Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.5 — Impunity

On the first night back home, Su Wan inspected the entire house carefully. After making sure that every corner was safe and familiarising herself with everything in the house, Su Wan finally took a bath with a peace of mind.

The warm water flowed over her pale skin and Su Wan watched the dark golden tattoo twinkle on her arm.

This was the bracelet that Old Ghost gave her and it turned into a tattoo in this world.


The thing Old Ghost gave to her could follow her back to the Lost Time-Space and even follow her into another world.

Old ghost, who… was he?

What kind of secret was hidden in this bracelet?

Su Wan closed her eyes and she sank under into the water——

She can’t think, she doesn’t have time to let her imagination run wild, she just wanted to rescue Su Rui.

Su Rui, wait for me.

You must wait for me, I can do it, I won't let you down…

Throughout the night, Su Wan slept unsteadily and dreams came endlessly. In that chaotic dream, she saw Xia Yushan and Xu Ziming, and many people she didn’t know. Everyone surrounded her and congratulated her.

Xu Ziming took out a diamond ring from a large bouquet of roses and put it on her finger with a smile. He said: "Yushan, marry me, you are my whole summer."


Su Wan suddenly woke up from her dream, and for some reason, her heart and head hurt terribly.


Summer in the Dream was the song that made Xia Yushan famous.

Why did she have such a dream?

"Dong dong dong."

A knock on the door interrupted Su Wan's thoughts.

Su Wan checked the time. It was already a quarter past nine in the morning. Who would come at this time? Could it be Big Sister Zeng? No, Big Sister Zeng has the key to this apartment.

Su Wan got off the bed, changed clothes in a hurry, and washed her face.

The knocking on the door continued at a solid steady pace.

Standing at the door, Su Wan couldn't help but look out through the peephole. What she saw at a glance was a shiny police badge.

It was, the police?

Su Wan tidied up her hair and then gently opened the door.

"Are you Miss Xia?"

The man in the lead smiled at Su Wan, and then took out his credentials to introduce himself: "The captain of the first City Criminal Police team, Fan Ke."

"Fan Ke?"

Su Wan stared at the strange slightly sun-tanned man in front of her. She slammed his ID in amazement, with his photo and a warning signal clearly attached to it.

The words "Fan Ke" were neatly printed on it.

"Captain Fan, this..."

The female police officer on the side looked at Su Wan in bafflement and then looked at her captain with a questioning gaze.

"Ahem ahem."

Fan Ke scratched his head awkwardly: "I, do I not look like a policeman? Miss Xia, you....."

"You are Fan Ke, you really are Fan Ke? Then... who was Fan Ke? No, I mean someone told me he was Fan Ke."

Su Wan hurriedly ran back to her bedroom and took out her cell phone, found the phone number of "Officer Fan" in the phone book, and dialed it——

"Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off."

Su Wan clung to her mobile phone, the expression on her face was blank.

"Someone pretended to be me. What did he say to you? Miss Xia, Miss Xia?"

Fan Ke walked into Su Wan's bedroom and saw that she was still in a daze. He couldn't help but raise his hand and gently touch her arm.


Su Wan came back to her senses and stared at Fan Ke: "Are, you really a policeman?"

"Replacement guaranteed if not genuine."

Fan Ke even lifted his coat, revealing the handcuffs and police-issued gun on his waist.

"That man went to the hospital to find me, he said... he said his name is Fan Ke, he really looked like a policeman."

Yes, the impression "Fan Ke" gave to Su Wan really resembled that of a criminal policeman. He had a special aura that only a criminal policeman could have, so Su Wan never doubted that "Fan Ke" would be a fake.

Like a policeman?

Fan Ke frowned: "We will go to the hospital to verify this matter. Miss Xia, we are here this time in hopes that you can cooperate with us in investigating a case."

"Is it the case of Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao?"

When Su Wan heard Fan Ke's questioning, she couldn't help but ask back.

"You know about it?"

The policewoman who followed Fan Ke in heard Su Wan's words and looked at her in surprise, her eyes full of suspicion.

"It was Fan Ke, no, the fake Fan Ke who told me. He said that Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao were dead, and that I… will be the third victim."


Hearing Su Wan's answer, the policewoman immediately shot her mouth off: "Captain Fan, Captain Fan, is that person the murderer? He must be the murderer! The murderer has appeared?"

"Liu Yu, calm down."

