My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 107.1: Blood Corpse-laomo

The great formation of Four Elephants Villa activated and completely sealed off the entire mountain cliff!

Among the hundreds of trapped cultivators, Mo Qianyun found the one he hated the most at a glance. He took out his flying sword and rushed straight at Jing Yue!

Jing Yue quickly grabbed hold of the blue phoenix and carefully put it into his Sumeru Ring. His eyes were cold, his heart seemed to be crushed by a giant hammer, and a fire was burning—for the sake of Jing Wu, for the sake of the blue phoenix, for the sake of all the living creatures in the tower, he turned all his hostility into his sword and slashed out at the person approaching!

The first style of the Canglan Sword Technique—Smoky Terrace!

After years of rebirth, he once again performed the Canglan Sword Technique!

Fine rain drizzled in the air, like mist and smoke, poetic and picturesque.

But bitter killing intent lurked in the rain.


Two swords collided and sparks exploded. One sword-wielder was like frenzied fire while the other was as calm as ice.

Jing Yue didn’t retreat but slashed out again. A thousand strands of sword light intertwined with rain from the sky like a giant net, wrapped around Mo Qianyun and cutting his body full of sword wounds.

Killing others of a higher realm, he could do it too!

With a wave of his sleeve, Jing Yue beckoned the waterfall from the Cliff Mountain. The raging waves of water gushed toward Mo Qianyun from all sides.

Mo Qianyun was already distracted and his cultivation level was gained rapidly by refining the Naraka Tower. Now that the tower was destroyed, his strength was also affected, and his movements were restricted by a golden core cultivator like Jing Yue.

Mo Qianyun wanted to kill Jing Yue and find his master's bones. He got anxious, and his movements became more chaotic and out of order.

Jing Yue noticed this and made to lead the waterfall to crush the bones. Mo Qianyun was furious and cursed incessantly. The flaws in his movements got bigger and Jing Yue found the opportunity. Mini Canglan sword seemed to flick up lightly but the cold wind blew around and frost filled the sky.

The second style of the Canglan Sword Technique—Drizzling Rain and Snow.

The spiritual energy kept compressing and freezing. Mo Qianyun’s body stalled. Just as he was about to have his abdomen cut open and straight up his eyebrows, a figure suddenly flashed in front of him and blocked Jing Yue’s attack.

“Sect Leader Mo, quickly gather the remains of the magic tower and retreat first!”

Jing Yue laughed coldly. “The demonic tower has been destroyed. Do you still want to repair it?”

The man’s voice was greasy and cold, and he sarcastically said, “You don’t need to worry about our success or failure. You should worry about yourself!”

With his last word, he had raised his palm to strike at Jing Yue! At the moment of his attack, the skin on the man’s face peeled off, revealing another face, and his demeanor changed!

“Blood Corpse-laomo!”

After the Yao Tower riot at Three Realm Temple back then, Jing Yue specifically looked for the portrait of the Blood Corpse-laomo, just in case. Unexpectedly, he encountered him today! He finally understood why the Blood Corpse-laomo could recover his strength so quickly even though his cultivation had digressed after getting hit by Liu Yun, and also understood why the other party could escape from the Three Realm Temple search.

Blood Corpse-laomo had worked with Mo Qianyun long ago to refine the Naraka Tower together. He had been hiding in the Four Elephants Villa, not far from the Three Realm Temple!

A chill flashed in Jing Yue's eyes. While backing up rapidly, he said, “Have you fallen to the Heavenly Grotto stage again, and the lower-level at that? I'm really curious, how does it feel to have your realm go up and down? When Grand Master Kong Miao gave you a ride that day, are you satisfied with the service?”

Blood Corpse-laomo was furious with humiliation and cursed, “You brat, Jing Yue, today will be your death anniversary!”

Of course, Jing Yue wouldn't face him head-on. Although the other party was a very weak Heavenly Grotto, he was still one after all. He reckoned that Blood Corpse-laomo’s realm had collapsed after being beaten by Kong Miao back then and fled back to the Four Elephants Villa in a panic. Only with the help of the Naraka Tower, he was able to stabilize his Heavenly Grotto realm after much difficulty.

