Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.3 — Impunity

After Big Sister Zeng left, a nurse came over to change Su Wan's bandage dressing, and asked her for a few autographs in passing.

When Su Wan was the only one left in the ward, she checked a lot of Xia Yushan's information, and incidentally, also checked the original owner's journal and official Weibo. Now she is Xia Yushan and she cannot reveal her flaws in front of anyone.

Because in the unknown world, there’s trouble everywhere.

Su Wan has experienced too many worlds, and she is very vigilant, especially in such a world where you can’t truly trust anyone.

After memorising information about herself, Su Wan felt her head hurt a bit. She laid down on the hospital bed and fell asleep again. When she woke up again, it was already dark.

The lights were turned on in the ward and Su Wan picked up the phone at the bedside, but found that the phone was already dead.


She frowned, and finally found the charger in her bag and charged the phone.

Because it was evening, there were not many people in the hospital’s garden downstairs.

Su Wan stood in front of the window, holding the curtains in her hand, and staring at the scenery outside the window quietly. Suddenly she felt a chill on her back, the feeling of being peeped at made the hair on her nape stand upright.


Su Wan turned around abruptly, the ward was empty, and the door was closed.

No, not in the room, outside.

There was a transparent glass window in the door of the ward. Su Wan knew that someone had just been standing there looking at her. That feeling was really too real, and it would never be something from her imagination.

Who is it?




Or... the nurse who visited the room?

Su Wan held her forehead with her hands. It hurts. Her head was starting to ache again. Su Wan immediately staggered back to the bed and pressed the bell button in front of the bed.

Soon afterwards, the doctor on duty brought the interns over for the examination.

After all the checkups were done and her bandages were changed again, it was already 7:30 in the evening.

At this time, the inpatient department was very quiet, especially the high-level private ward that Su Wan lived in. The entire floor was extremely quiet.

"Didi, Didi."

When Su Wan was drowsy again, the phone she was charging on the side suddenly rang.

Su Wan took the phone in a daze, and the moment she saw the caller ID, her eyes widened suddenly.

The * caller ID kept flashing on the screen.

Su Wan hesitated, but still pressed the answer button——


She called out softly, but there was only noise on the other end of the phone, the kind of noise that was grating on people's ears even when they were far from it.


Su Wan called out again, the noise on the phone was much softer this time, and then a person’s breathing came from the phone, it was a very rapid and chaotic breathing.


That voice made Su Wan's hair stand on end.

"Du, du."

During the time when Su Wan was stuck in a daze, the person on the phone suddenly hung up, and the whole room seemed to be filled with the sounds of the rapid breathing from earlier. Su Wan could hear that it was a man's breathing.

Who was it?

Su Wan unplugged the phone charger and held the phone tightly in her hand. She hesitated for a moment, and finally dialed back——

"Sorry, the number you dialed is unassigned."

A cold artificial voice came from the phone.

An unassigned number…

The phone in the palm of her hand slipped onto the bed, Su Wan hugged herself tightly——


The lights in the ward began to flicker, and then Su Wan also noticed the lights in the corridor outside the ward flickering, seeming as if her whole world could be plunged into pure darkness in the next second.

"No, no."

Su Wan fumbled around in panic, looking for something on her bedside table. When she found the piece of paper left by Fan Ke, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly picked up the phone and immediately dialed the number on it.

"Hello, this is Fan Ke."

The call was quickly connected, and Fan Ke's calm and strong voice came out.

"Officer Fan, this is Xia Yushan, I….. I'm so scared, can you come to the hospital, I..."

"I'll be here right away, don't hang up."

As if feeling Su Wan’s panic, Fan Ke involuntarily softened his voice: “I’m not far from your hospital now, um, how about you sing a song to me, I’m really a fan of yours. I like your song 《Summer in a Dream》.

《Summer in a Dream》 is Xia Yushan's most famous song, and the lyrics of this song are also something she wrote herself.

It must be said that Xia Yushan was really a talented musician, but it is a pity that Su Wan knows nothing about music.

"Officer Fan, I'm scared, I….. I can't sing."

Su Wan's voice kept trembling: "I feel someone staring at me, it's scary, I.....I'm really scared."

There was already a hint of sobbing in her voice at the end.

The other end of the phone groaned and after a few seconds, there was suddenly singing from the phone——

No matter how far you go, I will be waiting for you in place.

Waiting for you every summer…..

This was Fan Ke’s voice. Su Wan did not expect that he was really a fan of Xia Yushan. This song is sung with a man’s deep and sexy bass, and didn’t have a lot of affection——

Under the parasol tree, you smile and say forever.

It turned out that it was the summer in my dream.

As the last note of the song fell, the lights in the ward went out and the door was pushed open at this moment.

In the darkness, Fan Ke's figure looked extremely tall.

"Don't be afraid, the hospital's power supply system is out of order and it will get better soon."

As soon as he entered the door, he softly comforted Su Wan. Fan Ke couldn't see Su Wan's expression clearly in the dark. He walked to the hospital bed with the help of the light from his phone and sat down gently by the bed.

"Officer Fan, will I die?"

Su Wan suddenly said, with a hint of sullen hopelessness in her sweet voice.

"No, you won’t."

Fan Ke shook his head and grabbed Su Wan's hands in the dim room: "I will protect you. En, this is the duty of us policemen."

"I want to be discharged. I don't think this hospital is safe."

Su Wan didn't take out the hand held by Fan Ke. At this time, she should need someone to give her a sense of security, right?

"My head really hurts. I think there is a problem with the medicine I took."

Su Wan continued speaking, her tone full of doubt and denial towards everything.


Fan Ke's tone deepened: "I will check this for you. Is there anything else that’s unusual?"

"Someone is watching me. I suspect that he entered my room and used my cell phone while I was asleep."

Su Wan pulled out her hand from Fan Ke’s and handed her mobile phone to him: "I slept in the afternoon and slept very deeply. When I woke up, I realized that my mobile phone was dead, but it still had three grids before I slept."

The mobile phone must have been touched by someone, or maybe even…. has been tampered with, such as installing a wiretapping device or a surveillance camera.

Su Wan won't spill everything. She can't be too stupid in front of Fan Ke, but she also can't make herself look too smart.

Fan Ke is also not 100% trustworthy.

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