time cleaning up the auditorium. I’m not going!”

Zhang Qingfang pulled Yu MengMeng up and carefully said, “Then we will go first.”

Many who were afraid of stirring up trouble also followed them out.

All of a sudden, Teacher XiaoYu’s eyes turned towards ShuiXing. Her smile unchanging, yet somehow able to make people shudder, she asked, “ShuiXing, why are you still here?”

ShuiXing did not expect to be named and was shocked. She turned around to face the teacher, and weakly said, “I don’t want to go.”

Teacher XiaoYu’s smile deepened as she raised a thin piece of paper. Through it, one could see the two characters “ShuiXing” written on the back.

Everyone was shocked. No one knew when, or where, or even how she had taken out the piece of paper.

No matter how big her courage was, ShuiXing paled in that instant, and panic was written all over her face.

“Disobedient children should be punished.” The woman smiled happily, and holding the fragile paper in both hands, she slowly began to tear it from the top.

ShuiXing’s eyes widened in horror and she felt a sudden pain at the side of her neck.

Qin JingJing screamed, falling from the chair to the ground.

She was just right beside ShuiXing, and she could clearly see a blood red line appearing on the pale white neck of ShuiXing, gradually becoming bigger and bigger.

Whether it was the players still in the classroom or the players who had already walked outside, both parties watched the scene nervously.

“Teacher, please wait.”

In the panic, an indifferent male voice sounded.

A man stepped forward and held ShuiXing, whose legs had weakened and she was nearly going to collapse on the floor.

Teacher XiaoYu paused and looked towards the man who had spoken. A perverted smile was still hanging on her face.

“She knows that she’s wrong, and will head to the auditorium now.” BoYe supported ShuiXing, walking out of the classroom. “An education filled with love is better than using violence to teach. If you tear her up, I’ll report you to the Ministry of Education.”

Teacher XiaoYu: “......”

The rest of the players: “......”

Classmate, that was awesome.

On the way to the auditorium, ShuiXing covered her neck, blood seeping through her hand, weakly leaning against BoYe for support.

Looking at the man by her side, ShuiXing blushed. “Thank you.”

BoYe fixed his gaze forward, but the corner of his lips suddenly quirked up. “This game has a bug.”

Those who heard him looked at him in confusion.

Meanwhile, TangZhi collected a few clean handkerchiefs from other people, pressing them against ShuiXing’s wound.

He wiped the blood staining his hands off on his pleated skirt, and continuing on from BoYe, he explained calmly, “If ShuiXing was a hidden male teacher and Teacher XiaoYu tore her up, the game would end. However, it is not possible for the power to clear the game to be placed in the hands of the NPCs.”

Passing ShuiXing off to Qin JingJing who was following right behind them, BoYe placed a hand on TangZhi’s shoulder and continued walking forward. “So, since Teacher XiaoYu dared to tear her, it only means that……”

‘ShuiXing is not the male teacher,” TangZhi finished.

The realization struck everyone.

GuMeng understood what they meant. “If we can rely on this method to eliminate people, the number of suspects will shrink.”

Zhang GuoQiang quickened his steps to keep up with GuMeng. “What do you mean? What method are you talking about?”

“Keep breaking the rules and challenging Teacher XiaoYu’s bottom line. If she dares to rip the paper, it means that the person isn’t the male teacher,” GuMeng explained.

After turning the words around in his mind, Zhang GuoQiang hit his hands together and excitedly said, “Oh, yes! We will be able to find the murderer then!”

But GuMeng shook his head.

“This time if it wasn’t for BoYe, I would have been finished. Who can confirm that the next time, Teacher XiaoYu would be merciful? That NPC is so unpredictable with her mood swings, do you dare to challenge her bottom line?” ShuiXing’s face was still pale. She weakly continued, “Furthermore, the real male teacher would do his best to hide himself, he wouldn’t stir up meaningless trouble.”

A light bulb flashed above Zhang GuoQiang’s head.

“This type of opportunistic method can only be used once or twice more at the very most. It’s basically useless,” BoYe said lazily. “Or those who wished to prove their innocence can ask Teacher XiaoYu to tear their paper.”

At the same time one proves their innocence, they would also be dead.

“Who would be so stupid……” Wang KeLe muttered.

When it was afternoon, everyone divided the work at the old auditorium and cleaned in an orderly manner.

GuMeng was anxious. He remembered that there was a bathroom backstage and thus jumped off from the chair he was on, heading there.

EnJin noticed his actions and halted his work, following behind.

Walking past the long and bright corridor, GuMeng passed by the storage room and casually glanced through the crack of the door as he kept going.

But he stopped in his tracks and backtracked a few steps. He took the scene in and opened the door in surprise.

“What are you doing?”

TangZhi was half squatting on the window sill, BoYe supporting him from the back. The two turned when they heard the voice and after seeing that it was GuMeng, both smiled awkwardly at the same time.

TangZhi placed a finger against his lips, in a “hush” gesture. “Going out to explore.”

After saying that, he jumped off the window sill and landed on the grass outside.

“No……” GuMeng walked into the storage room and in a low voice, he said, “The female teacher said to stay in the auditorium. Are you guys going to break the rules?”

Exuding an air of charisma, BoYe handsomely stepped onto the window sill. “Fool, don’t you know about skipping class?”

GuMeng: “......”

Oops this came five months late, apologies ! - Jayre

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