Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1084: Good night, sick big brother (Part 9)

“Xiao Qing, how can you say this?”  Leng Yan Si casually poured her another glass of wine and gently said, “Those are just rumours.  Not to mention that Jiu Sheng wouldn’t believe it, how could we believe it!”

“He doesn’t believe it?”

“Of course.”  Leng Yan Si finished the glass of red wine in his hand, “If he didn’t believe, he wouldn’t care for you this much.”

Care for me?

She gave a cold laugh and swirled the wine in her hand before drinking it down.  There was a faint red colour on her lips and the scent of red wine filled the entire room, making people feel a bit drunk.

Leng Yan Si was surprised as his eyes gradually blurred.  The rain outside became stronger and his heart became more unsettled.

“Right!  Big brother treats me the best.”  Her slender white hand took the remaining bottle of red wine on the table and she chugged it down.  Then she turned to look at Leng Yan Si, “It’s very late, I should rest.”

When the 82 Lafite was finished, Leng Yan Si was stunned.  He naturally understood this clear order to send him off, but the burning desire made him unwilling to leave this place.

The girl’s complexion was a bit pale and her face was a bit red.  The other side’s figure could even be seen in her clear eyes.

On this long night, it kept swallowing the conscience of the person in front of her.

Luo Qing Chen was very clear that Leng Yan Si was moved…...

“There’s a place nearby where you can see a very beautiful aurora while it rains.  Anyway, Jiu Sheng won’t be back that fast, do you want to go and take a look?”

“Going out when the rain is this heavy, big brother Yan Si is quite interesting.”  Luo Qing Chen looked out the window.  It was raining quite heavily and there was the sound of thunder, filling her cold heart.

“Jiu Sheng can go out for his dearest little sister, why do we need to waste this good time!”  Leng Yan Si was a bit dissatisfied.  In their noble circle, every young master wanted to be the most outstanding and most loved by women.

In this circle, Du Jiu Sheng was always the dazzling one in the center.

Since this girl was the enemy who killed his little sister, wouldn’t there be a sense of accomplishment if he could subdue her?

“You’re…..very right!”  She raised a brow as her lips curled slightly.

In a situation without a system, there was only one way to know how much affection Du Jiu Sheng had for her.

Make him jealous…...

A Rolls Royce running along the mountain road at midnight was playing with life.  Because he had drunk wine, Leng Yan Si’s car swerved a bit, but Luo Qing Chen wasn’t fazed by this at all.

It was like this life and death speed couldn’t impact her heart, rather it gradually calmed her anxious heart.

Since it was useless to say anything, she might as well enjoy this show!

At least, the male lead was him…...

At least, she was a special person to him…...

Even if the hate was greater.

Leng Yan Si looked over at her and seeing that she wasn’t worried at all, there was a strange sense of defeat.


The desire to conquer her kept increasing.  Leng Yan Si slightly pursed his lips into a beautiful arc.  His right foot stepped down on the accelerator as thunder roared in the sky.  The wheels slipped and the entire car flew off the mountain road.

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