Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1096: Good night, sick big brother (Part 21)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t expect Dai Xiao Pang to be good at changing the topic, she had changed the topic to her.

Mi Tang in the corner heard their conversation and made a ‘shh’ gesture to the person in front of her, as she pressed the record button on her phone!

“Speak, I feel that the person that Xiao Qing likes might really be good, perhaps Xiao Pang might also like them!”  Dai Xiao Pang looked at her with an idiotic expression on her face with her hands together.

Suddenly it became a bit awkward as she said, “As long as it’s that person, I will like them.”

There was no set personality, no set appearance, no set identity…...

She would like him as long as it was him.

“Wa.”  Dai Xiao Pang said in a daze, “I thought that Xiao Qing would like someone like school hunk Jiu Sheng!”

“Him?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, “It should be considered everyone likes him!”

Who didn’t like this kind of obsessive Du Jiu Sheng!”

“That’s right!”  Dai Xiao Pang pinched her chubby cheeks and said, “I don’t have any ambitious goals.  If I can choose, I like a man who is righteous!”


“Someone that can save the people of the world, a man who works for the world!”


Damn!  Did this girl read too many fantasy novels!

“Na, na, na, I’ve told you these secrets, you should share some secrets with me!”  Dai Xiao Pang lowered her voice and said, “Does Xiao Qing like anyone?”

There were many figures that appeared in her mind.  Clean, elegant, cold, and domineering youths, they appeared one by one.

In the end, there was a certain figure in a green camouflage uniform!

A young commander with a M14 in his hand…...

“Yes!”  She scooped a spoonful of ice cream and revealed a faint smile, “A very, very elegant person.”

“Even more elegant that school hunk Jiu Sheng who mesmerizes everyone?”

Hearing this question, Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  After a while, she said, “Un, even more elegant than him.”

Although they were enemies back then, although they fell in love while wanting to kill each other, he had never doubted her.

They didn’t need to act, they were just their true selves.

“Ze, ze, ze……”  Dai Xiao Pang didn’t forget to tease her, “If there is a chance, I must meet this elegant person that Xiao Qing is talking about!”

Luo QIng Chen never thought that the friendly talk she had with Dai Xiao Pang would be a weapon that someone would use to hurt her.

In a certain VIP room in a bar, Mi Tang shook the phone in her hand with a smile as she said, “Jiu Sheng, did you know that your ‘baby sister’ has someone she likes?”

Du Jiu Sheng who had been sitting in the corner couldn’t help narrowing his eyes as they became bottomless.

“What?  Xiao Qing likes someone?  Who?”  Leng Yan Si was the first to be caught as he revealed a bit of dissatisfaction.

It can’t be the person she liked was her big brother, right…..

Damn!  Definitely not…...

“You’ll know once you listen to this!”  Mi Tang placed her phone on the table and the conversation between Dai Xiao Pang and Luo Qing Chen sounded.

The recording had clearly been processed as the sound was very clear.  Each sentence was very sharp as they entered Du Jiu Sheng’s ears.

When he heard her final words, the ice cubes that had melted in the cocktail in his right had gradually begun to freeze again.

His cold eyes looked at Mi Tang and they narrowed, as he could see her mind.

She wasn’t lying…...

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