Heavenly Grotto could open an individual domain space and imprison the enemy inside, completely at their mercy. This was not something Jing Yue could contend with for the time being.

However, if Jing Yue couldn’t fight him, couldn’t he escape?

So he turned around and fled while Blood Corpse-laomo chased after him.

Jing Yue felt the spiritual energy around him fluctuate violently and knew that Blood Corpse-laomo was either going to make a big move or take him into the domain space, so he twisted his body and disappeared from the spot.

Blood Corpse-laomo who was floating in mid-air: ???

What disappearing act was that? Thinking of his debauched life and an uninhibited love for corpses, he had offended no less than dozens of mighty experts, but he had never seen someone who could disappear so completely until not a breath could be detected.

No, not that it couldn’t be detected, but he seemed to be everywhere, yet no one could be seen!

He tweaked his fingers but there was still no trace of Jing Yue, not even a hint of anomaly. No matter how powerful the disappearing act is, it should still be possible to calculate a rough direction at such a close distance!

Blood Corpse-laomo fell into deep contemplation and didn’t notice Jing Yue quietly appearing behind him.

The water vapor in the air was frozen little by little, forming an ice cone the size of an arm, and quickly shot at Blood Corpse-laomo!

At the critical moment, Blood Corpse-laomo pounced to the ground and narrowly avoided the ice cone. He turned his head viciously with a look of shock remaining on his face, but he saw Jing Yue blink innocently at him and disappear again.

Blood Corpse-laomo, “…”

Not far away from them, Wei Zhentu who was grappling with the mountain-protecting formation, secretly snickered to himself, but heard Jing Yue’s transmission, “Can you break the formation?”

Wei Zhentu was taken aback and replied, “It's difficult. I can see how to break the formation, but my cultivation base and power are not enough.”

It should be known that the sect protection barrier was one of the most powerful formations of every immortal sect, especially for Four Elephants Villa that was famous for its proficiency in formations. Their mountain protection grand formation had a total of 108 variables, life and death gates shifting at all times. One wrong step and one could enter a death door at any time.

Thus, most of the cultivators on-site dared not move around carelessly, but many demonic disciples would sneak attack from time to time, obviously members of the Cadaver Gate.

Wei Zhentu cracked his brains. He couldn’t boast of seeing through the formation, but he could open a life gate at any rate. Unfortunately, his power was too low. It was like he knew how to open the lock, but the lock was rusty, and he couldn’t make it move no matter what he did, so what else could he do?

He could only bite the bullet and hang on for dear life, just hoping to hold on as long as possible, until someone noticed that something was fishy about Four Elephants Villa would be best.

Jing Yue said at this time, “How about I bring Blood Corpse-laomo over and use his power to break the formation?”

Wei Zhentu's eyes lit up. “It’s feasible! I’ll tell you the location by voice transmission.”

“Okay.” Jing Yue thought for a moment and added, “I trust you.”

Wei Zhentu paused and a glint flashed in his eyes.

After that, Jing Yue used the Haotian Realm to constantly change positions, baiting Blood Corpse-laomo to attack him.

Although he would still be in this space when he returned, he left a shred of divine consciousness in the water spiritual energy. Through it, he could choose the right time to appear in any corner of this space as he wished.

It was also because of this fact that Blood Corpse-laomo felt that he was everywhere.

Just like that, Jing Yue took Blood Corpse-laomo for a few empty rides. Every time, his attack fell short. Over time, Blood Corpse-laomo was vaguely aware that something was wrong. He was about to stop when Jing Yue appeared above his head again.

His rationale told him to leave it alone but his body moved like it was enchanted and he punched out!


The entire villa shook and the barrier of the grand formation rippled with waves. Wei Zhentu seized the opportunity, and his ten fingers tweaked at least a hundred times in one breath. Then he bit the tip of his tongue, spat a mouthful of blood essence, and yelled, “Open!”

Thus, a large hole broke out in the formation.

“Thanks a lot!” Jing Yue, who reappeared again, arched his hand to Blood Corpse-laomo before fishing out a yellow talisman.

Blood Corpse-laomo almost fainted in anger but he had no time to take care of Jing Yue now. He was very shocked and only wanted to flee!

