Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1088: Good night, sick big brother (Part 13)

Leng Yan Si was cursing from behind them, mostly saying ‘caring about one’s sister more than one’s friend’!

Of course, Du Jiu Sheng had called an ambulance for him, but he didn’t plan on carrying him back.

In his eyes, he was already a good enough brother by calling an ambulance.

After all, the desire to imprison Luo Qing Chen had filled his mind at this moment.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart kept beating fast when she was pulled away by him, feeling like she had returned to the special world.

There was a heat that came from his hand as he led her forward.

“The mountain is very slippery, I’ll carry you back.”  He gave the umbrella to her before squatting down.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know if the other side was just doing this to make her fall in love with him or if it came from the bottom of his heart.

Actually, even Du Jiu Sheng was confused at this moment…...

The raindrops fell onto his handsome face and at that moment, he just thought about not wanting the girl behind him to catch a cold.

Actually if it was the normal Luo Qing Chen, she definitely would have rejected him.

After all, even without her system, she had never been weak and needed protection.

But right now, she had to act according to the script.  She should be a good little sister who listened to her big brother…...

“Un……”  She softly muttered and went onto Du Jiu Sheng’s back, as he gently lifted her up.

“Cover yourself, don’t worry about me.”  His beautiful voice came with the sound of the rain as it hit her ears.

“Big brother…...You’re not bringing back big brother Yan Si?”  She looked over at Leng Yan Si who was still wailing in the cave.

She suddenly felt a bit bad…...

Yes, it was just feeling a bit bad, there was no feeling other than feeling a bit bad.

“He is not your big brother.”  After a while, his magnetic voice came out again with a firm tone, “I am your big brother……”

Right!  Big brother…...

Even if Du Ling Er didn’t die, she was his ‘little sister’ in name.

“Puchi.”  She gave a chuckle before revealing a faint smile, “I thought that you wouldn’t come back for me.”

“I am your big brother, I will naturally come if you’re gone.”  His gentle voice penetrated her heart without any defenses.

It was just like a candy that crushed everything.

The previous host was someone who fell in love with this man without experiencing past lives and she was a soul that had gone through past lives…..

If they compared who fell first, she had already lost by a half.

“Un, big brother really is great!”  She pursed her lips and gave a nod.  Her head leaned on his broad shoulders and she closed her eyes as she felt tired.

Her limbs were cold and her forehead was warm.

It seemed like she had a fever…...

That body was already weak and she had been injured, so just after just a bit of rain, she slept for two days.

There was the smell of alcohol in the air, it was very quiet in a very expensive hospital.

The sun shined through the window onto her white cheeks.  Her lashes trembled slightly as her clear eyes opened and she saw the youth standing in front of the window.

His clothes were very casual, a white sweater and a gray wool coat, it made him look like a school hunk.

Du Jiu Sheng felt the eyes focusing on him and when he turned, his back was against the light, making it seem like his handsome face was glowing.

Those ink like eyes locked onto her clear eyes and both of them were stunned, like they were having a sense of deja vu…..

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