Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1077: Good night, sick big brother (Part 2)

When Luo Qing Chen accepted the previous host’s memories, she felt her world views were about to collapse…...

No matter how much she liked slapping face, she at least saw herself as a ‘good’ person.

What she could do and what would go against her conscience, this was something that she was clear on.

After all, in her eyes, the heavens saw what people did.  No matter what, you had to be worthy of your conscience.

But the previous host wasn’t…...

This previous host was a bad person, it could be said that she was a bad person who collapsed.

Because she killed many people, including Du Jiu Sheng’s little sister, Du Jiu Ling.

This incident was completely covered up by her incredibly powerful stepfather.  The Du Family was the strongest family in Qian City.

The previous host’s father died early, creating a twisted personality for the previous host.  Her mother had married the male lead’s father Du Jie.

She officially entered the Du Family.  The male lead had been studying abroad and the male lead’s little sister lived with her.

Cold words were the skills a young miss had to have and Du Jiu Ling kept causing trouble for the previous host with her status as the first wife’s daughter.

The previous host had been in the Du Family for a year when she designed a trap for Du Jiu Ling to ‘die in an accident’.

Du Jie didn’t feel many emotions after learning of this matter because in his eyes, the previous host was more important than his daughter.

Because he was madly in love with the previous host’s mother, Xia Wan.

As for the previous host.

High IQ, high EQ, good face, a good figure, and a delicate voice gave her a very strong charm.

Good looks weren't considered much, but a heaven defying appearance changed many things.

For example: Grabbing plenty of people in the school.

For example: A high IQ not only gave her the admiration of boys, there were many girls that liked her too.

Smart people can live to the end, and stupid people were the first to eat the ‘poisoned crabs’.

She was always this smart.  No matter who she killed, she always made it seem like an accident.

There was no one who knew that she killed people other than her stepfather Du Jie and…...

Her stepbrother of different parents, Du Jiu Sheng.

Her death was because she fell in love with Du Jiu Sheng, love made people confused.  The male lead was the same as her, in order to take revenge for his little sister, he had led the previous host into a soft trap step by step.

As the school hunk, the male lead naturally had many fans.  The previous host had used her high intelligence to kill them one by one and Du Jiu Sheng knew everything, but he ‘still’ treated her well.

When the previous host thought that she would live a happy life with the male lead, the male lead had shattered this dream.

In the world of love, whoever became serious first lost.

Actually the day the previous host and the male lead met, the previous host had said: You mustn’t fall in love with me, I am here for revenge.

Perhaps time looped and killing people had a price.

Perhaps this was life, perhaps this was the ‘so-called’ love that was more important than life.

In the end, the previous host couldn’t accept this fact.  She had lost, she had lost to the male lead, she had lost to this so-called love.

Actually, the previous host had the same thought as Du Jiu Sheng.  She wanted the other side to fall in love with her before cruelly abandoning the other side.

However, this person with high IQ and EQ couldn’t beat the male lead’s plot.

In the end, she died to the word ‘love’.  Her personality was her final thing, so she cut several of her arteries and headed to the male lead’s room step by step, dying in front of him…...

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