Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1075: Little theater side story

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, the annual little theater has been activated for this world!

The system is also very excited.  This time we will interview the arrogant demonic school hunk male god, Li Si Nai!

[Let’s not talk too much, now let’s enter the most exciting ten question session!  Welcome male god young master Li!]


[......]  The system silently said in its heart: The system doesn’t like this wild young man at all.

“Quickly ask.”  Li Si Nai impatiently looked at the non-existent system.

Then the system fell!

[“First question: What was your first impression of our host?”]

“Cute, gentle, and a considerate beauty.”

[Like the system believes your…..]

[“Second question: Who do you hate the most in this world?”]

“Mi Zhi.”

After all, that so-called noble had made her leave for an entire three years.

It wasn’t long or short, but it was a kind of loneliness that no one could understand.

[The system also hates her!]

[“Third question: Tell us something that was funny in your life?”]

“We had a cat and I would tell it to come to dad.  Then she said to me, whoever has an animal call them dad…..”

[And then, and then!]

“And then I told our cat to come to big brother!  Or I would say come to auntie Qing Chen!”

[Did the host not hit you?]

“She did!  It really hurts……”

[“Fourth question: What did you normally do for fun?”]

“We played PUBG!”

[What is that?]

“It’s a shooting game!  She normally asked me: Who am I?  Where am I?  Who’s shooting me?  Why did I die?”

[You’re saying that the host is a noob…..]

“Girl’s aren’t suited to playing those games.  Of course I would definitely take the head of whoever killed her with a single headshot.”

[Ha, ha, only game god!]

[“Fifth question: What do you think the host lacks?”]

“Easily impulsive!  I don’t know why, but when she was bored, she would write novels!  She was very excited whenever she wrote about face slapping!  When we were having a meal, there was some white face that came over and she let out a long list of words without pausing…..she was slapped so hard that she forgot everything!”

[Pu, ha, ha, this system is laughing to death!]

[“Sixth question: What do you think is the host’s best point?”]

“Very handsome when slapping face!”


[“Seventh question: What would you do when a love rival appeared?”]


[The system has a shivering feeling!]

[“Eighth question: When were you the most angry in this life?”]

“I was never angry after getting married……”  He thought about it before continuing, “I was before marriage, when we were playing Truth or Dare!  No matter what I asked, she would never answer and her tolerance was good!  So angry…..”

[Ha, ha, ha.]  The system covered its non-existent mouth and laughed a few times.

[“Ninth question: Do you have any wishes?”]

“That this life can be longer and she wouldn’t leave……”

[“Tenth question: It seems like it’s not possible!  Then tell her something, you know she can hear it!”]

“Quickly come find me!  Don’t you dare delay!  There’s not much time!  I’m waiting for you, waiting for you in the same place!”

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 19/100]

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