Fan Ke patted Liu Yu's shoulder with black lines on his face, and then gave Su Wan an appeasing smile: "She is a police trainee who just graduated. She watched too many police movies and is just talking nonsense. Miss Xia, you don’t need to bother about her!"

"It doesn't matter, I'm already… prepared."

Su Wan replied indifferently, and then turned her head and smiled at Fan Ke: "You both should sit down in the living room. Do you want anything to drink? I’ll go get it from the kitchen."

"You don’t need to go through such trouble. We are here this time mainly to learn things from Miss Xia about… Xu Ziming."

Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao were murdered one after another. Both victims had their faces marred and bodies stabbed many times by the murderer. The deaths of the two people were similar and it was initially determined that the same murderer did it.

Why did the murderer kill the two of them? With the exception of both Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao being female artists, they stay in completely different circles.

If you absolutely have to find out what the two people have in common, then they have been praised by Xu Ziming. Fan Ke also found some items related to Xu Ziming in the homes of the two victims. According to the transcript of the two victims’ agents and assistants, it was confirmed that both of them had fallen in love with Xu Ziming in the past, which was the kind of secret love that could not be made public.

Maybe this was a clue?

Fan Ke immediately contacted the Xu family. The Xu family refused to say anything about Xu Ziming’s private affairs. In the end, Fan Ke had no choice but to find Xu Ziming’s former personal assistant, Yang Yi. From Yang Yi, Fan Ke obtained some private secrets.

Xu Ziming, who originally said that he would not have any relationship with any actresses in the entertainment industry, not only dated three actresses, but he even planned to marry singer Xia Yushan. Of course, this marriage was strongly opposed by his parents.

After learning of the news, Fan Ke did not immediately come to Xia Yushan to confirm, because they handled the case based on evidence. Now, he only suspected that this case may be related to Xu Ziming's death six months ago, but there wasn’t any substantial evidence to support Fan Ke’s deduction.

In the past few days, Fan Ke has been sending people to collect information about the two victims. At the same time, he himself was looking through the file about Xu Ziming's accident six months ago.

Xu Ziming's death was originally judged to be a traffic accident. After a detailed inspection, his car was not touched by anyone, so the possibility of homicide was ruled out.

Even so, Fan Ke still felt that Xu Ziming’s death was inextricably linked to the two homicides. There has been no breakthrough in the murder case in his hands. It has become a cold unsolved case. Now he can only find that breakthrough through Xia Yushan ——

If, the next target of the murderer was her.


In the living room, the atmosphere was somewhat heavy.

Liu Yu has been looking around Su Wan’s house, while Fan Ke sat on the sofa and looked at Su Wan with a smile: "Miss Xia, you don’t need to be too nervous, we’re just asking casually. You must not take Liu Yu’s words to heart. We are still investigating the deaths of Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao. The evidence we currently have still cannot confirm whether their deaths are related to Xu Ziming. However, I still want to take the liberty to ask you about you and Xu Ziming. You don’t mind, right?"

"I don't mind. Ziming is gone, what else should I care about?"

Su Wan lowered his eyes and said in a sorrowful tone: "Actually, I haven't been with him for a long time and Ziming doesn't tell me much about his company and family. He likes to listen to me sing. At that time, he rented a private recording studio, we often went there on our dates. He plays the piano and I sing. That was... the most beautiful thing."

Fine, Su Wan admitted that this was all written in Xia Yushan's diary, and she is just a person telling the story.

The story of a gifted scholar and beautiful lady is romantic, but, as always, it ends with a tragedy.

Fan Ke nodded slightly. He also learned about Xu Ziming and Xia Yushan from Yang Yi. Right now, her words were basically the same as what Yang Yi told him.

Fan Ke also didn't expect that the dignified Young Master of Baichuan was actually a literary and artistic youth?

"Miss Xia, has Xu Ziming ever told you about his past relationships? For example, his relationship with Lin Lulu and others, or, when you are with him, was there anyone who often looked for him and harassed him?"


Su Wan slowly shook his head: "I was very busy this year. I spent a short time with him every time and Ziming didn’t want others to know about us."


Fan Ke habitually raised his hand and touched his chin. Since he decided to spend his life together with his lover, why would he still be afraid that others would know about them?

Who is he afraid of and avoiding?

What secret was Xu Ziming hiding?

And with his death, just how deeply buried was this secret?

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