Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 107: The Noble & Cold Eldest Senior Sister (12) Part 2

Jian Hu opened the steaming pot.

He had just reached inside his sleeves when he felt a chill on his neck.

Fresh blood flowed down his neck.

He shivered and said, "Lady, spare my life! This is seasoning. It's not poison powder! I swear."

Immediately, he switched the medicine packet.

He was glad that he had a taste for food and carried some spices with him.

Otherwise, today would have been the day of his death.

He trembled and took out the seasoning packet from his sleeve and felt the chill on his neck disappeared.

Then he rushed to cover his neck with a cuff.

Fortunately, the wound was not deep.

He stopped playing tricks and cooked well quietly.

Ah Jin was in no hurry to eat.

She grabbed the old man and said, "What can I say? You raised these ducks yourself. You should have the first taste of this dish."

When the old man looked at the delicious ducks in the pot, he was filled with a thousand grief.

He also did not bother to be polite with Ah Jin.

"In that case. I will be grateful for this."

Using chopsticks, he took a piece of duck meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

Surprisingly, the meat was tasty, added with Jian Hu's secret recipe.

The old man's heart sighed in praise as he ate.

He didn't work hard for nothing because these ducks were fat.

Ah Jin made sure the old man was not poisoned before letting the girls eat.

She was not afraid of these things, but the girls were mere mortals.

The young girls were kept in captivity for a long time, each day living in fear.

What they ate were leftovers.

Now that they could eat a slice of delicious duck meat, they did not care about any fears or nervousness as they ate with great speed.

Ah Jin watched them eat happily and was in no hurry to leave.

They stayed in the Demon Sect for three days in a row.

At night, some people came to deliver their heads.

Too bad they couldn't even enter the courtyard door before they died.

A few days and nights had passed, everyone in the Demon Sect finally realized that the woman was not someone to be messed with.

Watching his ducks decreasing, the old man became increasingly anxious.

"Lady, I'm handing everything over to you. You can leave as soon as possible."

Ah Jin refused coldly, "Without a carriage, we can not go."

The old man pinched his thigh.

"I… I'll send someone to find a carriage!"

Ah Jin was in no hurry.

"It's okay. We can take our time. It's good to fatten up the maidens and bring them back."

The old man panicked, "Lady, please do me a favor and let my ducks go! You see? You have almost killed everyone in the Demon Sect, and half of the ducks have been eaten. If this goes on, I will not be able to explain when the master returns!"

Everyone in the sect knows that recently,  there was a "demoness " in the sect.

Her martial arts were powerful, and she killed without blinking an eye.

Based on the principle of "if you couldn't handle it, you could avoid it,” all the Demon Sect followers ran outside the village to hide.

People in the sect were getting fewer and fewer to maintain the usual basic operations.

Ah Jin stayed for three days and had two more delivery of young girls from outside the village.

She received the girls smoothly and killed the people who delivered them.

The old man and Jian Hu stood by and watched all these.

They dared not make a sound.

It was easy to invite but difficult to send a god away.

Intending to send Ah Jin away, the old man found three carriages from his group to accommodate all the maidens.

On the fifth day, Ah Jin made sure that no more girls were caught.

Only then did she take the girls away.

Ah Jin rode on a horse, looking at the old man and Jian Hu, "I know that when your master returns, you will be in trouble. So I have planned it for you. Since it is not easy to explain, there is no need to do it."

After saying that, she sped away with her horse.

The girls also followed, rushing the carriage.

The old man and Jian Hu looked at her distant back.

Recalling her words just now, they felt a bone-chilling fear in their hearts.

Naturally, the dead did not have to explain anything.

There was nothing left alive in the whole village when the sect master was back.

The corpses had no wounds all over their bodies, and they seemed like they had been drained to death.

It was even worse than his practice.

The truth was that Ah Jin was still kind.

Though she killed all the people in the Demon Sect, she still left some survivors.

Those were the old man's ducks which, after all, the old man had begged for mercy.

Ah Jin wasn't the type of person who would kill everyone.


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