Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1078: Good night, sick big brother (Part 3)

Now time has returned to a year ago.  Du Ling Er had just died and Du Jiu Sheng was about to come back.

Luo Qing Chen sat straight up and took a deep breath as she seriously recalled the story of the previous host.

Her hands weren’t stained in blood, other than Du Ling Er’s…...

But her death couldn’t be completely blamed on the previous host.

A hand can’t clap alone and a rabbit would bite if it was forced in a corner, not to mention someone with a somewhat twisted heart.

Luo Qing Chen opened her eyes to look around herself.  She had a lace-filled princess room with a luxurious five stage wardrobe that was filled with all kinds of cute loli styled clothes.

It was the day Du Jiu Sheng was coming back and the seventh day after Du Ling Er’s death.

She suddenly felt a bit tired, this place really was depressing.  She thought that when they met again, it would be a warm and pampering story.

But she didn’t know that there would be a depressing feeling that made it hard for her to breathe.

There was a full length mirror in front of her.  She chose a pink lace princess dress, a colourful rainbow crystal bracelet, and a hairpin with a bow.  She was cute, but also gorgeous.

At that moment, she properly looked over her face.  Indeed, it was incredibly beautiful.

With a face like delicate porcelain, clean and clear black eyes that seemed to glow, and cherry red lips that were tender.  Her brown gray hair was curled at her shoulder, just like if a comb ran through it, it would come straight down.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath.  With the high IQ of this body, she could roughly understand the process of this situation without a system and…..

The personality of the male lead.

This was a game of who would fall in love first…..The one who fell in love first would lose.

She didn’t know when they returned to that day a year later, would everything begin again or if they could change the ending.

“Young miss, the master and the madame are in the hall.  The young master’s car has already reached the door.”  When she opened her door, Xiao Lu came over with a smile.

Xiao Du was a maid of the Du Family, she had been following her since she came to the Du Manor.

As for her character…..there wasn’t much to say.

The previous host was very clear who Lu’er belonged to, since she was a very intelligent person.

The Du Family’s villa was very big and it took her five minutes to walk to the dining hall.

When the door opened, there was a familiar aura in the air that made her heart unknowingly beat faster.

Looking into the distance, it was like ten thousand years.

“Master, madame, the young miss is here.”  The butler saw her first and her first sight was that familiar youth.

The same curve on his lips, those eyes like stars, and the skin like snow.  He wasn’t wearing the same camouflage uniform like last time, rather he was wearing a clean cut black suit, looking incredibly handsome.

Du Jiu Sheng slowly turned after hearing this and his eyes fell onto her as he trembled a bit.

He had long heard his little sister say that the daughter brought by their stepmother looked very good.  She also said that she always gets along with her big sister very well.  Although there were times her big sister didn’t like her, she was very cute and would make her big sister like her.

This was what his good little sister normally said to him, but that so-called ‘big sister’ was this vicious that he couldn’t stand her.

So what if she was beautiful, there will be consequences for killing.

The water in the wine glass on the table gradually turned to ice and the temperature around them dropped.

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath before walking towards Du Jiu Sheng with her head up high.

It really…...had been a long time.

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