Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 11.1 — Impunity

Most of the Agents in the Lost Space are elites from various planes. Among them, there are also cold-blooded monsters. In order for these Agents to complete their tasks seriously, Lost Space provides very rich rewards to the Agents. The penalty policy is very strict.

Once an Agent violates the laws of the Lost Space, their five senses will be sealed off, their body will be locked up in the Lost Prison, and their soul will be banished to the unique "prison domain" of the Lost Space. The supervisory officer will punish you according to the severity of your mistake. The lightest punishment was to have your soul flogged every day until you’re released 81 days later.

And the heaviest one, no one knows what it is, because the souls of all serious criminals stay in the prison domain forever and cannot be released.

Of course, if you have a friend who violated the laws of the Lost Space and is locked in the prison domain, you can apply for a rescue.

Everyone has this opportunity.

Once your application is successful, the Lost Space Headquarters will randomly distribute a mission with no plot to you. You will not know what the main line of the mission world is, or even what identity you will receive, and also inherit the memories of the original owner. You will know nothing at all.

You have to explore a world in a state of confusion and you have to complete the time limited tasks issued to you by Headquarters within the specified time.

Under normal circumstances, these mission worlds are particularly neglected, very cruel or violent worlds, and once an ignorant Agent reveals any flaws or gives something away, it will immediately cause a series of chain reactions, leading to mission failure.

If they fail the mission like this, the applicant will not only be unable to save the person they want to save, but also pay high mission points for their failure…

As soon as Su Wan woke up from the mission cabin, she went straight to Ye Xin's office without making any stops. Fortunately, at this time Ye Xin had just finished a mission and was resting.

"Ye Xin."

After rushing into Ye Xin's room, Su Wan's eyes were red: "Apply for me, quickly, I want to apply for a Redemption mission!"

"Wha, what?"

Ye Xin was immediately stunned when she heard Su Wan's words: "Redemption mission? Su Wan, who do you want to save?"

You must know that the conditions of the Redemption Mission are very harsh and the punishment after failure is very heavy. If it were not for the person you cared about the most, the average person will not take the initiative to apply for the Redemption Mission.

"Don't worry about that too much, I beg you, Ye Xin, quickly apply for me."

Su Wan didn't want to waste even a second. Every second she dragged on was one more second of torture that Su Rui would experience.

Seeing Su Wan's impatient appearance, Ye Xin nodded, "I know, I will help you apply immediately."

Ye Xin turned on her Communicator and connected to the internal line for Headquarters…..

At this time, Headquarters Mission Center.

A middle-aged man in a suit was looking helplessly at Xu Ce in front of him: "You have just awakened from that collapsed plane and now your soul is very weak. Ah Ce, I advise you not to apply for a Redemption Mission now."

"Su Rui is my subordinate. I brought him into the headquarters. Do you want me to abandon him at this time?"

Xu Ce looked at the man in front of him and spoke with a slightly cold tone: "You guys have long been used to abandoning your teammates, but I can't."

Hearing Xu Ce's words, the middle-aged man's expression changed slightly, he was still brooding over that incident, but… some things were not something he could decide alone.


"You’re really doing this for your subordinates, not for others?"

The middle-aged man stared closely at Xu Ce's eyes, trying to see any trace of panic on his face.

However, there was nothing. Xu Ce was still the same as before. There was no extra emotion on that elegant and indifferent face: "Naturally, I am doing it for my subordinate. He is a very important member of our department. I am planning to use him for the Trial."

After carefully observing Xu Ce's expression and confirming that he was not lying, the middle-aged man finally couldn't help but nod: "Fine, follow me, I will directly help you open the task."

After speaking, the two people turned and entered the Task Scheduling Room.

But when the middle-aged man entered Su Rui's name in his tool, he was told that just a few minutes ago, this person's redemption mission had been applied for and passed, and the applicant has now entered the mission world.

"What world did she enter?"

At this time, Xu Ce's tone was slightly anxious. He immediately came to Headquarters after he woke up. He didn’t expect that he would still be a step slower than Su Wan?

"Let me check, ai ya, she was pretty lucky, she actually got the lowest D level difficulty mission, en, but, this world is also quite interesting. Someone once got it, but failed in the end."

"What is it? Can I….."

Before Xu Ce's words were finished, he was interrupted by the middle-aged man: "You really can't continue entering mission worlds in your current state. I advise you to dispel this unrealistic idea. The higher ups also cannot let you mess around again."

