Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1080: Good night, sick big brother (Part 5)

At half past one, she changed into a black and white dress after her shower and put on some MAC strawberry coloured lipstick before slowly walking down.

Du Jiu Sheng was leaning against the stairway.  He had also changed, he had changed into a more casual outfit.

Luo Qing Chen took a step forward and looked over his appearance, feeling like it was out of this world.

Her mind filled with memories and they all spread in front of her eyes.

“Silly girl, what are you thinking?”  When he spoke with a gentle magnetic voice, her eyes turned red.

“Nothing…..”  She looked up and said, “Just thinking of a song that suits us.”



His deep eyes were taken aback and an emotion that people couldn’t understand flickered in them.

There were crowds of people on the road.  Sitting in Du Jiu Sheng’s luxurious Benz, she had a very depressed feeling in her heart.

This person came from the person beside her who seemed calm and overbearing.

She could see through his heart, see through the mist in front of her.

“Where does Xiao Qing want to go?  Big brother will take you anywhere.”  His voice was very gentle.  If she didn’t know how much this man hated her, she would have fallen for his soft words.

How he hated this person in front of him, only he knew.  This girl who seemed innocent, why could she cruelly kill a person and escape the law?

He didn’t understand and didn’t understand why this person didn’t get her retribution.

But with his high IQ and EQ, he couldn’t help admit that when this girl looked at him, there was a very strange feeling in the depths of his heart.

It was like at some time, he had seen this bright and cheery smile, a smile that suffocated one with its beauty.

“How about I guess where you want to go.”  She put her right hand on her cheek and looked out the window.  She calmly said, “The Eastern Hill Cemetery, right?”

“Si.”  With a quick drift, she slightly knit her brows, but she didn’t show any panic at all.

Rather Du Jiu Sheng on the side had an ice cold look on his face.  His deep eyes kept changing and the bottle of mineral water on the side trembled.

Less than three seconds later, it quickly froze.

Luo Qing Chen looked at it, but she didn’t say a thing.

Until Du Jiu Sheng’s cold voice slowly came out, “You really dare go there?”

A murderer actually had the courage to go visit the person she killed, could it be that there was another secret to her little sister’s death?

Or perhaps this girl sitting beside him was too confident.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”  She raised a brow and her lips curled slightly to reveal a taunting smile.

Perhaps people couldn’t see it, but he could see everything with his high IQ.

“I mean that for a cute girl like Xiao Qing, isn’t it better to go somewhere else?”  Du Jiu Sheng drove around another corner as he said, “Big brother can take you to a party, a cosplay party.”

This cosplay party was to entertain rich people.  Without the system, she didn’t know when the supporting male lead and the supporting female lead would appear.

She didn’t have a deep impression of these two in the previous host’s memories.  The supporting male lead was a Leng Yan Si should be a rich young master, the type that didn’t give out his attention easily

His motto was: If you didn’t wildly love someone, don’t waste my time!

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