Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.7 — Impunity

"I'm just a detective. So far I haven't found any evidence that Xu Ziming was murdered." Facing Su Wan, who looked stirred up, Xiao Jin's tone was very calm: "Of course, I don't agree with the police's statement that it was an accident."

What does that mean?

Su Wan held the things in her hands more tightly: "You think Ziming was murdered, but you have not been able to find evidence, right?"

Xiao Jin shrugged: "To be precise, Mr. Xu has always believed that his son was murdered, because… well, some employers’ private affairs are inconvenient to disclose. In short, although I have found nothing in the past six months, I will receive commission from the Xu family on time. En, the money is enough to support my detective agency and let me say goodbye to the nasty instant noodles."

Su Wan: Ha ha.

Seeing Su Wan looking at him with suspicion, Xiao Jin took the initiative to help her hold the things in her hands: "You seem to be questioning my ability to solve crimes? Let me tell you, I’ve defeated Fan Ke before. When I was in the police force, I was a famous ruthless master detective!"

"Really? Can I ask why you were fired?"

When Su Wan heard Xiao Jin's words, she couldn't help but ask a question.


Xiao Jin's face displayed an awkward expression: "How did you know that I was fired?"

"Many detectives in detective novels have been fired."

Su Wan shrugged innocently.

Your mother, indeed, art comes from life.

Xiao Jin smiled resentfully: "Actually, it's nothing, I just… have illegally detained the suspect, um, even entered the house without permission, and in passing....."

"Okay, stop."

Su Wan looked at Xiao Jin with distrust: "So in fact, you were the one who monitored me at the entrance of the hospital that day? Did you also damage the circuit of the hospital?”

For a detective with no bottom line, these were definitely small appetizers, weren’t they?

"No, how is it possible? I didn't do it."

Xiao Jin looked at Su Wan solemnly. That resolute and determined face looked particularly reliable. Unfortunately, Su Wan, who had seen through the actual qualities of a certain detective, would never believe his words.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter if it's you, I've already reached home, you don't have to escort me."

Walking to the apartment, Su Wan snatched her shopping bag from Xiao Jin's hand.

"That... you won't invite me in?"

Xiao Jin looked at Su Wan with a smile.

"I reject."

Leaving these two words, Su Wan turned around and left without hesitation.


In the autumn night, there was a cool gentle breeze. Xiao Jin watched Su Wan’s figure disappear into the building, and then looked up at the window of her house that lit up. He smiled and shook his head. When he turned and left, he first used his black mobile phone to send Su Wan, then took out his work cell phone and dialed Fan Ke's phone ——

"I'm very busy now, say what you want to say."

Fan Ke's voice was particularly impatient.

"Help me check the car."

Xiao Jin told Fan Ke the license plate number, and finally added slowly: "Just now, Xia Yushan almost had another car accident."

"What? What's going on? Where..."


Before Fan Ke finished asking, Xiao Jin wicked heartedly hung up the phone. Your mother, if you don’t talk to Laozi nicely, then I can’t help you~

Office of the Criminal Police Team——

"F*ck! Xiao Jin, you have guts!"

Fan Ke smashed his mobile phone severely, and then stood up in a rush: "Xiao Zhang, come here and immediately help me contact the traffic team to retrieve information on this car. I want all the information about the owner. Fast!"


Xiao Zhang on the side took the number from Fan Ke and immediately contacted the traffic team…

Fan Jingtian City, apartment on the 12th floor.

Su Wan went home and cleaned up the refrigerator. When she returned to the living room, she instinctively stood in front of the glass window in the living room and took a look, and then closed the curtains without hesitation.

Who let you peep? How dare you peep, you damned peeping Tom~

Xiao Jin:...

Isn’t that a career requirement?

She closed the curtains and felt that she was no longer being watched. Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately turned around and went back to the bedroom to take out the photo album she had seen during the day, and she quickly flipped through it. Then, Su Wan finally stopped at a particular photo. She promptly took out the phone and placed it next to the photo.

This was a selfie taken at the beach. Xia Yushan was smiling brilliantly at the camera, while Xu Ziming was looking at the sea with his back facing her.

This was the view of Xu Ziming's back and it was the only picture showing his back in the entire album.

Su Wan looked at the photo for a long time and then she set her eyes on her mobile phone. There was also a man's back in the mobile phone screensaver, but…

It was not Xu Ziming!

That back…

Su Wan closed her eyes, and thought of the disappearing figure she had just seen on the street.

That back figure slowly overlapped with the back figure on her mobile phone screen, and finally matched perfectly!

If Xiao Jin was the person who monitored her in the hospital that day, who was the person who took her instant noodles in the supermarket today?

What is the relationship between him and Xia Yushan?

Was he involved in Xu Ziming's death?

Su Wan fixedly looked at the phone. At this time, the call from the phone number * rang for the second time!

Was it... him?

Su Wan quickly connected the call.

Just like last time, there was only heavy breathing on the phone, breathing in and out, quickly and nervously.

"Is that you?"

Su Wan made her voice sound particularly heavy.

The breathing on the other end of the phone stopped.


The phone was again ruthlessly hung up.

It's him.

This time, Su Wan was very certain. The man on the other end of the phone should be the owner of the back figure she saw tonight, and is also..... the man on the screensaver of Xia Yushan's phone.

The world was really getting more and more interesting.

Su Wan's hand gently stroked Xia Yushan's face in the photo —— it turned out that you were also a person with a secret.

In this world, everyone has an unbearable past, and everyone has secrets that they didn’t want others to know about…

On the third night in this world, Su Wan slept surprisingly peacefully.

As soon as dawn came, Su Wan was very comfortable when she woke up. She raised her hand in a daze to get her mobile phone, only to touch a glass of water.

Su Wan's drowsiness flew away in an instant, she abruptly got up and stared at the glass of water on the bedside, which was filled with plain water.

Last night, she had definitely put her phone here before going to bed.

How come……

Su Wan withdrew her hand and did not dare to touch the glass again.

Mobile phone?

She searched in her bedroom, but her mobile phone was missing. It couldn’t have grown legs and ran away, right?

Su Wan ran to the living room in her pajamas, opened the heavy curtains, and then she stood in front of the window and waved her hands desperately.

Before long, there was finally a knock on the door.

"Xia Yushan, open the door, I’m Xiao Jin!"

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Su Wan ran to the door barefoot and opened the door anxiously: "Xiao Jin, hurry, go to my bedroom, that glass of water, that glass of water….."

Seeing that Su Wan was at a loss, he patted her on the shoulder in a reassuring manner, and then quickly walked into Su Wan’s bedroom. Seeing that glass of water on the bedside table, Xiao Jin immediately took a pair of white gloves from his pocket. Aafter wearing it, he walked slowly to the bed, picked up the glass and sniffed it with his nose. There was no special smell.

But his detective’s instincts told Xiao Jin that there was a problem with this glass of water, a big problem!

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