Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.9 — Impunity

Destiny cannot be clearly explained nor can the road be clearly seen. Exactly because it cannot be controlled by people, only then did it deserve to be called destiny.

Xia Tian was hurt by feelings when she was young. She closed her heart and gave birth to Xia Yushan, a second personality. Xia Yushan was clean and simple, and has a voice like the sound of nature. She likes music and conquered everyone’s ears with one song, 《Summer in a Dream》.

After she appeared, yet again Xu Ziming was also conquered.

After more than ten years, the girl who felt inferior and shut herself away from everyone else turned into a cheerful and pure woman. Xu Ziming did not recognize Xia Yushan as Xia Tian at all.

And Xia Yushan, who had every memory of Xia Tian shut away, fell in love with Xu Ziming again.

"You killed Xu Ziming."

Xiao Jin reasoned in a deep voice: "On the day Xu Ziming proposed to you, he used that song and even used the lyrics of that song. Those lyrics restored your memory. No, to be precise, It was your main personality’s memory that awakened at that moment."

"Your love for Xu Ziming grew to become hate. You couldn't believe him anymore. You stubbornly thought that he not only ruined yourself but also Xia Yushan. You can't let Xia Yushan follow after your mistakes. You must make sure to keep maintaining her pure heart. To help you see all the most beautiful things in the world. It’s fine if only you bear all betrayals and deceptions, so you carefully planned a car accident."

"Do you have any evidence to prove that I murdered Xu Ziming?"

Hearing Xiao Jin's words, Xia Yushan still looked indifferent and did not panic.

"I have no evidence."

Xiao Jin spread his hands: "I have encountered many smart suspects over the years. They tried their best to escape the sanctions of the law. Unfortunately, you cannot run from the law. None of them can get away with it. This time, Xu Ziming's case truly baffled me.”

Xiao Jin stared at Xia Yushan's face with eyes blazing like torches: "Miss Xia, do you know what the most difficult case in the world is like? No matter how clever and cunning the murderer is, he will always leave flaws and clues. I can always bring such people to justice, but what made things difficult for me the most is that when a victim in a homicide case desperately wiped out evidence of his murder for the murderer, so what should I do?"

Hearing Xiao Jin's words, Xia Yushan's face finally changed. At this moment, her face was extremely ugly: "It's me, I did it."

Her eyes were empty as if she was looking at the distant past: "I killed Ziming, I… I thought he lied to me again. I can’t, can’t be deceived by him again, that day… I was in the car at the beginning. I got him drunk. I personally falsified the scene of the car accident. In fact, at the last moment, he woke up, but after he woke up, he didn't prevent everything from happening, he even... deliberately stepped on the accelerator."

Xia Tian, I love you.

Only with you here, can the summer in my life blossom.

That is……

Xu Ziming left a dying message for her.

Who has never been young and frivolous? Has Xu Ziming been looking for that voice in the vast sea of people all these years, or the girl smiling shyly under the Chinese parasol tree in his memory?

In fact……

From the song 《Summer in a Dream》, Xu Ziming already knew that Xia Yushan was the one he was looking for all these years.

Xia Tian, I’ve let you down. Give me a chance to love you again, okay?

When he died, bright red flowers started to bloom in the Dead Sea of ​​Love. This was the so-called ‘fate’.

"Ziming is dead, I am still alive, I am in pain, I am in pain, do you know that?"

Xia Yushan suddenly stood up and looked at Xiao Jin with tears on her face: "I am the murderer, just arrest me, just apprehend me."

"I'm just a detective, I have no right to arrest you, and... strictly speaking, it was Xu Ziming himself who stepped on the accelerator in the end. He committed suicide. He was not killed by you. The reason why he chose to commit suicide was not to hurt you. He just wanted you to live well."

Xiao Jin stepped forward and raised his hand to press Xia Yushan's shoulder firmly: "I know you regret it, so… you thought of death. Your head injury, your last car accident were things you did on purpose. But... you didn't manage to die, so you want to poison yourself again. The reason why you choose to use thallium is because your heart hurts and you regret everything you have done."

