His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 11 - You Dare Lecture My People?

Shen Ziqiao was in the room waiting for her maids to bring her lunch. She had transmigrated over for a few days and had a general understanding. The original body didn’t hold much status in the family. Old Madam was in charge of the Shen Family, but that old woman didn’t really like her. She could imagine how the maids were going to treat her.

For the past few days, she noticed that it was one thing that the maids weren’t respectful towards her, but some of the accessories and clothes they wore were unfit for their statuses. Don’t mention how she, herself, was a legal young miss. Her clothes and whatnot were worse than the two illegitimate young misses.

It really is… she glanced at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, laden with grief. It was one thing to transmigrate into a female supporting character, but she just had to be a wastrel and love-sick female supporting character. How was she going to fight the heroine?

Before fighting the heroine, she needed to fight the bad characters in the Shen Family!

“Sister Cui Ping, Hong Yu is fighting with Mama Li.” A maid’s voice rang outside.

“How did that hoove offend Mama Li?” Cui Ping angrily asked, “Does she know that Mama Li belongs to Old Madam Shen?”

Shen Ziqiao wanted to listen closely, but she heard the footsteps gradually get further away from her.

She lifted the curtains and walked out. Her loose hair was only held up by a hairpin. She changed into a cool field mint light muslin dress. She appeared to look refreshing and beautiful. She waved towards the maid by the door. “What happened to Hong Yu?”

The maid was Ping’er. Like Hong Ying, she just entered Qiao Xin Courtyard to serve Shen Ziqiao. She had a great relationship with Hong Yin. Therefore, she told Cui Ping about what happened in the kitchen, hoping she’d go and save Hong Ying.

Ping’er told Shen Ziqiao what happened in the kitchen with swollen eyes.

When Shen Ziqiao heard what happened, she felt a ball of anger rising from her stomach. “Hong Ying just told the kitchen to cook steam fish for me and got slapped by Mama Li as a result?”

“Hong Ying has a straightforward personality. She might’ve… might’ve collided into Mama Li…” Ping’er thought that Shen Ziqiao was angry because Hong Ying was impolite, so she explained with teary eyes.

“That Mama Li still doesn’t have the right to discipline my maids.” Shen Ziqiao sneered. “Take me to the kitchen.”

Ping’er didn’t think of why Third Miss didn’t know where the kitchen was. She already walked ahead to lead the way.

When they arrived outside of the kitchen, Shen Ziqiao heard Mama Li’s arrogant words. Yet, Cui Ping who was her maid, not only didn’t protect Qiao Xin Courtyard’s maids, even pleased Mama Li instead. Shen Ziqiao became even angrier.

When Mama Li heard Shen Ziqiao’s voice, she wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, she kicked Hong Ying in front of Shen Ziqiao. “Third Miss, you came just in time. I was teaching the two impolite hooves for you.”

Shen Ziqiao raised her beautiful brows and walked over. She looked at Hong Ying’s swollen and bruised face before looking at Mama Li who didn’t place her in her eyes at all.

She suddenly smiled. “Mama Li, how did my two maids disregard the rules?”

Mama Li was sure that Shen Ziqiao didn’t dare give her attitude. She smiled and said, “Third Miss, the kitchen has the kitchen’s rules. When lunchtime is over, cooking hours are over too. These two hooves are just greedy for food and dared to use the title of Third Miss to ask the kitchen to make eight treasures rice. As a result, I taught them a lesson.”

She thought that by saying this, she’d be helping Shen Ziqiao and giving her a way out of the situation. She wouldn’t admit that she wanted to eat eight treasures rice.

It was always like this. Shen Ziqiao never dared to fall out with the Old Madam’s people.

How could Shen Ziqiao not tell the meaning behind Mama Li’s words? She didn’t follow along. Instead, with a sneer, she asked, “I wanted the eight treasures rice and the steam fish. Since when does the master have to follow the servants’ rules to eat?”

Hearing those words, Lady Li’s smile froze. She said, “Third Miss, the Old Madam Shen...knows about the rules in the kitchen.”

“What rules?” Shen Ziqiao smiled as she asked. “The few of you will not turn the stove on and cook for me even though I’m hungry? These are the rules you speak of?”

