Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.8 — Impunity

The glass of water on Su Wan's bedside was finally tested by Xiao Jin, and it was confirmed that it was poisoned with thallium.

Thallium poison is colorless, tasteless and easily soluble in water. Thallium ions can invade the human nervous system and transmit only one sensation to the human body, which was pain.

Extreme pain, pain that the human body simply cannot bear.

Thallium poison would not necessarily cause you to die, but it will definitely make you worse off than death! Even if your nerves and your brain were completely destroyed, and even if you fall into an endless coma, you could still feel it ——

It was the kind of pain that would be heart-devouring and bone-deep.

How much hatred would one have to deal such a vicious attack?

Xiao Jin has also encountered similar thallium drug cases. To be honest, most of these cases are related to emotional disputes.

Jealousy, one of the original sins of mankind.


"Who else has the key to your apartment?"

Sitting on the sofa and looking at Su Wan, whose lips were pale, Xiao Jin's tone was also particularly deep. At this moment, he was more like a seasoned criminal policeman.

"Big Sister Zeng."

Su Wan trembled as she uttered the name: "But... Big Sister Zeng will not harm me, I am sure."


Xiao Jin just smiled: "Even if she doesn't harm you, she can't stop others from harming you, right? Your keys and her keys are not safe, so your room is not safe."

"Then what should I do? Move?"

Su Wan shouted herself hoarse at Xiao Jin: "He can find me, he can find me wherever I go, Xiao Jin, I have nowhere to run, am I going to die like Lin Lulu and others? I am, aren’t I? How did they die? Did they die particularly miserably? I don't want to die, I don't want, I don’t want to die, I don't want to die!"

As an ordinary person, how can she keep her calm before her death?

She couldn't calm down.

Seeing Su Wan’s mental state facing collapse, Xiao Jin immediately stood up, strode to Su Wan, opened his arms and hugged her tightly: “Xia Yushan, Yushan, calm down. I’m here, with me here, you will be fine, I will protect you."

Xiao Jin's tone was particularly solemn.

"I am here". It was just three ordinary words but they seemed to contain endless strength, making people feel extremely safe.

"Xiao Jin, save me, save me."

Su Wan's hands clung to Xiao Jin's sleeves tightly: "Today...Today, stay with me, accompany me?"

"En, I will stay, I will accompany you, I will look after you, you are safe."

Xiao Jin calmed Su Wan's emotions, his big hands gently stroked her long hair, but at this moment, a strange complex expression flashed through those eagle-like eyes…

All day, Su Wan pulled the curtains shut and was excessively nervous. Seeing her fidgeting appearance, Xiao Jin could only tell her jokes as much as possible, so that she would not think about other things as much as possible.

"Let's listen to your song, I like your song 《Summer in a Dream》 best."

When Xiao Jin spoke, he had found the disc and put it in the DVD player. This 《Summer in Dream》 was a love song with a bit of sadness. The male and female protagonist in the MV was a pair of young lovers who had an unforgettable love but finally broke up due to reality. In the last scene of the MV, the sky is full of falling petals, and underneath the Chinese parasol tree, the boy smiles brightly and charmingly, but the figure is gradually blown away by the summer wind and disappears——

They spoke of forever, but only one person has been waiting in place.

Together forever, can only happen in... dreams, summer.

The night came silently.

Accompanied by the beautiful singing, Su Wan fell deep asleep on the bed. Watching her sleep peacefully, Xiao Jin quietly exited Su Wan's bedroom.

In the living room, the dim light of the floor lamp dyed the entire living room with a mysterious and dangerous light, and the song 《Summer in a Dream》 was still playing repeatedly on the LCD TV.

Xiao Jin squinted his eyes and hummed softly to the melody on the TV.

When the clock chimed at midnight, when the singing in the MV came to an end, a slight sound of a door opening reached Xiao Jin's ears.

"You finally came."

Xiao Jin suddenly opened his eyes, cold light gleamed in those eagle-like eyes: "Knowing that I am here and still dare to appear, you really have praise-worthy bravery."

"Aren’t you here because you have been waiting for me?"

The hoarse female voice held an indifferent tone: "I'm just here to keep the appointment."

"Keep the appointment?"

Xiao Jin stood up and slowly turned to look at the pale woman in pajamas in front of him: "What should I call you? Xia Yushan? No, I think I should call you —— Xia Tian (Summer)!"

"Xia Tian?"

Xia Yushan seemed to be caught up in a certain memory: "That was my name a long, long time ago."

"Yes, even after your debut, you have been hiding your previous name, your previous identity, what are you... avoiding? No, it should be because you don't want someone to know your true identity."

Xiao Jin's tone and eyes were cold. Hearing what he said, Xia Yushan's eyes flashed: "Detective Xiao, you seem to know a lot, so now I’ll give you a chance and show how good your reasoning skills are? "

Said that Xia Yushan smiled and sat on the sofa, and played the song 《Summer in a Dream》 again.

Seeing her so confident, Xiao Jin also smiled faintly: "You were originally called Xia Tian. When you were sixteen, you went abroad for treatment because of a mental illness. You changed your identity abroad. After returning to China, you made your debut under the name Xia Yushan. The song 《Summer in a Dream》 instantly became a hit."

Having said this, Xiao Jin's gaze swept over Xia Yushan's body: "You have hidden your past too well. If it wasn't because I've been tracking Xu Ziming's network of personal relationships, if it wasn't because I accidentally saw his middle school picture, it would’ve been really hard for me to associate the current you with Xia Tian, but countless evidence shows that you are Xia Tian. Fourteen years ago, you and Xu Ziming became acquainted, and he was your first love."

First love, sad and unforgettable.

The song 《Summer in a Dream》 was written as a memorial for Xia Tian, and the other person in the lyrics refers to Xu Ziming.

"Xu Ziming was the great son of Baichuan, handsome and elegant. He was the dream lover of many girls in middle school, but few people know that he has the heart of a prodigal under his gentle appearance. He hid himself so well that the number of people deceived by his appearance were countless, but in fact, apart from being unfaithful, Xu Ziming has another unknown quirk. He was a voice enthusiast."

Xu Ziming had never had any resistance to the sweet and ethereal voices.

"Back then, you were just a very ordinary girl, but Xu Ziming chased after you because he was obsessed with your voice."

Xiao Jin sighed when he said this.

He also discovered this after investigating Xu Ziming’s relationship history, including Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao. They weren’t very beautiful actresses and their acting skills were only average, but they both were born with beautiful voices and their voices were particularly pleasant to listen to.

"Xu Ziming's love for you was brief, but you have given everything to him, including your own body and mind. After he unfeelingly left, you were unwilling to accept the cruel reality, so you became ill." Xiao Jin's eyes changed to a complicated gaze.

Silly girls have always met heartless lovers ever since ancient times.

Xu Ziming turned away contentedly and left to look for his next prey, but Xia Tian had her life ruined by him.

Xiao Jin has seen Xia Tian's medical case abroad through his own channels. In order to treat her emotional trauma, she split into another personality, this person is Xia Yushan.

Yes, Xia Yushan is just Xia Tian's sub-personality. The woman in front of her, was the real Xia Tian.

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