Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.4 — Impunity

It didn't take long before the lights in the ward were turned on again, and Su Wan finally saw Fan Ke's messy clothes as he stood next to the bed. It was obvious that he was asleep when she called him.

"Officer Fan, you..."

"Ha ha."

Fan Ke tidied up his shirt: "I’ve let Miss Xia see something funny. I’ve been busy recently so I didn’t get to rest well. I was on vacation today, so I went to bed earlier."

"I’ve disturbed you. I'm so sorry."

Su Wan heard what Fan Ke said and immediately showed an apologetic look.

"It’s not a bother. I serve the people, besides I would be serving a beautiful woman."

Fan Ke tidied up his clothes and stood up immediately, his expression returning to the seriousness from earlier: "It’s too late at night now. If you want to leave the hospital, you should call someone to pick you up tomorrow. Tonight…. I’ll accompany you. Just sleep."

"But you..."

"It's okay, isn't there a sofa here? As long as there’s a place I can fall asleep anywhere."

Fan Ke smiled heartily at Su Wan: "You can be rest assured, nothing will happen with me here."

Seeing that Fan Ke had made up his mind, Su Wan nodded: "Then, thank you, Officer Fan."

"Just call me Fan Ke."

Fan Ke walked to the sofa to the side, found a comfortable position and lay down: "Okay, go to sleep."


With Fan Ke here, Su Wan seemed to have finally felt relieved. After a while, her even breathing resounded in the ward.

Fan Ke kept his posture on the sofa until Su Wan fell into a deep asleep, then he slowly got up and sat on the chair by the hospital bed staring at Su Wan.

"Xia Yushan? Miss Xia?"

He whispered twice, and seeing that Su Wan was really fast asleep, Fan Ke slowly went to the hospital bed to gently pull up her quilt, and then his eyes fell on her mobile phone.

She said the phone was touched by someone?

Fan Ke's expression was solemn. He turned on the phone and the code lock popped out immediately.

It needs a password? Fan Ke hesitated, entered a string of numbers, and the phone was immediately unlocked, revealing the screen wallpaper to be a picture of a person’s back.

Fan Ke looked at the photo, his eyes darkened.

After quickly looking through Su Wan's phone for a long time, he didn't seem to notice anything suspicious. Finally, Fan Ke gently put the phone back in place, turned and left the ward.

When the door closed softly, Su Wan's eyelashes trembled, but she did not open her eyes.

Nothing happened overnight.

The next morning, when Su Wan woke up, Fan Ke was still sleeping soundly on the sofa.

He went out last night and came back about half an hour later.

From the beginning to the end, Su Wan closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, but in the bottom of her heart she had more doubts about Fan Ke…

In the morning, a doctor came to round the ward again, and Su Wan found out that her attending doctor had changed, but even then she didn't want to stay in this hospital any longer. After all, she could only receive too little one-sided information in the hospital.

After communicating with the doctor, Su Wan called Big Sister Zeng again. Seeing that she was very determined, Big Sister Zeng could only listen to Su Wan and made an appointment to pick her up and leave the hospital at noon.

Seeing that Su Wan was ready to leave the hospital, Fan Ke, who hadn't slept much all night, finally stood up with a yawn, "Miss Xia, if there is nothing wrong, I will go back first."

"En, thank you for last night, Fan Ke."

Su Wan sat on the hospital bed and smiled at Fan Ke: "When my injury is healed, I will treat you to a meal."

"Okay, just call."

Fan Ke waved his hand at Su Wan, and then turned leaving with big strides. After he left, Su Wan couldn't help but go to the window and silently looked down. After a while, Fan Ke's figure appeared in her view,  walking to a red off-road vehicle while he was on the phone.

Su Wan watched quietly, until the red off-road vehicle disappeared from her sight, then she slowly lowered her eyes…

Xia Yushan lived in a very high-end enclosed garden community.

Big Sister Zeng brought Su Wan back home with the driver from the back door of the hospital at noon.

Su Wan was unfamiliar with this house. On the other hand, Sister Zeng looked more like the owner of this house. She helped Su Wan and busied about until she watched Su Wan take her medicine and fall asleep in bed. Then she left with peace of mind.

Soon after she left, Su Wan woke up.

Xia Yushan’s bedroom was very large, and there are many dolls that little girls like. Su Wan’s gaze swept over those dolls, and her gaze finally fell on the desk nearby, which had books messily strewn about. Among them was a thick diary that aroused Su Wan's interest.

Maybe it was because she felt at ease at home, but Xia Yushan’s diary was not locked. This was a thick-threaded handmade diary with a cowhide cover. The book was not thick, but it was full of writing.

Su Wan looked at the date. The first page of the diary was New Year's Day, which started on January 1, while the last page of the diary was April 12, which happened to be more than six months ago.

Su Wan roughly flipped through the diary. Xia Yushan seemed to be a very innocent person. In her daily diary entries, she only recorded some of her daily life; what new songs were released, where she went and what inspiration she had.

But since the end of February, her diary style has changed. She seemed to have been...... in love?

"He likes listening to me singing."

"He smiles so beautifully."

"He said he wants to be with me forever."

This "he" began to appear frequently in Xia Yushan's diary until April 12, which was the last page of the diary. The writing on it seemed to have been soaked in water and the blue fonts were blurred, but you can still see what the diary owner wrote ——

"The newspaper said he had an accident. I don't believe it. He must be joking with me again. I went to the hospital and saw him. He slept very peacefully. His family was by his side. There were many reporters there. I didn't dare to go close and I could only watch him silently, he, was just asleep, right?"

April 12th was the day Xu Ziming died in a car accident.

It seemed that this "he" is indeed Xu Ziming.

Su Wan put down the diary and rummaged around the desk. Finally, she found a photo album in a drawer of the desk. The photo album was a group photo of Xia Yushan and Xu Ziming.

The Xu Ziming in the photo was indeed smiling very magnificently and charmingly.

Although she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, looking at the curve in the eyebrows of the pair in the photo, Su Wan could feel that the two were very happy at the time.

On the last page of the album, there was a picture of a diamond ring, and behind the picture was written a line of small letters——

Hold your hand and grow old with you.

This was Xia Yushan's handwriting, and the date of inscription below is April 10.

Did they already plan to get married before Xu Ziming had an accident?

If Xu Ziming's death was not an accident but a murder, then who on earth wanted to stop them from being together?

After half a year, why would that person suddenly brandish a butcher’s knife at Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao?

Was it…... Xu Ziming's admirer?

Or.... a sick fan of Xia Yushan’s?

Obviously, the possibility of the former is very high. Su Wan checked Xu Ziming's information and knew that he was once known as the "husband of the nation", was rich and handsome, young and promising. It was normal for a sick woman to be infatuated over high-profile and handsome men like him.

Of course, if the murderer behind the scenes is a woman, Su Wan still felt fine with handling her, but what if….. it was a man?

Su Wan couldn't help feeling cold, but in the entertainment circle, it was common for men and women to consume everything.

In many murders of passion, the proportion of same-sex murderers is also very high, because their love was deeper and crazier.

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