Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.2 — Impunity

"You... will be the third victim!"

Fan Ke's words shocked Su Wan's heart. She immediately thought of her mission in this world —— to stay alive, for at least 30 days.

This is a world of serial killings, and will she be the next victim?

Su Wan's hand involuntarily clasped at her quilt tightly. In fact, she was very willing to cooperate with Officer Fan and tell him everything she knew, but unfortunately... she knew nothing!

She even only found out who she was just now. As for Xu Ziming and the two other victims, she should have known them, but right now her brain was blank.

She didn't know anything, and she also couldn't let anyone know..... that she didn't know anything.

"Officer Fan, I...I want to be alone."

Su Wan finally took a deep breath and looked at Fan Ke hesitantly: "Could you leave your phone number to me? I'll call you after I think about it."

"Very well."

Fan Ke tore a piece of paper from the notepad he carried with him and wrote his name and number on it.

"Miss Xia, you can call me anytime, remember, anytime."

After repeatedly emphasising the word "anytime", Fan Ke slowly got up: "I'm leaving now, rest well, um, oh yes, actually...... I am also a fan of yours."

He smiled at Su Wan, then turned and left in big strides.

After hearing the door of the ward closing and confirming that Fan Ke had left, Su Wan immediately began to search in the cabinet next to the bed, and soon found a bag and a mobile phone belonging to the original owner.

Xia Yushan's mobile phone is a very expensive smartphone for ladies. A password or a fingerprint recognition was required to unlock it. Su Wan tried it with all her fingers and the fingerprint that unlocked it was the fingerprint of her left little finger.

After unlocking, the phone screen showed a picture of a man's back.

This is……

Su Wan focused her gaze and she immediately flipped through the photo album on her phone. Except for Xia Yushan's selfie and some pictures of the recording room, there were no pictures of other men found in the album.

Then, Su Wan looked through Xia Yushan's SMS records, WeChat Moments and even her mobile phone address book.

The first contact marked important on the phone was "Big Sister Zeng", who is Xia Yushan's agent, while the other important contact was just an "*" sign.

Was the contact with no name Xu Ziming as Fan Ke said?

Su Wan stared at the * number in a daze when her mobile phone suddenly rang. She saw Big Sister Zeng’s portrait flashing on the screen and immediately pressed the answer button: "Big Sister Zeng?"


Big Sister Zeng’s voice was a slightly hoarse mezzo-soprano: "I am on my way to the hospital. What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll bring it to you."

"Anything is fine. My appetite isn’t too good."

"Okay, then I’ll buy whatever I see."

Big Sister Zeng was swift and resolute when speaking and doing things. Seeing that she had hung up the phone, Su Wan leaned back on the hospital bed, used her mobile phone to connect to the internet and entered the words "Xia Yushan" into the search engine. Soon, an encyclopedia containing detailed information about the female singer Xia Yushan appeared ——

Xia Yushan, who debuted three years ago, is considered an older female singer, but fortunately, her voice is particularly light and she also looked beautiful. When she debuted, she was given the nicknames: "Sound of Nature" and "Bare Faced Little Empress".

It can be said that Xia Yushan’s journey from her debut to the rise in her popularity in the entertainment industry has been smooth sailing, without any twists and turns.

Is this luck? Or... was there any unspoken rules involved?

Su Wan then entered the words "Xu Ziming", and as a result, countless news articles about "Xu Ziming" popped up. Of course, the most noticeable one was the very handsome single portrait——

Xu Ziming, the eldest son of Baichuan Group, heir to tens of billions of property, died in a car accident six months ago.


Su Wan searched through a few more news articles and only then slowly got some clues. Xu Ziming is a rich second-generation. A handsome and rich second-generation who liked to invest in the entertainment industry.

Such a man didn’t know how many female stars were squeezing their heads to think up ways to fawn over him, but Xu Ziming was obsessed with cleanliness.