"Xia Tian, your name is Xia Yushan now. Xia Tian only exists in the past, only in dreams. You have to remember that you are Xia Yushan. You should have a new life, a new life."

Xiao Jin followed this case for more than half a year. In fact, after locking onto Xia Yushan as a suspect, Xiao Jin listened to the song 《Summer in a Dream》 time and time again, and he asked himself more than once, if he found out the truth, if Xia Yushan herself confessed her crime, then what should he do?

The principle of the law was nothing more than human sentiment. If one must pay for a life with a life, Xu Ziming would use his own life in exchange for Xia Yushan's life.

New life?

Xia Yushan stared at Xiao Jin blankly: "So, I shouldn't exist, right? There is no Xia Tian in this world, right? Yes, Xia Tian should follow Ziming and leave, otherwise, Ziming will feel very lonely on the road to the Yellow Springs. He is so lonely, I have to go accompany him, accompany him..."

While talking, Xia Yushan suddenly fainted in Xiao Jin's arms.

Looking at the sleeping person in his arms, Xiao Jin couldn't help raising his hand and gently stroking Xia Yushan's long hair: "Go to sleep, when you wake up, everything will be better. I’ve said before… with me here, everything will be fine."

Tonight, Xiao Jin kept sitting in front of Xia Yushan's bed. She slept peacefully all night and never woke up again.

Everything, has passed.

The personality of Xia Tian will never reappear…

Early in the morning, when Su Wan opened her eyes again, the first thing she met was Xiao Jin's bloodshot eyes.

"Woke up?"

The man's voice was low and hoarse.


Su Wan sat up from the bed, raised her hand and touched the wound on her forehead that had a bandaid. Her head hurt a bit, but she should have slept well last night? As for Xiao Jin…

"Did you really look at me all night?"

Su Wan's eyes widened and looked at Xiao Jin's haggard face. Xiao Jin just shrugged his shoulders uncaringly, "It’s my responsibility, and you’re safe with me here."

"Thank you."

Su Wan earnestly expressed her gratitude to Xiao Jin: "How about you sleep for a bit? I'll go to the kitchen to make some food."

Su Wan stood up as she spoke and looking at her departing back, Xiao Jin couldn't help but smile…

With Xiao Jin's company, Su Wan has been taking a good rest these days. No weird things happened at home again, and after she changed her mobile phone, the strange call never came again.

In the past few days when Su Wan was resting at home to recuperate, Fan Ke brought Liu Yu to find Su Wan once. At that time, Fan Ke was holding a photo in his hand. The picture was a man with a gloomy face. Allegedly, this man was the suspect of the murder of Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao.

"I’ve seen him before."

Su Wan's eyes widened when he saw the man's photo at the first glance: "I saw his back on the street that day. There is a picture of him in my phone, but it's just a back view. However, my phone was lost, and... I actually don’t remember knowing such a person."

Hearing Su Wan's words, Fan Ke was puzzled, and Xiao Jin leaned against Fan Ke's ear and murmured a few words before Fan Ke nodded hesitantly.

When Fan Ke left with his people, Su Wan still looked sullen: "Xiao Jin, who on earth do you think that person is? Why is there a photo of his back in my phone, even though I don't know him!"

Xia Yushan hadn't seen him, but perhaps it was Xia Tian who did?

Moreover, if it's just a back view, could Xia Tian have taken it in a hurry?

Maybe. The murderer had appeared next to her before, and Xia Tian, who felt the danger, instinctively photographed the murderer's back and kept it, and Xia Yushan's personality may not know anything about it.

After confirming that Xia Yushan had fallen asleep, Xiao Jin felt that there was no need for Xia Yushan to stay in the grudges of the past.

"Don't think about it. I will continue to protect you until the murderer is arrested and brought to justice."

Xiao Jin looked at Su Wan righteously, and when she heard what he said, Su Wan also smiled with ease——

The time limit of the mission was 30 days. Now, ten days have already passed.

For the next twenty days, Su Wan really needed Xiao Jin to “protect” her......

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