Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1099: Good night, sick big brother (Part 24)

“Killer?”  She gave a chuckle looked at Du Jiu Sheng with a mocking smile on her peerless face, “Classmate Du Jiu Sheng doesn’t need to say it is a rumour, since it is fact, isn’t it?”

At this moment, her heart was turning just like a raging river.

If Du Ling Er didn’t die that day, the previous host would have died.

Why couldn’t she do this?  People had the right to choose their life in times of danger.

She stood on the previous host on that point, the previous host did nothing wrong.

“Luo Qing Chen, who do you like!  Tell me now!”  Du Jiu Sheng’s heart tightened and seeing the tears flickering in her eyes, the pain in his heart made him feel suffocated.

He didn’t like seeing her like this, he wasn’t even willing to use any strength when holding her hand.

There were many strange things with Du Ling Er’s death.  Although he didn’t know everything, he knew that it wasn’t like the rumours, Luo Qing Chen didn’t kill her…..

Or perhaps, when he saw her, the balance of his heart had strangely tilted and he couldn’t believe…...

Even now, he only wanted a single answer.

Why did she keep using those irrelevant words to provoke him and was unwilling to give him this answer.

“Do you really want to know this answer?”  She gave a cold laugh and her clear eyes deeply looked at him with an emotion no one could guess.

Suddenly, she felt like she knew why the system said that the male lead of this world had a special personality.

This special personality…..It was like the previous host…...

They were the same kind of people…...

They were people who were unable to extract themselves once they were strongly attracted to something, forming strong possessive thoughts of that thing.

This person, there was an answer they really wanted, but they were also a bit afraid to learn this answer…...

“No.”  His deep eyes flickered and his right hand went to her waist as he lifted her up, “I, don’t want to know.”

“You……”  She was a bit surprised, feeling the chill from his eyes and the powerful aura coming from him.

“Because, you will soon completely belong to me…..”  This was a cool voice with the tone of a devil that entered her ears.

No one could take her away, there was no one in this world that could take her from his hands.

Her smile, her gentleness, her love, and her beating heart…...

Everything would belong to him.

When Luo Qing Chen came back to her senses, she was pressed down on the bed and there was a large pink doll beside her.

That sculpted face with distinct features came forward with a bit of anger as it pressed down on her lips.

She had just become an adult and her mind went blank.  She could hear his deep breathing and she could smell the intoxicating scent coming from him.

“Du Jiu Sheng, I am your little sister.”  These were the vague words she said while she was being kissed.

There was a kind of indescribable sadness in her heart.  She did say that she liked someone and it was the love of this world and the past world.

But…...Can you not use this method…...

In name, she was still his little sister.  Even if she was a little sister with different parents, they couldn’t act like this…...

“Si.”  That white lace doll skirt was torn open and her stomach was completely revealed.

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