Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1086: Good night, sick big brother (Part 11)

When he came back to the villa, everyone had already finished and they were all talking about how his ‘little sister’ had gone off in the night with Leng Yan Si.

“Jiu Sheng is back.”  Mi Tang gave him a towel before saying with a smile, “Your ‘little sister’ truly is a beauty, even Leng Yan Si who didn’t let any girl into his heart couldn’t resist her charm!”

Mi Tang’s words didn’t sound that good, there was an implication that Luo Qing Chen was a seductress.

“Where are they?”  Du Jiu Sheng knit his brows as he unconsciously looked out.

He was a bit confused.  Why did Leng Yan Si take her out in this rain?

But what confused him even more was that he was strangely worried.

“Relax, Yan Si drove.  This is his territory, could something happen?”

“Ha, ha!  Car…..shaking?”

“Ze, ze, it seems possible.  When I went to your room, I saw that Yan Si opened a bottle of 82 Lafite and he drank it all.  He really invested quite a bit this time!”

No one felt a single bit of danger, it wasn’t much for them to drunk drive during a rainy night.

Du Jiu Sheng casually looked around and he could tell what they were thinking.

Other than watching the fun, they didn’t care.

“Jiu Sheng, don’t worry about them!  Anyway, your little sister isn’t anything good…..”  Mi Tang was wearing hot shorts and stuck to him like candy.

“What did you say?”  He narrowed his eyes and a chill came from him.

He had to admit, he hated people speaking about Luo Qing Chen like this.  He strangely wanted to use his ability to protect her.


The surrounding temperature dropped.  The rain outside the window had turned into hail in just a few seconds.

Everyone could feel the chill from Du Jiu Sheng.  Mi Tang took a step back and awkwardly said with a smile, “Aiyo, look at how serious you are.  I know it’s your precious little sister, we’ll go find her with you!”

She rarely saw Du Jiu Sheng getting angry, she could even feel a strange killing intent from his eyes.

Was it for that ‘little sister’ who killed his real little sister?


“No need.”  He looked up and the hail outside the window turned back to rain.  He didn’t think much as he walked out the door.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, but they didn’t dare say anything.

After all, in this room, whether it was in wealth or influence, there was no one qualified to match the Du Family, they couldn’t even compare to the Leng Family.

Leaving the villa, Du Jiu Sheng drove with his lights on high looking for Leng Yan Si’s car.  It was raining very heavily, but it didn’t affect him at all.

At an extreme curve, he saw that the railing had been smashed and his eyes suddenly turned dark, as a feeling of suffocation appeared in his chest.

He got out of the car with a black umbrella.  It was very dark around him and he couldn’t see clearly.  The hillside was very slippery, he might accidentally fall down if he wasn’t careful.

But Du Jiu Sheng didn’t care at all.

The only thought he had was…..to quickly find her…..them.

The thorns on the vines cut his skin and blood fell down drop by drop.

He closed his eyes and the surrounding puddles condensed into ice.

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows as a piece of ice fell down onto her hand.

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