Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1073: Side story: Meeting you, losing my life

I bet that you will fall in love with me, just let me win this time, alright?  I can lose to you in the next life.  ——Nan Luo Ze

The first time I saw Su Xiao Xiao, I didn’t think that she was that dazzling.  I just felt that she was a very normal girl.

Standing in the most inconspicuous place.  I only noticed her in that dim alley as she was on the ground not saying a word, holding her head with her hands and trembling slightly.

People kept insulting her and splashed mud on her, but she didn’t plan on looking up or even agreeing to their requests.

Without knowing why, there was a strange impulse in my mind, which ruled over all the thoughts in my mind.  At the same time, I saw a youth standing not far away.

I knew him, F Class’ school hunk, Su Jing.

I could even see a different feeling in his eyes, feelings that made me feel uncomfortable.

So right after that, I appeared in front of Su Xiao Xiao.

At that moment, I felt that it was the most dazzling moment in my life.

Because I never thought that for a girl…..I would fall in love at first sight.

She was very careful when she was in my car, like she was afraid that her clothes would make my car dirty.

When I looked in the rearview mirror, I suddenly felt a bit of pain.

The worry in my heart made my brain burn and I stepped on the pedal, showing off various drifts.

She looked panicked and was so scared that she couldn’t speak.

Un, I felt a special sense of accomplishment at that time.

When we were playing Truth or Dare, I wanted to ask some straightforward questions, but I couldn’t do it.

She was a very good girl and when I met this girl for the first time, I was a bit nervous.

Seeing her fall asleep with just a single glass, I told myself that I would never let her touch alcohol.

Why should a girl drink wine…...

Speaking of my defeat in this life, it would definitely be her!

Her name was, Su Xiao Xiao!

After the opening ceremonies of the relay race, the relationship between me and her was confirmed.

After all, I picked her up in front of everyone, so the entire school knew that I liked her.

When I really liked a person, I didn’t want to hide it at all.

It was her, it wouldn’t change because of anything.  Whether it was money, status, or position.

I always talked to her and we were together because I was Nan Luo Ze and she was Su Xiao Xiao.

Nothing else…...

Until that day when her grandmother passed.  I found that I hadn’t entered her world at all since the beginning.

Luo Qing Chen said that she had a very special depression, but I didn’t believe.

Until I saw her jumping off the building holding her grandmother’s ashes, I found that her heart was this fragile.

I thought that she was just timid, I never knew that her world never had any light.

And how I hoped that I could become the light in her heart.  No matter how long it took, as long as she could stand by my side in a wedding dress, all my efforts would be worth it.

I thought that the time before told me that there would be a very special girl who would appear in my life.  She wasn’t dazzling, she wasn’t radiant.

But on the day she smiled at you, you would find that you would have the whole world.

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