Xu Ce's eyelashes trembled a few times and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: "Okay. I got it. You could still tell me which world she entered, right?"

"Impunity." The middle-aged man lightly spat out..…

At this time in the mission world ——

Agent Su Wan successfully connected to the world of the Redemption Task 【Impunity】. The time limit for this task is 30 days. The task goal is to survive.

In his mind, the voice of the headquarters system gradually faded and Su Wan slowly opened her eyes.

This is a single ward and she was lying on the bed.

Su Wan sat up slowly. She first looked down at her clothes, which was a blue-striped patient’s gown, and then at her bedside, where some fruits and supplements were arranged, and even had a lot of small gifts and wish cards piled up.

Outside the window, the yellow leaves were falling and withering. It was obvious that it was autumn now. Am I a patient? And it should be a patient with some family possessions and status.

Su Wan looked on her hospital bed, there was her personal information on it——

Ward 56.

Patient: Xia Yushan.

Age: 27 years old.

So it seems that my name is Xia Yushan.

Su Wan massaged her head. Her head hurt a lot and there was a bandage wrapped around her head. She found slippers and got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom step by step. From the bathroom mirror, Su Wan saw her face.

Perhaps it was because of her illness, her skin was currently sickly pale and her eyes were also empty and haggard. Generally speaking, Xia Yushan's facial features are delicate, not the kind of beauty that would make you fall at first glance, but she was still pretty.

Su Wan looked into the mirror and looked at the bandage on her forehead, and then she subconsciously raised her hand to touch her face, her skin cold.

What disease does this body have? This mission world is called 《Impunity》, so from the name, this should be a mission world focused on solving crimes, right?

Su Wan turned around while thinking, her eyes widened the moment she turned, and she cried out in surprise.


At the door of the bathroom, there was a tall figure standing at the door of the bathroom. The man’s silhouette was distinct and had sharp, chiseled eyebrows.

He stood there silently, and a pair of eagle-like eyes fell on Su Wan's body: "Miss Xia, did I scare you?"

"You... how are you so silent when you walk!"

Su Wan patted her chest in shock and looked suspiciously at the man in front of her.

As if feeling Su Wan's doubts, the man smiled and took out his ID from his pocket: "Fan Ke, the City’s Criminal Police Division. We met once. Do you still have an impression?"

"N, no."

Su Wan held her head in pain as she spoke: "My head hurts and my memory is not good these days. Officer Fan, sit down."

"You are a very famous singer, it's normal for a person of your eminence to forget things."

Fan Ke smiled at Su Wan and calmly walked back to her hospital bed with a calm gait. He couldn't help smiling when he saw the gifts beside her bed: "Your fans are concerned about your body. You have to get better soon!"

"I... I want to too."

Su Wan gave a wry smile: "Officer Fan, sit down, I have nothing to entertain you with, have some fruit!"

"I just finished my meal. It is not advisable to eat fruit immediately after having a meal."

Fan Ke winked at Su Wan: "We criminal policemen are not as particular about food as you celebrities, but we still need to understand some general health knowledge."

"You should pay attention to your health. The safety of the citizens of the entire city depends on you."

Su Wan went along with Fan Ke's words with a smile.

Seeing that Su Wan seemed to be in a good mood, Fan Ke immediately corrected his expression and said in a serious manner: "The preliminary judgment of your car accident was that it was man-made. This case is now taken over by our criminal police team."

Car accident, the original owner came to the hospital because of a car accident?

Su Wan's eyes flashed and a look of disbelief immediately appeared on her face: "Officer Fan, you said my car accident was not an accident, it was man-made? Who did it? Did he want to…... kill me?"

Who did it?

Fan Ke's eyes fell still bit by bit.

"We have not identified the suspect, but..."

Fan Ke suddenly looked solemn and whispered in a deep tone: "Miss Xia, this is related to your safety. I hope you can tell me the truth. Have you and...Xu Ziming developed an secret love?"

What the hell is ‘Xu Ziming’?

Su Wan looked reluctant and subconsciously gripped the corner of the quilt with both hands: "This, this is my private matter. If it has nothing to do with the case, can I..."

"This has a very close relationship with the case!"

Fan Ke quickly interrupted Su Wan's words: "I can tell you responsibly that you were targeted by a serial killer. I think you should also know about the disappearance of Lin Lulu and Tong Xinyao. In fact, they both have been murdered. This matter was only temporarily suppressed by the media. Xia Yushan, if you don’t cooperate with us, you... will be the third victim!"

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