He had been in the entertainment industry for so long, but had never had a scandal with anyone, and in an interview with the media, he once openly stated that he would never marry an actress in the entertainment industry because he was a very traditional man…

Xu Ziming.

Su Wan closed the web page and stared at the picture on the screensaver of her mobile phone. Was he this man who only showed his back?


Not long after, Big Sister Zeng hurried to Su Wan's ward with a lunch box.

"You’re here?"

Su Wan looked at the hurried middle-aged woman and greeted her with a smile.

"En, there was a bit of a traffic jam."

Big Sister Zeng opened the lunch box and spoke softly while handing Su Wan chopsticks: "How do you feel today? Did the doctor say when you can be discharged from the hospital?"

"I want to be discharged today."

Su Wan replied and Big Sister Zeng paused at her words: "Today?"

She frowned and looked at the bandage on Su Wan's head: "The recording of the new album is not urgent, and I have discussed with others about the other advertisements and it can be delayed by one week. Yushan, I know... I know you feel pain in your heart, but you can't make it difficult for your body. It's been half a year, you… should move on."

Half a year?

Su Wan lowered her eyes and hid her expression in the shadows: "A policeman came by today. He said that my car accident was not an accident and that someone… someone wanted to kill me."


Big Sister Zeng, who had always been calm, couldn't help but stood up in alarm: "This… how should I… what do I do?"

"Big Sister Zeng?"

Feeling Big Sister Zeng’s panic, Su Wan couldn't help raising her head and gave her a deep look: "Sister Zeng, are you okay?"

"I, I'm fine."

Big Sister Zeng put away her panic, grabbed Su Wan's hand and looked at her steadily: "Since, since there are policemen coming to your door, then you should recuperate in the hospital. Yushan, the inner circle has not been peaceful recently. You should be safer in the hospital."

The fact that Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao disappeared one after another was causing a buzz.

Others don't know the connection between the two people, but Big Sister Zeng knows!

The two of them - like Xia Yushan - were once… Xu Ziming's secret girlfriends!

The waters of the entertainment industry run quite deep. Xu Ziming looked like a gentleman on the surface, but wasn’t he actually a playboy?

Su Wan hesitated and nodded: "Okay, I'll stay in the hospital, but, Big Sister Zeng, that police officer asked me about Xu Ziming. I.... how should I answer him? "

"Don't say anything."

Big Sister Zeng’s expression immediately became very solemn: "You are now in the period of rising up. Once it’s revealed that you have a relationship with him, people will definitely say that you relied on him to rise up because of his connections, and your reputation will definitely plummet! This circle is like this. When it comes to men and women, what they think of is always the exchange of benefits. No one will believe that you really loved each other. And... he has already been dead for half a year. As long as you don't admit to anything, the police will not be able to force your hand."

"Oh, I, I understand."

Su Wan nodded. Seeing that she had listened to her, Big Sister Zeng nodded in relief: "Eat quickly, it won't taste good after a while."


Su Wan lowered her head to eat in low spirits, but secretly sorted out the clues she knew in her heart——

Big Sister Zeng is an insider and should be the clearest on Xia Yushan’s matters. She also seemed to be afraid of something?

Xu Ziming and Xia Yushan were once lovers, and they apparently had a deep relationship. At very least, Xia Yushan still seemed to be unable to forget him.

As for Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao, Su Wan also checked the Internet and they were not well-known actresses, they should also have countless ties with Xu Ziming.

Everything seemed to be related to Xu Ziming, but he was already dead.

So now the question arises ——

How did Xu Ziming die? Was it truly a car accident?

What was the relationship between the person behind the scenes and Xu Ziming? Why did he want to hunt down all the women who were related to Xu Ziming?

Su Wan's heart was in a mess, but she knew that the most important thing she needed to do now was to stay calm and take care of her body.

It is the duty of the police to solve the case, she just has to think of surviving well.

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