Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 108

The disciples were very busy for several days until they finally eradicated all the nests and sent the girls back without any problems.

However, their eldest senior sister, as though she had disappeared from the earth, remained unheard of.

The fourth junior brother looked at San Qi jumping around on the table and asked, "San Qi, do you know where your master has gone? Why is she not back yet?"

San Qi, of course, knew that its boss was taking the girls home. All the while, she took them on a trip to the mountains. She was so relaxed that she didn't remember her fellow disciples.

As they had been waiting there, Gu Qingmei suggested that they go back to the Tianshan Sect first. Perhaps the eldest senior sister had already gone back.

The time for the training was limited. It was almost time, but she had not returned yet.

They could only listen to Gu Qingmei's suggestion and return to the Tianshan Sect first.

Before leaving, they left a letter to the villagers. If their eldest senior sister returned to the village, then the note will be given to her.

Lu Zhiyu also bid farewell to them.

"Since you are going back to the Tianshan Sect, then I won't go along with you. I have some time left and would like to visit other places. I will see you in the future."

The second junior brother clasped his fist, "Be careful on your journey, senior brother Lu. You are welcome to come to the Tianshan Sect anytime if you find an opportunity in the future."

Gu Qingmei also stepped forward and said, "Senior brother Lu, let's meet again."

They parted ways and went off in different directions.

After a couple of days of fast pace journey, they finally arrived back at Tianshan Sect.

As soon as they arrived, they went to find their master Fu Cheng instead of freshening up.

Fu Cheng sat in the hall drinking tea when he heard his third disciple's voice arrive before he appeared.

"Master? Master! We're back!"

And only after saying that, he ran in hurriedly.

"Master! Is my senior sister back?"

Fu Cheng put down the cup of tea in his hand and chided, "When will this impatient nature of yours change?"

The third junior brother said anxiously, "I will change it later. Has my senior sister arrived back or not?"

Fu Cheng's brow knitted lightly.

"What happened to Yao Jin? She didn't come back with you?"

The second junior brother and others who had lagged behind then entered the hall.

"Master, don't be ridiculous. Eldest senior sister is a bit delayed."

Fu Cheng's heart relaxed a little when he heard this.

"In the end, what happened? Tell me slowly."

The second junior brother dragged the third junior brother, who wanted to speak, and gave him a wink. Yet, before he could say anything, Gu Qingmei suddenly jumped into Fu Cheng's arms and started crying.

"Master, what should we do? Eldest senior sister was captured by the Demon Sect men. Right now, her life or death is not known."

Fu Cheng was so shocked that he pulled Gu Qingmei out of his arms.

"Captured by the Demon Sect? What is going on?"

Gu Qingmei sobbed and said, "We found a village where young girls were disappearing one after another, and it looked like the work of the Demon Sect. So I pretended to be a villager with senior sister to lure the Demon Sect in, trying to get rid of them all. But who knew that the Demon Sect used what underhanded means to capture senior sister. It has been half a month, and nothing has been heard from her. Not sure if she is alive or dead."

After listening, Fu Cheng's eyelids jumped.

He suppressed his worry and said calmly, "Do not cry so fast. Your senior sister is not only calm, but her martial arts skills are also rare among her peers. She will definitely be fine."

The second junior brother took Gu Qingmei as soon as he found a gap and said, "Master is right. You should not worry about senior sister."

Looking at the second apprentice's calm and steady attitude, Fu Cheng's heart could not help but feel more at ease.

"Look at your dusty appearance. Go freshen up and rest. Second disciple, come to my side later."

"Yes, this disciple obeys."

"We ask to be excused."

Gu Qingmei was not dispirited when she saw that her first move did not have an effect.

Anyway, Yao Jin had been caught away, and she had a lot of time to play slowly. After the second junior brother finished freshening up, he went again to Fu Cheng's place.

"Greetings, Master."

Fu Cheng waved his hand, "Don't be polite. Sit down quickly and explain things clearly."

Yao Jin was his first child, and he invested most of his heart and soul in her. Since he had never married in his life, it was not too much to say that Yao Jin had been his daughter.

"Master, don't worry. Senior sister should be fine. It was under false pretenses that she was captured. She gave us a message saying that she went to explore the situation and would be back soon. There must be something on the way that has delayed her."

When Fu Cheng heard that Yao Jin had been captured under false pretenses, his heart was relieved.

"In that case, then I'm relieved."

The second junior brother hesitated for a moment and then said to Fu Cheng, "Master, I have one more thing that this disciple does not know whether to say or not."

"You can say it."

"We encountered an interception on our way to the village. We suspected that our whereabouts were exposed, so the Demon Sect came to intercept and eliminate us."

Fu Cheng nodded, "This shows that you are not careful and have been discovered by someone who has ulterior motives."

"We also met senior brother Lu Zhiyu on the way. He was with us on this matter. He privately spoke with me that he had suspicions that someone from the Demon Sect might be around and tipped us off."

Fu Cheng was shocked, "Oh? There is such a thing?"

The second junior brother lowered his head.

"Although senior brother Lu said so, the people who went out this time were all our fellow disciples.  There was no outsider tagging along. He clearly meant that there was a spy among us.

"Master, I grew up with my brothers, and I would never believe it. But how else would someone know where we are when the senior sister is so careful? I can't figure it out."

Fu Cheng stroked his head, "If you can't figure it out, don't think about it.

Master will keep an eye on this case. Now that you have grown up, you should also pay close attention to those around you. Today, this matter is between us. I believe there must be someone in your heart who you suspect."

The second junior brother bit his lips. His eyes were red, and he did not want to say the name.

Fu Cheng didn't push it either.

"You will know people's hearts after a long while. This is also a kind of honing for you."

The second junior brother looked at him and asked.

"Master, don't you feel uneasy?"

Fu Cheng sighed as he looked at the tea leaves floating and sinking in the cup.

"Two things are equally important, and one is difficult to give up. Your master is also a human being. How could I not feel bad? Nevertheless, it is still early to determine everything. I hope this is all a misunderstanding."

The second junior brother suppressed his heart's distress. He said dejectedly, "This disciple is tired, master. Please excuse me."

Fu Cheng stroked his head again. "Rest well. Worry no more. I have everything under my belt."

The third junior brother walked around anxiously at the master's door. Seeing his second senior brother coming out, he immediately went up to him and grabbed him.

"Second senior brother, what did the master say? When are we going out to find eldest senior sister?"

The second junior brother swatted his hand away.

"Master didn't say anything."

The third junior brother scratched his ears.

"What does that mean? Are we just going to wait?"

The second junior brother stared impatiently at him. He was envious. Those people who had generous hearts lived happily.

"Don't be anxious! Eldest senior sister is so powerful. She will be fine."

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