Because he knew that Jing Yue might have multiple talismans but what he was activating now must be the protection talisman of Frostcloud Sect!

Sure enough, the next moment, he heard the legendary imposing voice—those who violate the power of Frostcloud Sect, perish!

He saw the three bright blue characters of Han Yun Zong and millions of sword lights burst out. Although these sword lights could only harm low-level demonic cultivators, Blood Corpse-laomo still looked fearful, because he knew that the word ‘perish’ didn’t mean being killed by the sword lights on the spot, but once this talisman was released, disciples of Frostcloud Sect within a 100-mile radius would turn up, besiege the enemy, and kill!

This place was located in the middle continent where many cultivators come and go, so how could there not be disciples of Frostcloud Sect? According to his bad luck, there were most likely experts among them!

Besides, not only Jing Yue but other cultivators would also bring reinforcements!

He was only a low-level Heavenly Grotto now, so how could he withstand a siege?

Blood Corpse-laomo’s thoughts were in disarray. At this time, in a certain medicine store in Dachuan City, several customers were selecting pills.

In recent years, pills refined by Frostcloud Sect were well-known in the cultivation world, not inferior to those sold by pill sects. They even sold some unique elixirs so the business in the medical store had never been bad.

One of the customers was a rogue cultivator who lived in the east Yu continent all year round. It was his first time in the middle continent. Seeing the store full of pills and a wide variety, he was dazzled for a while. He looked closely and found a certain bottle of pill with the words written on it—Foundation Establishment Pill.

The rogue cultivator was stunned and said with disbelief, “Shopkeeper, is this really Foundation Establishment pill?”

Although the Foundation Establishment Pill was only useful for the Foundation Establishment Stage, it was also an elixir that many rogue cultivators would dream of, so how could it be sold in a medicine store?

Just as the shopkeeper was about to speak, his face suddenly changed. He glanced at his waist and suddenly disappeared from the spot.

Rogue cultivator, “…”

Was he exposed for selling fake pills? Did he not want his shop anymore?

At the same time, on a certain mountaintop.

Several cultivators were walking on the mountain path, and one said, “Is there really a secret realm in this barren mountain?”

Another said, “Since someone said they had seen it, let’s try our luck. Even if there isn’t, we have nothing to lose.”

The oldest cultivator said, “I heard that there was an immortal gate here before the Yao Catalyst. After the disaster, the Fengshui here has changed and the immortal gate no longer exists, but if the legend is true, maybe what the others saw is the secret training realm of the immortal gate back then.”

Suddenly, several cultivators paused at the same time and lowered their heads.

After a breath, they looked at each other and said, “A fellow disciple is in trouble. Let’s go!”

Several figures quickly traversed in the same direction, gradually disappearing from the mountain forest.

In a cave.

A white-haired Daoist sat cross-legged in meditation. He suddenly opened his eyes, tweaked his fingers, and his eyes were shocked and angry. “A bold villain dares to bully my patriarch. Courting death!”

All this happened in an instant. Although Blood Corpse-laomo didn't see it with his own eyes, he was ready to flee, but how could Jing Yue let him escape?

Shards of ice suddenly appeared in the air like blooming ice flowers. Blood Corpse-laomo didn’t pay much attention but when casting the spell, he realized his body heat slowly draining away, and his movements became a little stiff. Although only a very subtle change, that little was fatal for him who wanted to escape.

He saw a wooden thorn shooting toward him from the extreme corner of his eye. Coupled with majestic coercion, Blood Corpse knew that a powerful enemy had arrived, and felt even more flustered!

He was about to retreat when an endless sea of fire appeared behind him. Within a few seconds, both the ways forward and back were cut off!

So fast!

As soon as the thought flashed, he felt a pain in his dantian. A pair of hands had passed through his body and grappled hard in his dantian.

“Argh!” Blood Corpse let out a miserable cry and met the disgusted eyes of a white-haired Daoist.

Fu Xuan! The Supreme Elder of Frostcloud Sect!

Dammit! What was the Supreme Elder doing here instead of meditating in the sect?

That was Blood Corpse’s last thought in his long life. With a pain between his brows, he could no longer see the world.

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