“Third Miss, please do not make things difficult for me. There are many matters in the kitchen everyday and I cannot assume the responsibilities of delaying Old Madam Shen’s meals.” Although Lady Li disapproved of the conversation, in reality, she looked down upon Shen Ziqiao who refused to give her face and continued to shamelessly reason with her.

Shen Ziqiao stared coldly at her and said, “Me? Lady Li, you have quite the face to say that.”

Lady Li pursed her lips and said, “This servant does not dare to and is only speaking the truth.”

“Go steam fish for me. I also want to eat eight treasures rice along with ginger chicken.” Shen Ziqiao glanced at her from the corner of her eyes, and arrogantly ordered.

Lady Li’s face turned green as she said, “Third Miss, this servant cannot make it right now.”

“Since you cannot do as you are bid, what use do I have of you? Drag her out, the Shen Family does not raise useless people.” Shen Ziqiao kept her smile, but did not deign to look at Lady Li.

“Who knows who the useless person here is?”

Lady Li was puzzled as the Third Miss had never dared to stand up for the servant girls.

Why would she do so today?

So, when she heard that the Third Miss was going to send her off, she couldn’t help but retort angrily.

Shen Ziqiao’s face darkened as she said, “Hong Yu, slap her.”

When Hong Yu heard her Mistress’ order, her face paled. She hesitated. “Third Miss…”

After all, Lady Li was one of the servants who came from Old Madam Shen’s maternal home. So, one could not easily lay a hand on her, without expecting consequences.

“Hong Ying, can you still get up?” Sensing her reluctance, Shen Ziqiao glanced at Hong Yu before turning around to look at Hong Ying.

“Since the Third Miss is asking me, this lowly one can naturally get up.” Enduring her pain, Hong Ying stood up with difficulty. Then, raising her hand, she ruthlessly slapped Lady Li twice.

Arrogant as she was, Lady Li had certainly not expected such a backwash. She glanced at Shen Ziqiao in disbelief. “You dared to hit me?”

“Why would I not dare? Today, I will make sure you know who the Master here is.” Shen Ziqiao said coldly, “Hong Ying, continue to slap her. Continue until she knows how to respect me, the Third Miss of the Shen Family.”

Hong Ying nodded and slapped Lady Li twice more.

As if it was not shocking the first time, she was slapped a second time. Flabbergasted, Lady Li screamed, shedding all pretences she started to fight Hong Ying like a shrew.

“You hoof dared to hit me!”

“Grab her!” Shen Ziqiao ordered Ping’er and Hong Yu on the side.

The two did not dare to neglect the order. Rushing over, they each grabbed onto one of Lady Li’s arms tightly and restrained her.

All along, Cui Ping was quietly standing to the side, unwilling to step in the muddy waters. But when she saw Shen Ziqiao dared to hit Lady Li and a second time even, she realized things had gone out of hand here. She hurriedly intervened and tried to stop Hong Ying.

“Third Miss, do stop making a scene.”

“Who is the one making a scene?!” Shen Ziqiao asked sternly, glancing at the old women who wanted to pull Hong Ying away. “Who dares to touch my people? Do you all really think I do not dare to touch you?”

No matter how unfavored Shen Ziqiao was, she was still the Shen Family’s legitimate daughter. The Lord and Eldest Young Master of the family pampered and doted on her like she was a precious treasure. There was word of them returning home now.

Were things going to change in the Shen Family now?

Once Shen Ziqiao had hollered, no one dared to move.

Lady Li, badly beaten and bruised, was crying out loud. She was seething with resentment. She was intent on seeking retribution for the pain and humiliation she was undergoing. “Someone save me. The Third Miss is beating me to death. Someone save me…” She shouted at the top of her voice.

Hong Yu instantaneously turned around to look at Shen Ziqiao. She had seen through Lady Li’s actions. If they allowed her to continue screaming, she would alert Old Madam Shen.

Shen Ziqiao seemed to understand the meaning behind Hong Yu’s gaze. Even so, she coldly stated, “Let her scream.”

From the moment Lady Li was slapped to up until now, Cui Ping was time and again stupefied. She could not fathom today’s turn of events. As she gazed at Shen Ziqiao’s fair and smooth face under the sunlight, she felt a tint of uneasiness.

Third Miss...seems to be different. Because the Lord and Young Master are about to return, she thinks that she has a backer and refuses to be bullied anymore?

However, back when the Lord and Young Master were home, the Third Miss had never stood up for the servant girls.

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