Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 11

Li Xue was called in for a talk.

The class teacher was more tired as she looked at the girl in front of her.

"Li Xue, you're a good kid. You can't be disturbed too much by outside influences. Do you still want to go to university or not? The clock is already ticking down, and now is a critical time."

The class teacher saw that she was absent-minded and was not listening.

She didn't say anything more and let her go.

Li Xue went out and ran into Yu Jin.

Yu Jin looked at her, "Li Xue, why are you slipping back so much? Did the class teacher scold you?"

When Li Xue heard this, like a firecracker being lit, she instantly exploded, "You've come to mock me, Yu Jin, you bitch! You've served your purpose. Why don't you die? Why be saved back? Go to hell! The world will be clean when you die!"

Yu Jin looked stunned at the hysterical Li Xue.

She seemed to be so scared that she took two steps back.

"No, it's the class teacher who told me to come. You misunderstood."

Her tears fell as she said, "So you hate me so much. Will the world be clean if I die?"

Li Xue twisted her face, "That's right, you jump from here. I'll be better off if you die. Hurry up! Go to hell!"

She said, reaching out and pushing Yu Jin.

The class teacher heard the commotion and immediately ran out, almost fainting when she saw what was happening.

Yu Jin was pushed by Li Xue, her back hit the railing of the corridor.

This was the fourth floor.

The fall would break your leg even if you didn't die.

The class teacher immediately ran forward and held Yu Jin tightly, pulling her back to a safe place.

She felt Yu Jin was still trembling and muttering under her breath, "So I should have died!"

The class teacher quickly patted Yu Jin's back and gently comforted her, "No, don't listen to her nonsense. Don't be afraid. It’s okay, it's okay."

While consoling her and staring daggers at Li Xue, the area was filled with students, and other teachers rushed out of the office.

The education director grabbed Li Xue's arm and rebuked her loudly, "What are you talking about? What kind of nonsense! Do you want to go to school or not? If you don't want to go to school, go home right now. Get your parents here now, immediately."

Li Xue watched Yu Jin, who was being held while listening to the reprimand in her ears.

She flung away the director's hand and rushed towards the railing to jump off.

The education director broke into a cold sweat.

Fortunately, there were many people nearby to stop her in time.

She was still unwillingly screaming, "Why the hell was she allowed to die, and I wasn't? Let me die! Let me go! Isn't it just death? I will, and you'll be happy when I'm dead!"

The director's heart was aching with anger that his receded hair was a mess.

"Pah." Li Xue was struck dumb, and she covered her face to look at the director.

"Are you not sober!" The director looked at her angrily and dragged her by the collar into the office.

"Teacher Li, call her parents immediately!"


The class teacher handed Yu Jin over to the stupid big guy who was watching the fun.

"I'll call your parents too, Yu Jin."

Ah Jin wept with an aggrieved look. "Got it, teacher."

The class teacher told the stupid big guy to calm Yu Jin down and went in.

Zhang Yuchen didn't know what to do, so he took her to the class monitor, who wasn't in the classroom.

Ah Jin had taken away her wronged look now, and it was fun to watch the stupid big guy in a hurry.

Not wanting to tease him anymore, she brought up the idea of wanting something to eat.

Zhang Yuchen immediately took her to the restaurant to buy food, calling the class monitor on the way.

By the time the class monitor got there, Yu Jin was struggling with a chicken leg.

Zhang Yuchen was still fighting for her with righteous indignation.

Looking at Yu Jin's oily mouth, there was not the slightest bit of aggravation on her face.

Where did it look like something happened?

The class leader sat down and asked Zhang Yuchen to tell him what had happened.

Zhang Yuchen was only vague as he came halfway to see what was going on.

He didn't know exactly what happened.

All he knew was that Li Xue had gone very far.

She tried to jump and threaten the teacher.

Ah Jin put down the half-chewed chicken leg and took the tissue handed by the class monitor to wipe her mouth.

"The class teacher asked me to go to the office, and I ran into Li Xue at the door. Since she had fallen back quite a bit on her monthly exams this time, I asked her if she had been scolded. Who knew she'd suddenly go crazy and say that I was there to see her as a joke. She also told me to die, saying that the world would be clear only if I died. I was even pushed, and if the class teacher hadn't held me back in time, I might have fallen." She stated with reddened eyes again.

San Qi had closed himself off and didn't want to watch this drama queen cheat the white rabbits anymore.

Hearing this, Zhang Yuchen was already furious, and the class monitor's face was not good.

It was unthinkable that a student in the class would normally do such a thing.

There was no need for Yu Jin to say anything next, as Zhang Yuchen automatically told him the rest of the story.

The class monitor didn't know how to comfort her, so he could only repurchase her many delicious foods.

Ah Jin happily accepted them all.

Zhang Yuchen was furious and asked Ah Jin how she wanted to take revenge.

He would definitely help her.

The class monitor just wanted to beat the stupid big guy who only wanted nothing but trouble.

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