Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1074: Side story: Thank you for teaching me the difference between kissing and artificial respiration

March, when the snow turns to rain.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, I will be here waiting for you.  ——Li Si Nai.

The first moment I saw her, I really had the urge to roll her up in a ball and throw her!

After all, there were many people who liked me and quite a few people who wanted to approach me, but she was the first to approach me like this.

Although I learned that she didn’t want to approach me, I felt a bit uncomfortable.

Our story didn’t have any large ups and downs.  When I fell in love with her, it was in the yard.  That kiss that lit up my eyes, it really made my heart skip a beat.

I never thought of what kind of girl would attract a person like me.  But when she kissed me, I only had a single thought.

Kiss back, kiss back, kiss back.

These words filled my empty mind and I did what they said.

I liked that feeling of being matched, so I didn’t understand why Nan Luo Ze would like Su Xiao Xiao.

In my eyes, only a strong match could attract me.

Even if she wasn’t a ‘noble’, I could feel her strength.

When facing those nobles, she always looked down from above them.

Other than once when she almost lost our couple ring.

Although I was very angry, when I personally helped her, there was a bit of excitement in my heart.

She really was very special, as if she always had confidence in herself.  She never retreated no matter what, bravely moving forward.

That three point shot was simply going against the sky, I didn’t like how those boys looked at her.

She only belonged to me, it was fine whether she was outstanding or not.

The owner of the ring was actually my destiny.

Of course only in the end did I know that it didn’t matter whether she was a match for me or not.

Actually as long as she came back at the agreed time, three years passed by in the blink of an eye.

Our story continued through our lives and we argued until we grew old, but I was always the one who gave up first.

After all, she was my family’s cutest daughter in law.

When the four of us gathered together for a meal, Nan Luo Ze said something to me.

She really didn’t seem like your family’s daughter in law…..

I almost sent a punch in anger from this, but he quickly added something.

She seems like your family’s daughter…...

I was silent for a bit after hearing this before nodding.

If two people spend a long time together, the way they get along changed.

For example, she became more and more dependent on me and I became more and more pampering.

She didn’t like outsiders, so no matter how big our villa was, it was only the two of us.

She watched TV while I cooked.

She played games while I washed the dishes.

When I was doing the chores, she would be in charge of being two steps behind causing trouble.

However, I would carry her to the sofa and without another word, I would press down.

There were many brothers who asked me how it felt for a young master to become the one doing chores for a ‘daughter’, would it be boring?

I thought for a long time before giving them the answer in my heart.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but at least I enjoy it now and don’t feel bored.

Because my intentions hadn’t changed, I would be good to her!

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