Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1089: Good night, sick big brother (Part 14)

“You’re awake?”  Du Jiu Sheng’s lips curled into a beautiful arc as he slowly moved towards her.

She sat up and he helped her put the pillows up.

“Un, how long was I asleep?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows and felt that her body was weak.

Du Jiu Sheng saw her head come down slightly and he unknowingly reached out to touch her head, “You have to rest more if you’re sick.”

“What about Leng…...Big brother Yan Si!”  She almost said Leng Yan Si, but then she suddenly remembered her role and immediately pulled it back!

She was a gentle and good little sister, she should call people older than her big brother.

“He won’t die.”  Du Jiu Sheng’s deep eyes had an unpredictable thought, “It seems like Xiao Qing has a good impression of Leng Yan Si.”

Un, there was a bit of discomfort in his heart!

“It’s alright!  He seems like a good person.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips into a kind smile, “Big brother’s friends are good people.”

Liking someone was a strange thing.  It can blind your heart and make you focus on one thing.

Pain and happiness…...

“Un humph.”  He gave a cold snort and his slender fingers fixed her bangs, “He…..can’t be considered a good person.”

When he wasn’t here, this man had entered his ‘little sister’s’ room, he can’t be considered a good person.

Even if this was her first time seeing him this close, Du Jiu Sheng who had changed out of his military uniform looked quite good.


She didn’t sleep that night and she was discharged on the third day.  She was told that she would enter the third year of high school with Du Jiu Sheng, normally she would have still been in her second year.

But Luo Qing Chen had answered all the entrance questions with her high IQ and entered the third year.

Of course Du Jiu Sheng was in his third year.

Chilly High School, third year seventh class.

On the first day, the three words Du Jiu Sheng spread across the entire campus.

The wealthy young master and a dazzling face, it captured a bunch of fan girls.

Of course, Luo Qing Chen had taken over as the school flower from Mu Xi Nian.

Outside the toilet of the third year bathroom, Mu Xi Nian’s followers were dissatisfied.

“What is the background of this new school flower!  She doesn’t seem like much, how can she compare to our big sister Xi Nian?”

“The photos on the form were clearly photoshopped, so shameless!  Our big sister Xi Nian is a pure beauty!”

“I’ve heard that it was school hunk Jiu Sheng’s little sister, but the details were unclear.”

“She is Jiu Sheng’s little sister?”  Mu Xi Nian heard what this follower said and spoke up to ask.

“Yes!  Big sister Xi Nian, I heard that she is Du Jiu Sheng’s non blood related step sister!”  Follower A said, “Right, big sister Xi Nian, you and school hunk Jiu Sheng were quite close back in year one.  Now that he’s back after two years, you two…..Hei, hei, hei!”

“Stop speaking nonsense.”  Mu Xi Nian arrogantly flipped her curly brown hair, “Our relationship is good, but Jiu Sheng doesn’t like to be disturbed.  It’s better if there were fewer rumours!”

Actually Mu Xi Nian really wanted the whole school to be filled with rumours about her and Du Jiu Sheng.  After all, she had had a crush on this man for a long time.

Now that he was finally back and they were in the same class, how could she not take this chance and make her crush a reality?

As for that new school flower?  He, he, they were not blood related, so Du Jiu Sheng shouldn’t care about her that much!

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