Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1070: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 94)

“Young master Li, young master Li, young master Li!”  The fans cheered from under the stage.  Whether they had a boyfriend or not, Li Si Nai was their male god at this moment, the school hunk of the Capital Royal Academy!

All the envious sounds entered her heart bit by bit.

“I really envy young master Li’s girlfriend, young master Li buys her chocolate cake and strawberry yogurt every day.”

“I know, I know!  Last time I met young master Li at the breakfast shop, he was buying breakfast for his girlfriend.”

“Young master Li normally seems cold, but he must be very sweet to his girlfriend!”

“She must be a great beauty!”

“I heard that young master Li was super good to her in high school……”


“Alright, alright, alright, everyone, let’s not talk about this.”  The host said with a faint smile, “There’s a few questions we need to ask the groom today, it’s your two best friends who will ask for us!”

Li Si Nai gave a chuckle as his eyes sparkled and he said, “Ask!  The questions you ask will be returned since you’ll be getting married soon too.”

“Wa.”  As soon as his voice fell, the crowd filled with cheers.

“Ha, ha, our young master Li really is handsome!”  The host continued, “The first question is from our mister Nan Luo Ze.  He wants to ask, were you nervous waiting for three three years?”

Li Si Nai heard this and his shoulders trembled.  It was Nan Luo Ze who understood him best in this world, his loneliness and his obsession.

“Of course.”  Li Si Nai said with a nod, “After all, no one knows whether the bride…..will appear or not.”


When Li Si Nai said this, everyone took a cold breath.  Everyone looked right at Li Si Nai, not understanding what he had just said.

The host looked a bit awkward and quickly changed the topic, “The second question is from miss Su Xiao Xiao.  She wants to ask, why did you like that girl back then?”

Li Si Nai thought for a long time about this question and finally revealed a faint smile as he looked at a certain place under the stage.  His knit brows relaxed and he gave a chuckle, “Something decided by fate, if I don’t like her, how disappointing that would be.”

As soon as his voice fell, he took a bunch of white roses and walked in a direction in a determined manner.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised to see that the youth had found her in the crowd.  There was a thin layer of mist that appeared over his deep eyes as his fingers trembled.  She knew just how excited he was at this moment!

That young man fell to one knee in front of her with those roses.  There was a pampering look in his eyes as his left hand tightly held her wrist, “Thank you for keeping your appointment.”

It was good as long as she was back, three years of being alone didn’t count for anything since it was all worth it.  As long as she could appear at the wedding, anything was fine.

“Li Si Nai…..”  She bit her lip.  When she was about to stand, she fell into a warm embrace.

The crowd exploded with cheers.

Nan Luo Ze and Su Xiao Xiao came from both sides, but she couldn’t see or hear anything at that moment.

Because her eyes blurred her sight and Li Si Nai’s embrace was too warm.

Suddenly, it felt like the whole world was applauding her wedding, cheering for her happiness.

Dear youth, thank you for your gentleness, waiting such a long time.

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