Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1069: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 93)

Before the winter of A City passed, she casually found a store to buy a large red coat before heading towards Li Si Nai’s university.

The Capital Royal Academy wasn’t far from where she was.  Looking at her phone, today was Wednesday, so there should be classes right now.

She saw a stream of students walk out when she went through the entrance.

The men were in suits and the girls were in pink dresses, like they were heading to a banquet.

Luo Qing Chen stopped a girl who looked rather friendly and asked, “Is there a school celebration today?  Why is everyone dressed up?”

“Ya, you don’t know!”  The other side said with a sweet laugh, “Today is a wedding ceremony for our school hunk Li, aren’t you going to change clothes?”

“Wedding…..”  She trembled as she felt her warm blood suddenly turn cold.

What did this wedding mean…..What did it mean…...

“You…...You don’t go to our school!”  The other side looked over her before saying, “I finally saw the mysterious bride, all the fans are looking forward to this!”

After saying this, the girl who looked pretty good headed towards the church not far away with her boyfriend.

Luo Qing Chen’s right hand clenched her phone and her heart kept beating.  There was a very strange feeling, it wasn’t that she felt bad, she was just a bit nervous.

She followed everyone and walked through the white doors of the church.  The guard wasn’t properly watching, so she smoothly went past.

There were balloons all over and there was a wedding march playing.  The hall was filled with guests, looking very lively.

“Welcome everyone to our young master Li’s wedding.  We ask our guests to sit down since we will now show a short video.”  The host was wearing a long pink dress with large waves and there was a smile on her face.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t find a white seat with her name on it, so she could only sit in the last row.

Looking around, she didn’t see Li Si Nai.  She didn’t even see a familiar figure.

The picture on the screen flickered before revealing a cartoon.  The first thing that appeared was a plane that flew through the blue sky.

Then the camera changed and entered the airport.  There was a dazzling and sunny youth in his white clothes and a black tie, wearing a large pair of sunglasses.  There was an unruly handsomeness to him.

There was a girl who was the same age as him walking in front of him, dressed in brand clothes and holding an exclusive edition LV bag.

When Luo Qing Chen saw this, her eyes turned cold and those clear eyes instantly misted over.

This…..was his and her story…..

She suddenly remembered what he said to her before she had left.

“Don’t forget your promise with you.  Also…..you can’t be late!”

So…..was this wedding for her?

Just this idea made her lips curl unknowingly.  It was just ten short seconds for her, but it was three long years for Li Si Nai.

How did he feel waiting for this long?

Afraid or…..expectant.  He had this kind of obsession, completely believing in her.

The scene changed again and the youth’s cool voice sounded, “Welcome everyone to my wedding.”

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