Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1098: Good night, sick big brother (Part 23)

She was surprised, she never thought that Du Jiu Sheng would care about this.

After all, in her eyes, the youth in front of her was doing all this to make her fall in love with him and take revenge for his little sister.

Actually, she wanted to tell him that she had lost from the beginning of this game…...

She owed him in the previous lives and it was impossible to win in this life.

But they were just deceiving each other.

At that moment, she felt a bit wronged.  The youth’s hand kept using more strength and he stared into her eyes like he wanted to swallow her.

“The person I like……”  She bit her lip and said, “Definitely is very elegant because he…...Wu……”

Before she could finish, the cold lips completely overwhelmed her.

She never thought that Du Jiu Sheng would do this to her.  There was the slight taste of the cocktail that entered her mouth, eroding her defenses bit by bit.

The time was: 11:58.

He kissed her for a full three minutes before letting go, as those lush lips became a bit swollen.  But in his eyes, it was like a gorgeous flower that bloomed, consuming all his reasoning.

“Du Jiu Sheng…...What do you want to do?”  She wanted to break free, but she found that the other side was several times stronger than her.

It was like he had eaten a ‘Power Pill’.  She couldn’t escape with her own strength at all!

“Do you really not want to be my little sister?”  There was a dark look on his face as his eyes suddenly began to sparkle.

“I wasn’t your little sister to begin with.  Is it interesting recording what others say?”  She took a deep breath and decided not to waste energy struggling.

But her tone had completely changed.  Since the other side didn’t want to act, she didn’t need to be a good little sister.

She was also tired of acting good!

“Yes!  You weren’t my little sister……”  He leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead as the possessiveness in his heart reached a peak.  There were flames burning in his eyes as he looked at the girl underneath him, “Who do you like?”

After all, he knew that from the first moment he saw this girl, his heart was filled with forbidden desire.

He couldn’t read her mind, see her real thoughts, so everything about her was confusing.

This confusion had made him forget his goal in coming back, forgetting the hatred he had.

Only this heart was imprisoned.

He couldn’t love, he couldn’t hate…...

She would always talk softly when talking to him and her large eyes sparkled, just like the pearls in the sky, making people sink deeper into them.

When he found that he couldn’t control this emotion anymore, she actually said…..she liked someone who was even more elegant than him.

Who?  Who?  Just who was it?

He definitely couldn’t let that person appear, he couldn’t let anyone take her away…...

“Yes!  I am not your little sister, your little sister is already dead!”  She bit her lip and said in an unwilling voice, “Do you really want to love me like a little sister?  Classmate Du Jiu Sheng?”

“Ha.”  He gave a cold laugh, “How could I love the person who was rumoured to have killed my little sister?”

He looked at the clock on the wall.

The time was: 12:00.

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, the feeling of possession and imprisonment filled the heart of certain youth as he gradually fell.

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