Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1081: Good night, sick big brother (Part 6)

Although he just came back, he was familiar with friendships between the children of rich families.

He wouldn’t think that time would affect this ‘friendship’.

“Hong long.”  The sky on the right gradually darkened and thunder boomed.  It seemed like there would be a big storm tonight.

“What’s the matter?”  Seeing her slightly knit her brows, Du Jiu Sheng couldn’t help revealing a faint smile, “Don’t worry, big brother will protect you!”

In a mixed place like this, a few glasses of wine meant that something important was gone.

His heart was filled with pain, but to really kill her, he strangely…..wasn’t willing.

This was his first time feeling this strange contradictory feeling.  It felt very uncomfortable…..but also a bit expectant.

“Right, Xiao Qing isn’t afraid if big brother is here.”  When she said this, there was a faint cold look in her eyes.

His heart strangely hurt when he heard this.  It really was a very strange feeling.

The road to the villa on the mountain was very long, so as the rain got bigger, the road became more slippery.

But Du Jiu Sheng didn’t slow down at all.  Rather he kept driving faster, reaching the speed of life and death.

Luo Qing Chen just slightly knit her brows and bit her lip, but she didn’t say a word.

Until the car suddenly braked and the luxurious Benz stopped in front of a villa.

The villa was very big, it seemed like a private entertainment business.  One could hear the loud music from outside, it was very extravagant.

Luo Qing Chen was prepared to use her right hand to open the door when Du Jiu Sheng’s cold fingers took her hand, “Don’t get out, I’ll get an umbrella first.”

She gave a chuckle and a nod, “Alright.”

Suddenly she could see through it a bit, knowing what kind of role she needed to play here.

Since the other side wanted to be the big brother who pampered his little sister, why should she be the little sister who always listened to her big brother?

Whoever fell in love first would be the one who lost, wasn’t that true?

There was only one person in the audience…..

When she opened the door, ,Du Jiu Sheng took her in his embrace.  He put almost the entire umbrella over her while only covering half of his body.

As they went in, the surrounding temperatures dropped.  At that moment, the heat that came from the youth’s body was just right.

She suddenly felt that this world was just to abuse her…...

That depressed feeling in her heart, this feeling of only her having the memories…...

“Peng, peng, peng.”  When they walked in, there was confetti that fell over them.

Everyone came over to Du Jiu Sheng.  The girls were all wearing skimpy outfits and walked in a seductive manner.

“Jiu Sheng, you’re finally back!  Our Black Club can’t lack you!”

“Right, right!  You went for two years, which country did you go to!  How boring is it!”

“Isn’t that right?  You went abroad and your little sister…..”

“Shut up……”

“Sorry, Jiu Sheng……”

The atmosphere became awkward, but Du Jiu Sheng’s face didn’t change at all.  He pulled Luo Qing Chen beside him and introduced her to everyone with a faint smile, “This is also my little sister, you can call her Xiao Qing or Qing Chen.”

Everyone took a cold breath at that moment.

The rich family’s children were naturally informed.  They naturally knew that this so-called ‘little sister’ of Du Jiu Sheng was the one who killed his biological little sister.

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