Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 109

"I hope so."

The third junior brother had to wait patiently for her to return. That wait went by half a month.

San Qi looked at these people jumping up and down every day.

"Boss, have you played enough? Are you finished? Your master's disciples are going crazy."

Ah Jin replied, "Not yet. There are still a few left to send back. How about Gu Qingmei?"

These young girls followed her every day to eat and drink. They were so happy to play in the mountains that they didn't want to go home. San Qi thought so in its heart, but it did not dare to let Ah Jin know.

"Boss, Gu Qingmei hinted to Fu Cheng several times that you are dead. She asked him to transfer the marriage contract to her."

"What did Fu Cheng say?"

"He knew you were pretending to be captured. He has a lot of confidence in you and didn’t believe her words. The day before yesterday, he even reprimanded her for this. I guess she's going to make a big move."

As expected, within a few days, rumors began to spread in the Jianghu community that the eldest senior sister of the Tianshan Sect had been captured by the Demon Sect. She had been missing for half a month, and her life and death were uncertain.

There were always gossips in Jianghu.

Once the rumor came out, the crowd immediately brainstormed countless endings.

Version one.

After killing her way out of the siege, Yao Jin was rescued from a severe injury and fell in love with a mysterious man. From then on, she retired from Jianghu.

Version two.

The master of the Demon Sect took a fancy to her and ruined her martial arts skills. He imprisoned her and made her his exclusive property.

Version 3.

She had been killed a long time ago.

You could tell that the crowd's imagination was big. However, the original character's fate was the tragic end.

There was no way of knowing whether the people's eyes were discerning or whether they should say that society was really full of tricks.

The incident was quite alarming, and even the Hengshui Sect's master sent a letter to ask Fu Cheng about the authenticity of that matter.

Fu Cheng seriously wrote back that the matter was pure fiction! Yao Jin just went to track down the Demon Sect's trail and had not returned yet, in no way as the rumors said.

After seeing the letter in which he swore by his words, the Hengshui Sect master put his heart at ease. He did not want his beloved disciple to be pointed out behind his back even before marrying.

Lu Zhiyu, who was still out on training, naturally heard these rumors. But he just laughed it off and didn't worry about Yao Jin's safety.

However, the Demon Sect members that were the center of the rumors were unwilling to do so. The Tianshan Sect's Yao Jin had killed so many of them. Now that they lost the girl, but they were dumping the pot on them. How could they bear that?

So the Demon Sect members came forward to accuse Ah Jin of killing without blinking an eye.

They wanted to blame the Tianshan Sect because she slaughtered a village!

Gu Qingmei was dumbfounded watching her pig teammate's antics.

By the time the pig teammates knew they were spoiling things, the rumors were long gone.

Instead, the Jianghu began to praise Yao Jin, "Brave and courageous to break through the Demon Lair despite the hardships.” She was also given a nickname. People gave her the nickname "Demon Hunter."

San Qi fell down on the table, laughing while holding its belly.

"Boss! The people here are so talented! Hahahahahaha."

Ah Jin's face was expressionless. "Maybe I have hidden skills and can transform."

San Qi was already rolling around laughing all over the floor.

"I can't. I can't. Don't tease me. I'm going to die laughing."

"Stop laughing. Everyone has been sent. I'm ready to go back."

San Qi then stopped laughing and said, "What a coincidence then. They're going out to look for you tomorrow, too. Boss, where are you? I'll fly over to you first."

"Hmm? So attentive? Don't you always prefer to avoid me?"

San Qi gulped. "Not at all. It is just your imagination. We are dependent on each other. If I don't look for you, who else can I look for?"

Ah Jin didn't answer its question and threw out the name of a place, "Pingyang City."

"Okay! I'm on my way!"

San Qi flapped its wings and flew out of the window, quickly heading for Pingyang City.

Seeing San Qi flying away, the fourth junior brother, practicing martial arts outside the house, shouted hurriedly, "San Qi, where are you going?"

San Qi flew very fast and disappeared in a moment. The fourth junior brother did not catch up with San Qi even though he was using qinggong

"Fourth junior brother, where are you going in such a panic?" Passing by, the second senior brother asked him.

"San Qi has flown away! It's the bird that senior sister bought!"

The second senior brother naturally knew that very spiritual bird. He told the fourth junior brother, "Forget about the bird for now. Senior brother Lu is here and is in the hall now."

When the second senior brother and the fourth junior brother arrived, Lu Zhiyu was catching up with Fu Cheng.

"Martial nephew, what have you gained from this experience?"

"Thank you for your concern, martial uncle Fu. I was lucky to have senior sister Yao to take care of me on the way. This time, I have gained a lot."

Fu Cheng stroked his beard and nodded his head in satisfaction.

"That's good. Yao Jin is just a little bit cold in nature. In the future, you should be more considerate."

Lu Zhiyu’s face burnt subtly.

"This little nephew thinks that senior sister Yao's character is very good."

Fu Cheng laughed out loud after hearing that.

Listening to their conversation, the brothers’ hearts were like spilled seasoning bottles. It was very messy.

Sweet and sour, bitter and spicy, each and every type. The various tastes could not be listed.

At this time, Gu Qingmei came late. She looked at the handsome and extraordinary man in the hall and shouted shyly, "Senior brother Lu."

The crowd looked at the door.

She was dressed in a lake green shirt, wearing a thin light veil of emerald green smoke. Her skin was like snow, and her expression was filled with emotion. Her beautiful pair of eyes longing to speak. How did they look clear?

Fu Cheng frowned a little. What kind of dress was that?

The third junior brother was outspoken in nature and wanted to ask, so he did.

"Junior sister, why are you wearing that kind of clothes? I have not heard that the sect is going to hold a celebration ah."

Gu Qingmei ignored the blunt man and focused on looking at Lu Zhiyu lovingly.

Lu Zhiyu only glanced at her for a second and then withdrew his gaze.

He bowed to Fu Cheng and said, "Martial uncle, this little nephew has a request."

Fu Cheng sat up straight.

"Tell me."

"To be honest, I'm a little worried that senior sister Yao has not returned after so long. I would like to ask for your permission to go down to the mountain with my brothers to look for senior sister Yao."

Fu Cheng expected that it was something. After hearing such words, he could not be happier.

"Good, good, it is very good that you have this heart. Have you gotten your master's permission?"

"Yes, master has agreed."

"In that case, you can go with them tomorrow to find Yao Jin."

Lu Zhiyu saluted and thanked, "Many thanks, martial uncle."

Seeing this, Gu Qingmei lifted her skirt and trotted a few steps.

"Master, I'm going too. I'm also worried about senior sister."

Fu Cheng did not answer. He just slowly sipped his tea and savored the bitter taste.

"You do not have to go."

Gu Qingmei disagreed, "Master ~. Why can't I go if my senior brothers can go! I want to go!"

"Don't be ridiculous. You're not very skilled in martial arts. If you go, you won't be of much help. It's better not to cause them any trouble."

Gu Qingmei did not give up. She insisted that she had to go to Yao Jin.

"Master, since junior sister wants to go so much, let her go."

Gu Qingmei gratefully looked at the second senior brother who helped her.

"Master, I promise not to get into trouble. Please!"

Fu Cheng looked at her and sighed. When children grew up, they were too big to control.

"In that case, you can go along. If you get into trouble on the way, you will have to bear the consequences yourself. Don't come back to me to back you up."

Gu Qingmei agreed without a second thought. She promised again and again that she would not get into trouble.

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